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Until Valentine’s Day we are running a contest on our Facebook page to determine what the worst Valentine’s Day gift someone has ever received.

We started by asking our followers for their worst gift ever. Then we whittled that down to 14 (for Valentine’s Day of course). Now we are reaching out to everyone of our followers to vote on the gift they think is the absolute worst.

A number of these gifts, when paired with their stories, made them more entertaining. So, we have copied each of the final 14’s stories here for your reading pleasure.

Divorce Papers, Submitted by George

I was married right out of college and we were good for about a year. My then wife left me for a guy in the theatre that turned out to be gay, and dumped her. She then disappeared for about 6 months to turn up sending me divorce papers, and yes, they arrived on Valentines day! That was back in the early seventies but seems like just yesterday to me.

Eureka Vacuum, Submitted by Lisa

When I was still married, I got a vacuum sweeper, a Eureka, I believe, as a Valentine Gift from my husband. He’s now my EX husband, needless to say. Talk about a Eureka Moment, eh?

Electric Shaver, Submitted by Marlene

Nothing says lovin’ and romance like a women’s shaver!!!!

Break-Up Note, Submitted by Nana

A valentine card with a break up note – definitely the worst, not even in person, canceled our date too!

Hand Mixer, Submitted by Julie

My ex- husband gave me a hand mixer for valentines, yes it’s true,sad but true.

Spoiled Chocolate Cover Strawberries, Submitted by Sharon

When I was 25, the guy I was dating gave me chocolate covered strawberries for a Valentine’s gift. How romantic. The catch is that he was trying to save money and he bought a package of these “out-of-date” strawberries. By the time he gave them to me, they were rotten, the chocolate was all cracked and crumbly, and the strawberries had white fuzzy mold growing on them. Gross!! Needless to say, we were not together for much longer after that!!

Brother Stole My Girl, Submitted by Nick

First off, this story did not take place on Valentines Day, but it is definitely Valentines Day material. Let me set the stage: This girl and I (we’ll call her Sarah), met when I was a sophomore in High School. We dated on and off for a year, then got serious after I graduated. My brother, at the time, was away from home for a couple of years, but the fall after I graduated he returned home. My girlfriend and I had been dating for quite awhile by this point, but as my parents were old school she and I still had to follow certain rules. To appease my parents I convinced them to allow my brother to chaperone “Sarah” and I on a few dates before going on a double date with my brother. The four of us (My brother, myself, “Sarah,” and another girl) went to dinner and a corn maze. During the maze, we got separated. The other girl and I looked all over for my brother and “Sarah,” but couldn’t find them, so we continued on through the maze, hoping to find them at the end. Unfortunately for me, we found them alright. She and my brother were holding hands, waiting by the car for us to get back! Over the next few days, I was dumped by my girlfriend, who was then picked up by my brother!

1930’s Lingerie, Submitted by Stacy

My Worst (and Only) Valentine’s Day Gift. Sadly, my timing for love has always been bad, so the only time I had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day was in the late 1980’s, during my college days. Naturally, I looked forward to a romantic evening, full of thoughtful gestures. It was not meant to be. My boyfriend proudly gave me my gift. It turned out to be the oddest set of lingerie you’ve ever seen … it was a tap pant and camisole. I looked like I should’ve been auditioning for a 1930’s musical, but not in a good way. It wasn’t a cute, little, silky number; it was the ugliest, scratchiest, black and white polyester monstrosity. I prayed that he wouldn’t light any candles, lest my swanky new duds burst into flames. But, wait, there was more. My card was one of those long, tall, drugstore jobs that was meant to be funny, but simply wasn’t, and it contained his idea of a thoughtful gift … a $20 gift certificate to K-Mart. Yes, I’ve been alone on Valentine’s Day in the years since, but at least I avoided that heartbreaking disappointment again.

Scratch Off Lotto Ticket, Submitted by Susan

My worse Valentine’s gift … Hmmmm …. besides the times I did not get one … a lottery scratch ticket. THAT pretty much takes the cake in the romance department. Simply forgotten is one thing … but to be thought of with a … oh crap … give me one of those scratch tickets pretty much sucks.

Old Hockey Puck, Submitted by Lyndsey

I was given a used hockey puck by my 6th grade boyfriend.

Eaten Box of Chocolates, Submitted by Claire

The very first Valentine’s Day after we were married my husband gave me a box of Whitman’s chocolates. Then he proceeded to eat everything but the hazelnut. He felt so bad about eating my gift he went out and bought me another box … And ended up eating the second one as well!! I guess I found it funny then because we’ve now been married almost 43 years and I still laugh about it when he gives me a box of valentine candy (which we now share).

Rose of Condom Wrappers, Submitted by Mike

The worst Valentines gift I have received was from a date who gave me a rose, the flower of which was an arrangement of Trojan condoms in red wrappers. That would seem like a good thing, but not when your date tells you she thought it was a great gag gift! Hahahaha – Not!

Virus Riddled PC, Submitted by Dennis

By far the worst Valentine present I’ve ever received was a virus riddled Windoze machine with the following request. I’m giving it to you because I can’t get it to work anymore. If you can’t fix it you can throw it out, but if I could fix it and make it fast again, could she have it back? I “fixed” it for her, gave it to her, and kissed her good-bye. Imagine asking that of Mac Man. How could one person not know how evangelical I was about my Macs with an entire display going back to my first one, an Apple II +, in 1981? The display even includes an old iMac shell I won from Small Dog back in the 1990’s. Duh!

Stood Up at a Restaurant, Submitted by Robert

Well, my girlfriend and I where supposed to have a nice dinner planned and gift exchange afterwards. Well, she forget about it being Valentine’s Day all together. I was at the restaurant, and waited and waited. She knew we were having diner and we planned to meet at 7pm. I was left by myself at this high end steakhouse in Orlando, FL. I ended up eating a nice 40 dollar t-bone by myself that night. When I got home, she was there waiting on me. To my surprise, she forgot about it being Valentine’s day. So there really wan’t any gift except a sorry and a kiss.

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