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Google has just released a brand new streaming device. They call it the Chromecast, and it retails for $35. This very small flash drive-sized device plugs directly into any HDMI port. It works very much like the AirPlay feature on the Apple TV.

Google’s Chromecast supports a variety of Android and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and the Chrome web browser (running on any computer). The device will allow you to stream content to a TV without even needing a remote!

In addition to streaming content from your mobile devices and computers, the Chromecast has a growing number of supported applications such as Netflix, YouTube and the Google Play Store.

Overall, it is a very neat device with a fairly low price tag. However, Google’s Chromecast is still in its infancy and has a way to go before it can be in direct competition with the Apple TV. Read more on Google’s website here.

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