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An iPhoto Slideshow With More Than One Song?

Recently several people asked me how to make a slideshow with more than one song in iPhoto 6. They could only get one song to play over and over again during their long photo slideshows. As a “work around,” a couple of them tried to make the slideshow in iMovie, instead of iPhoto. It’s actually fairly easy to make a slideshow with multiple songs in iPhoto 6 – maybe too easy!

Here’s how:

1. Make a playlist in iTunes with all the music you want to use in your iPhoto slideshow.

2. Make an album in iPhoto with all the photos you want to feature in your slideshow.

3. Navigate to that album, and then click the Slideshow icon at the bottom of iPhoto pane (usually between “edit” and “card” in iPhoto 6.)

4. In the “slideshow view,” click on the “music” icon at the bottom of the iPhoto pane – it looks like the iTunes icon.

5. In the dialogue box that pops up, click on the “iTunes” icon. you should now be able to see all your iTunes playlists – including the playlist you made in step one.

6. Select the playlist you made in step one – and make sure the box is checked that reads “Play music during slideshow.”

7. Now you can play the slideshow with all the songs in the playlist.

Note that you can also export your iPhoto slideshow as a Quicktime movie that can be played on a Mac or PC, can be uploaded to the Internet, burned to CD, or emailed to a friend. Highlight the slideshow in iPhoto’s left pane, and then click File > Export > Save as… Again, this is iPhoto 6.

You can use songs purchased from the iTunes Store in slideshows you play on your iTunes authorized computer. However, you can’t usually export slideshows with music purchased from the iTunes Store, unless the DRM has been removed.

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  1. I tried this, but wasn’t able to read my iTunes playlists from iPhoto (your step #5). Any suggestions?



    — Paul    2007-06-29 16:20    #
  2. The only way I could figure it out was to burn an iTunes CD and Advanced/Join CD Tracks to create a single song consisting of multiple songs for the slideshow.

    Hope that helps

    Jim    2007-08-05 20:21    #
  3. I tried, and it worked well. however… I i set my playlist to crossfade in itunes, but when iphoto played it back.. it just cut between songs. any suggestions?

    — Brian    2007-11-18 01:43    #
  4. I did the music with the slideshow for my father-in-law’s wake…old photos with music from his era. There were so many photos, it went on for 20 minutes. I used music from CDs that I brought into iTunes. Folks loved it so much they wanted copies. So I exported the slideshow with the music to a Quicktime movie. The file size was huge (too large to fit on a CD), so I selected the smallest QT movie size, that got the file size down to 300 MB. PROBLEM—only the first song is in the QT movie. After that song is finished, there is dead silence. Does anyone know how I can get all the songs to be included in the QT movie when I export? Is there a secret setting that I missed? I want to keep this simple, I don’t want to use other apps and I don’t want to edit the music into one long piece. Any ideas?

    — mac    2008-01-09 12:35    #
  5. This doesn’t seem to work on iPhotos 08 – any one any ideas what might have changed

    — Gail Richmond    2008-02-18 16:47    #
  6. I also couldn’t see the playlist. How did you join the tracks? Why can’t there be more than one song? Thanks!

    — NJD    2008-09-20 16:38    #
  7. When you press Music on an iPhoto slideshow, a folder pops up showing iTunes. Click the little “down” arrow next to the iTunes sign, all the playlists should come out. Then select the playlist you want.

    — Lila    2009-06-09 10:44    #
  8. Is there a way to edit the songs within the playlist I chose for the slideshow so that there is less transition silence between the songs? My slideshow uses a playlist of 3 songs and I’d like them to blend one into the other without a break (or at least a very short break).

    — ALA    2009-07-05 23:17    #
  9. This helped so much!! I got it right away!! Thank you so much!

    — Lisa    2009-07-16 01:19    #
  10. This part is easy and works fine BUT I modified the start/stop times of the songs in the playlist on Itunes, and it would still play the full song versions during slideshow. ????

    — J    2009-09-09 18:18    #
  11. Here is what you need

    — Mark Malmberg    2010-01-17 20:53    #
  12. How can I have a song play for one set of photos and then another song start at a new set of photos in the slideshow?

    — wende    2010-02-20 22:43    #
  13. I always take all the songs I want and put them together with garage band. Send it back to iTunes and add it to the slidshow. This always works for me.

    — Rich    2010-06-20 22:17    #
  14. I tried this and it worked, except that it will only play the first song on the play list, over and over again. Any ideas?

    — Joelle Gallagher    2010-07-29 14:54    #
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