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“This should brighten everyone’s day.” And for some, I’m sure this news did just that: Apple sent out official invites to their September 10th event today which is set to take place in Cupertino at 10am PT (1pm ET). The rumor sites have been going crazy with reports that Apple is going to be unveiling multiple devices next Tuesday.

These rumors (just to catch some of you up) include a lower-cost iPhone “5C,” a more expensive iPhone 5S that is supposed to have a better camera and comes in a sweet new gold (or “champagne”) color. The iPhone 5C will most likely have a plastic backing with the same guts as the normal iPhone. By using the word “brighten” in the headline for their event invite, as well as multiple colored dots for a graphic, Apple could potentially be hinting that there might be some truth to the colored iPhone “5C.”

There will most likely be other announcements at this event. I’d suspect that details on iTunes Radio (which was announced during the WWDC in June) and maybe even the release date of iOS 7 and Mavericks. But who knows — Apple is sneaky in that they like to hint, but never, ever do they release an itinerary of what they are going to cover at such events.

Until September 10th hits, we can only take our best guesses!

We’ll be live tweeting the coverage, so make sure you’re following us @hellosmalldog and be sure to check back here for our recap of everything that went down at the event!

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