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Apple rolled out numerous MobileMe enhancements during a scheduled maintenance period last evening. Mainly focusing on the web aspect of the service, the update brought changes to Mail, “Find My iPhone,” and a host of other features.

Upon logging into the web interface, users will notice a redesigned iPad styled Mail view, as well as a universally simpler design. Pushing the “cloud” aspect of the service, all web apps are now stored in a blue cloud icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking the cloud opens an icon bar similar to that which appears when pressing ⌘ + tab in OS X. Aside from a new Gallery icon and minor UI tweaks the other apps remain largely unchanged.

While Webmail already provided a very robust desktop styled experience, new improvements have made it even better. Apple has enabled both widescreen and compact views, rules to keep your mailbox and folders organized, single-click archiving, and a formatting toolbar. For a full synopsis of the new Mail features click here

The other most notable change is the release of the new Find My iPhone app in the App Store. Previously a web only service, Find My iPhone is now a free app which can be downloaded onto any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Imagine being able to track a stolen or lost iPhone almost instantly by borrowing a friend’s device and launching the new app. Just like the web version of the utility, MobileMe subscribers can have the lost phone display a message with sound, remotely lock it, or even wipe the phone of all personal data.

Apple has also doubled the length of the MobileMe free trial period from thirty days to sixty. If you’ve never tried the service, the new features make it a great time to start. We’ve got a great deal on it too! Save $10 instantly and get an additional $30 back when purchased with a new Mac!

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