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We are living in a century unlike any other. There are countless examples of modern tech that have reimagined and rebuilt the way we create, calculate, share and store information, stay connected to countless types of electrical current (both wired and wireless), precisely and efficiently measure/record, organize and shape materials and even automate processes in our daily lives and on larger scales. With such rapid and diverse expansion in the power and capabilities of our machines and the evolution of the industry of mass-produced highly-integrated systems that are more powerful every year, how can we be expected to stay connected to our natural world?

Many have tried to argue that technology is natural, and in some sense of the word that’s very true; all equipment is made from natural resources after all. That said, there is quite a lot of processing and refining that occurs between the mining of precious minerals, oil fracking and harvesting of legitimately natural resources in the creation of new hardware. How many people and machines alike have contributed to the long production line to enable this amount of complexity in what should be very simple devices. My point is that we cannot consider ourselves sustainable as a species if we are this dependent on highly refined and proprietary tech. I hope for a world where we don’t have ports, there are no operating systems and we have no need for software updates or integrated hardware replacement. It’s fully unrealistic to even hope for a full return to our natural roots, so I won’t recommend that. Instead, can we find a compromise? How about tech that integrates more seamlessly with nature, using trees and their leaves for solar power, storing data and power in resources like water or some kind of abundant and universally-occurring source?

I am very excited about our GoalZero Solar power devices as well as the OutdoorTech lineup has some great rechargeable products. Apple is doing what they can to simplify computer use and they’ve made huge leaps and bounds in the past 10 years alone, the question really is – where do we go from here?

Never forget that technically all we need to survive is shelter, food and water. Entertainment, creative expression and social connection are of course hallmarks of a good life, and use of technology to help make our lives more enjoyable, efficient and fulfilling is only natural. We must always ask ourselves – is our technology living up to those goals? Come in and let’s philosophize about it. We are living in the future and we have the power to change the world and support a truly sustainable lifestyle. I know it’s possible to integrate nature and tech in ways that we cannot even fully conceptualize yet, so if you’re an explorer like me, let’s work together to rethink the way we connect with electronics.

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