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iPhones and other electronic devices are not meant to be kept in extreme temperatures. As the summer temperatures rise it’s important to remember that our iPhones can’t perform well in extreme temperatures. iPhones have ideal operating temperatures and work best between 32 and 95 degree Fahrenheit. Leaving your iPhone in your car on a hot day or in direct sunlight can cause your phone to overheat. In addition to being in direct sunlight or in a car on a hot day, your phone can also overheat on warm days if it’s running something graphically intense or using GPS.

If your phone is overheating you will likely notice anomalies in its performance or even an alert on the phone itself. In extreme heat your phone may stop charging, it could have a very dim display or any number of other performance issues. When you’re using an app such as navigation you might even experience that the phone goes to a black screen and seems unresponsive yet the directions are still audible as you drive along.

Should your phone stop working because it’s overheating, it’s also likely to be very warm to the touch as well. What your phone needs it to simply cool down. I have overheated my phones in warm weather a few times, and just like in extreme cold, when your phone shuts down due to extreme operating temperatures it’s simply a matter of time before it comes back to life. This process could be just a few minutes or it might take an hour, but your phone should come back to life. If your phone does not come back on after some period of time a hard reset of your phone might be necessary to help jumpstart your phone back to its previous performance level.

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