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Fenway Pahk Turns 100!

In honor of the Red Sox’ home opener tonight at Fenway Park (or “Pahk” as the true locals say), it’s a fitting time to celebrate 100 years of baseball in the historic ballpark.

On April 20, 1912, the Red Sox hosted the New York Highlanders, who would soon become the Yankees (and arch rivals) the next year. The Red Sox won the game 7-6, battling through 11 innings. (Also of note: the game and stadium fanfare was overshadowed by the recent sinking of the Titanic.) Of course, the Red Sox went on to win their first World Series that year.

Today, Fenway Park is known for the Green Monster (the unusually high left field fence), and other eccentricities, such as “The Triangle” and the “Pesky Pole,” and is one of two “classic” ballparks still in use. (The other is Wrigley Field, Don’s favorite.)

Tonight, they take on the Tampa Bay Rays. April is here, and baseball is back. Game on!

Read more about Fenway Park and find 100-year celebration events here.

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