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Exciting news for all iPhone users out there!

We can now do in-warranty and paid out-of-warranty iPhone replacements at all of our retail locations. In most cases, we can replace a non-working iPhone with a new one same-day. The process usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete and before you come in, make sure to back up your data by either syncing with iTunes or running an iCloud backup.

You will receive a new iPhone just like it was from the factory — your data will not be on it. iPhones don’t keep information on their SIM cards, so a good backup is going to be your friend.

To check to see if your device is covered under warranty, please visit our warranty page. If the phone is out of warranty or has accidental damage (broken glass, dents, or water damage), we can usually still swap it out as long as it’s not completely destroyed (it will cost you, though, since accidental damage isn’t covered by warranty).

AppleCare Plus will take most of the sting out of getting your damaged phone replaced, however (hint, hint). Listed below are replacement costs.

  • iPhone 3GS – $200
  • iPhone 4 – $200
  • iPhone 4S – $250
  • iPhone 5 – $279

We carry all models for replacement. If we are out of your particular model, replacement may take a day or so.

For more information on backing up your device, check out Apple’s Support article.

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