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Hello! Welcome back for another edition of Meet the Small Dogger. This week we are featuring…wait for it…Kerry Westhelle! Kerry is Don’s Executive Assistant, responsible for HR, and is also the girl to beat in Just Dance 3, currently holding the company record for highest score on LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem (Matt is runner up, followed closely by Hapy).

Kerry started work at Small Dog in September 2008 and has lived in Vermont for 20 years and in the Valley for 10. Although she finds the Valley a little claustrophobic sometimes, it’s a great place to raise kids. Speaking of kids, she has 3 of her very own: Two girls and a boy, ages 19, 15 and 7.

Kerry is actually one of six kids and when she was little decided that when she got married she would keep her maiden name. She didn’t think her older brother would have kids and wanted to carry on the family name. Luckily, her younger brother was born when she was 8! Kerry also desperately wanted a pet raccoon and although now she’s a voracious reader, she didn’t learn to read until she was in the third grade. The first books she read were the Little House series and still has her old copies.

Growing up Kerry lived within a couple of hours from the ocean but never really appreciated it until she moved to Vermont. Kerry is also determined to learn how to surf (well) by the time she turns 40 this year. Although tough to do with no ocean and the current temps of -19, I’m fairly confident Kerry can pull this off!

Kerry is a sucker for vintage clothes, specifically 1940s-50s. She recommends only wearing them in the summer, because “you just automatically feel more ladylike”. She also has psychic abilities when it comes to hair. Whenever she gets her hair highlighted her BFF Mel (who lives in Chicago) will be walking out of a salon at that very moment as well. Every few years they will make the “bangs mistake” and will then talk each other through the growing-them-out stages. Someday they hope to get matching bobby pin tattoos. I think that’s an awesome idea.

When Kerry is not busy showcasing her sweet moves, reading Little House, dreaming of surfing and cutting her bangs she’s pretty awesome at making people laugh and being an all-around positive gal…We’re all glad she’s around!

Photo: Best Ninja around on this Ninja Friday!

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