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This year, we’re focusing on the “Mobile Mom”—you know, the one who, instead of hanging around the house and letting her husband fix anything technical, is constantly on-the-go and uses technology to help get things done.

Check out our Mother’s Day page for some great specials and products for mom here:

Check out our top 5 apps for Mobile Moms below:

The modern Mobile Mom may still cook, but she uses Epicurious to do it. She keeps track of the kids, but now she might even consider Family Tracker to do it.

Here are my Top 5 apps for a Mobile Mom:

Pinterest, free
Admittedly, I’m a bit obsessed with this myself. From design inspiration to DIY projects, I “pin” the web to make bookmarks easier to find—visually.

Marble Jar, $1.99
Little G isn’t old enough for this yet, but many of my friends rave about this app and its ability to help raise “responsible, competent kids.” Listed among the top 10 apps by and voted among the top 50 by Babble in 2011.

TellMeLater, $0.99
I love this app for its simplicity. The interface is clean and it does what it says—simply enter a to-do with a time and it will tell you later (when you need it). Perfect for basic reminders like “Call the Doctor” and “Wish Beth Happy Birthday!”

Magic Hour, $1.99
It’s similar to Instagram, but with custom options. It has built-in and user-created filters, plus you can make your own. Capture those memories, moms!

Grocery iQ, free
Save money on the thing you need most: food. Grocery iQ is integrated with coupons as well, so you can see what’s on sale. A must for the Mobile Mom who wants to make grocery shopping quick and painless.

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