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No doubt at some point in your digital past, you’ve been prompted to provide an ‘e-signature’ on a document. Something these prompts may bring you to a third-party or proprietary website and ask you to click and drag your signature into the specified field. When all is said and done, the hastily jotted scribble may not even be semi-legible. Frustrating.

However, for Magic Trackpad users, there is a shimmering beacon of light to put this madness to an end!

Did you know in the Preview application, in the ‘Tools’ drop-down menu, in the ‘Annotate’ section, there is a submenu titled ‘Signature’. This is every document signers dream menu, the promised land! In the ‘Signature’ submenu, you’re prompted with the option to create a signature. Following the steps brings a window that looks a bit like the Trackpad into view. From here you can click “Create a Signature”, and following this, your Trackpad is now ready to receive your signature with your fingers acting like a pen.

It takes a few tries to master the general ergonomics and flow, but once you’re satisfied with the end-result, click ‘Done’, and now you’re free to move your freshly made and finally legible signature across the document within the Preview app. Sayonara, chicken scratch.

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