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According to recent research conducted by Chitika, Vermont is the top Mac-using state in the US. With 19.55% of the population reportedly using Macs, VT edged out Hawaii and Maine which ranked second and third scoring 19.41% and 15.99% respectively.

The data—recorded earlier this month—was part of a study conducted by Chitika Insights to determine the states with the highest percentage of Mac users, and the cities they live in. Unsurprisingly, California dominated results based on city—San Francisco scored highest overall with a 24% market share. In fact, nearly half of the top Mac-using cities in the US are in California. This might lead readers to assume California is the top Mac state overall but, according to the study’s findings, it isn’t.

The crown goes to our very own Green Mountain State where, as previously mentioned, almost 20% of the population are Mac users. Surprisingly, CA trails VT by almost 6% in this category. In fact, New England, on average, ranks higher than the West Coast in terms of statewide Mac popularity. Moving South, however, numbers dip considerably with the overall Mac market share for the US hovering around 10%.

Vermont is already a wonderful place to live, but Chitika’s findings will certainly bolster Green Mountain Mac users’ state pride. To view an interactive map of Mac distribution by state, click here.

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