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Family: Spouse – Dawn D’Angelillo, Daughter – Winter D’Angelillo

Pets: George (an island mix), Mrs. Snugglesworth (a purebred Abyssinian), and Scout (a regular old mixed breed tiger striped cat).

Hobbies/Interests: My loving family, being outside skiing, playing softball and hockey, auto racing, collecting art rock posters and comic books.

Places I Have Been/Places I’ve Lived: I’ve always lived in Vermont. I’ve traveled to Italy, Bermuda, Canada, California, Montana, and Florida.

Favorite Book: My trusty black MacBook.

Favorite Music: Live music!

Favorite TV shows: Anything on the free HD Broadcast TV networks.

Favorite Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Favorite Food: Icce Cream, and lots of it.

Favorite Sports Team/Athletes: Montreal Canadiens.

Favorite Apple Products: iPod nano.

Home Computer: Black MacBook.

Favorite Quote: “I’ll be back.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Life Ambitions: Skiing whenever it snows, and spending at least a month in Italy with my family at some point in the future.

Favorite Sites

The Official site of the National Hockey League
The Official site of the National Association for Stock Car Racing
Comedy Central’s site
Apple Computer
The greatest Mac dealer on the Internet!
Rock Collectible Virtual Gallery
The Original Hot and Spicy Food Company
Latest weather


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