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Jordan Hoekstra

Pets: No pets here currently but plan to get a dog in the near future

Hobbies/Interests: Avid concert goer, hiker, camper, tech enthusiast, and I love working on just about anything with a motor

Favorite Bands: This is a tough one for me as I go through about 45 musical phases dailys..

Current favorites: PUP, Moose Blood, Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic, FIDLAR, Spraynard, Sorority Noise, Bilmuri, The Menzingers, Microwave, WSTR, JARV, Just Nick, Fela/Femi Kuti, Elmore James, Pinegrove, Netherfriends, Whitney, Talking Heads, Remo Drive, add in any Jazz/Blues/Bluegrass/Classical, and then continue naming all sorts of other bands/groups/artists.

Favorite TV: Big fan of any of the older horror/sci-fi classics (i.e. Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/Are You Afraid of the Dark etc etc) but haven’t really spent a lot of time watching TV shows lately.

Favorite Movies: This is again a tough one as I’m a big movie buff.. Again anything horror tops my list, from the classics to the oddball b-movie to the newest gory nonsense but I’ll give almost any movie a shot. Mostly into campy 80s/90s horror these days.

Big fan of anything from A24 films.

Favorite Food: Psh.. Pizza.

Favorite Drink: Coffee – Tea – Water

Favorite Sports/Games: Not really big on sports but grew up skateboarding and riding BMX so that’s kind of continued to this day.

Favorite Quote: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in while, you could miss it.

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