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Joe Lytton

Family: Jacqueline Lytton (Wife), Heather Lytton (Daughter) and Michael Reed (Son)

Pets: Sampson (Dog)

Hobbies/Interests: Marine Mechanics/Archery/Guitar

Favorite Books: “The World as I see it”, “Treasure Island”, “A Tale of Two Cities”

Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Country, Jazz, Hard Rock

Favorite TV: American Restoration, American Pickers, Duck Dynasty, Two and a half Men, Big bang Theory, Pawn Stars

Favorite Movies: Die Hard & GI Joe

Favorite Food: Seafood, Cuban, & Mexican

Favorite Teams: Georgia Bulldogs, Tennessee Titans, Miami heat & Atlanta Braves

Favorite Apple Products of All Time: iMac, MacBook Pro,iPad & iPhone

Favorite Thing About Small Dog: Challenging with rewards

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