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#116: Best in Showroom | September 2009


Rabbit, Rabbit!

Greetings, all—I can’t believe it’s already September! Back-To-School is in the air and things are hopping at the retail stores. Here at Small Dog we have everything and more that your student will need—from MacBooks and MacBook Pros to laptop locks and protective keyboard covers to Microsoft Office for Mac and iWork!

If you still need to do some shopping, check out our Mac-To-School deals here!

For those of you who are new to Macs or looking for refreshers, we have a great new promotion running. It’s called the Class Pass—for $99.99 you will be able to attend our Absolute Mac Basics and Mac Basics Level 2 classes AND a 30 minute one-on-one in-store consult where you can chose the agenda! The Class Pass will get you familiarized with your Mac before you know it.

Snow Leopard, Apple’s newest operating system, 10.6, is here! Every new Mac now comes with Snow Leopard. We had so many pre-orders for the upgrade to Snow Leopard we’re working to keep our shelves stocked—call us to reserve your copy today. There are a lot of reasons to upgrade—including marked speed increases and a recovery of up to 7GB of your hard drive space (over Leopard)!

Want to learn more about Snow Leopard? Have questions about which upgrade you need or if your computer can be upgraded to Snow Leopard? Visit our full Snow Leopard resource here.

One final note: Our retail stores will be closed Monday, September 7th for Labor Day. Enjoy your long weekend and we hope to see you soon!


Final Cut Studio: Now In Stock!
By Katie Wilhite, S. Burlington Manager

To show our excitement about Final Cut Studio, we are offering an instant $100 rebate for a final cost of $899.99!

Final Cut Studio now includes: Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 2, Color 1.5, and Compressor 3.5.

Come in to check out what’s new!

Aperture 2 Review
By Moses Laporte, Sales Associate, S. Burlington

If you’ve been using iPhoto, Lightroom, or Photoshop, Aperture 2 may be the perfect program for you. It combines iPhoto’s award-winning interface, Lightroom’s workflow capabilities, and Photoshop’s raw processing power.

As a long-standing iPhoto user with thousands of photos, I can appreciate how easy it was to switch my library over. Most of my photos are in RAW, which is supported in both iPhoto and Aperture, but Aperture 2 also supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, and almost every other type of image.

To import your iPhoto Library, just click Import iPhoto Library in the file menu. It’s that easy. You can even choose to keep those photos in the iPhoto library file, and just create links to them in Aperture 2 (this saves quite a bit of disk space).

The equivalent of an Event in Aperture 2 is called a Project. In a project, you can create multiple albums, web pages, light tables, and slideshows. When it comes to editing them, the Inspector allows you to either change elements in the main window, or edit fullscreen. The controls only show up when you need them, and are very easy to use.

I think Aperture 2 is well worth the $199 price tag (Save $20 off Aperture 2 in-store!). Don’t believe me? Try a demo in-store!

Accidental Damage: Why Protection Is Important
By Matt Klein, Service Operations Manager

With many schools and colleges back in session, we are seeing the usual and predicable spike in accidental damage repairs in our service facilities. It’s very important to remember that a dropped computer, one with a broken screen, or one with any type of liquid damage—no matter how new—has no warranty coverage.

Here are my favorite protective products for Apple laptops.

1. Speck cases are hard shells that are form-fitted for a precise and tight fit to your laptop. Also see JJ’s review of Incipio Feather cases (another great case) below.

2. The second part of protecting your laptop is a well-padded laptop bag like those from Timbuk2. These messenger-style laptop bags have lots of storage, look good, and provide great protection.

3. If you prefer a sleeve-style laptop case, know that they provide less protection, but are still better than carrying around a naked computer. My favorite is the new Hammerhead line, named for CEO Don Mayer’s bulldog.

4. KB Covers makes a line of form-fitting super-thin plastic covers that’ll save your bacon if you spill a small amount of liquid on your keyboard. It only takes a drop of water to make it through your keyboard and onto complex (and very expensive) circuitry below!

See this article in full on our blog and let us know what your favorite products are. Or, share a Mac-related horror story!

Incipio Feather Case for the MacBook Pro 13in
By Jeremiah Johnson, S. Burlington Assistant Manager

Have a new laptop but still don’t have something to keep it protected and safe? The New Incipio Feather case for the MacBook Pro 13in is the perfect solution.

It’s lightweight but strong enough to protect your laptop from scratches and drops. It’s 1mm thick for amazing protection without added bulk. It has a soft touch matte finish and is made of a ultra strong polymer.

Check out all of the Feather Cases on our website.

Announcing the 2009 Apples to iPods Event Kick Off!
By Kali Hilke, Marketing Manager

Beginning Tuesday, September 15, start looking for a special wooden apple at select Vermont pick-your-own orchards.

In partnership with the VT Departments of Tourism and Agriculture, Vermont’s Apple Orchards and Woodchuck cider, you could win one of 24 iPods while picking apples… as if the delicious apples you’ve picked along the way weren’t enough!

If you find one, you’re a winner of an Apple iPod nano, iPod classic or iPod touch!*

For complete contest rules, participating orchards, locations and more details, visit:

To see a video of a wooden apple being hidden, click here!

*See the official rules and regulations listed on the website for all prize details.


Product of The Month: September 2009

Closeout Aluminum MacBook!
MacBook 2.0GHz 2GB/160/SD/AP/BT

Save up to $350 on this original unibody aluminum MacBook with closeout pricing!

Only $1049.99!

September Class Schedule

Each class is taught by an Apple Product Professional and features take-home materials.

Absolute Mac Basics:
09/20/09 5:15pm to 6:45pm
09/27/09 5:15pm to 6:45pm

Mac Basics Level 2:
09/13/09 5:15pm to 6:45pm

For a detailed description of our classes, find out more here.

Mac to School Essentials Bundle

There’s still time…

We’ve created a Mac to School Essentials Bundle for MacBook + MacBook Pro 13in that will put everything you need together in one package AND save you money (over $50, to be exact)!

Bundle includes: iWork ’09, 3-Year AppleCare Protection Plan, Surge Protector, Ethernet Patch Cable, 2GB Flash Drive, and Hammerhead MacBook Sleeve.

View it here; come on in to buy!

September Specials

Mac to School 2009
Student or not, you can take advantage of these specials (with the exception of select Adobe Academic titles).

View ALL Mac to School 2009 Specials here!


$5 off Smokin’ Buds, Asym, Full Metal Jackets and Lowriders
$10 off Agent, G.I Hesh, and Skullcrushers

$19.99 – $69.99
Check out the Skullcandy lineup here.

Microsoft Office 2008

Save $20.00!

Click here to order online.

Chill Pill Mobile Speakers

Available in Red, Silver or Black


Lenntek Sonix Earphones

SX-800 Red Earphones
Click here to order online.

Save 10% on Apple Final Cut Express HD 4.0

Click here to order online.