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#118: Best in Showroom | November 2009



Whew! What a product refresh we saw last week… Since the announcements were so huge, we had to dedicate this edition of Best in Showroom to the new Mac line up!

New iMacs, Mac minis, MacBooks, Magic Mouse, AirPort, Time Capsule, Apple Remote and more… Read on below for full coverage.

We have the new Macs on display in both of our retail locations. We would be glad to introduce you to the new line and answer any questions you may have! Click here for store hours (select the “Store Hours” located right under where it says “Find Us, Visit Us, Contact Us”).

We’re going to be having a Beat the Rush Holiday Event on November 21-22! Why wait for Black Friday for the good deals? We will be featuring giveaways and big savings on Apple stuff (and more) in our retail stores, and we’ll be keeping you posted via email with our exclusive sale updates…

We look forward to seeing you in the store!

Katie and the Small Dog Team

The New Apple Line-Up!
By Katie Wilhite, S. Burlington Manager

iMacs: 21.5” starting at $1,199.99 and the 27” starting at $1,699.99 it’s well worth every penny—whichever model you choose.

In this new updated line we see a base processor of 3.06GHz—when previously the iMac line up started at a 2.66GHz. Whether you are looking at a 21.5” or 27” the new iMac will come standard with 4GB of RAM—but with 4 RAM slots!

The 21.5” iMac will come standard with a 500GB hard drive—leaving you plenty of room to grow and expand with your iMac. However, the 27” comes standard with a 1TB hard drive (ideal for any professional out there who battles hard drive space)! Both options can be custom made with up to 2TB hard drives.

The 21.5” and 27” beauties come standard with an SD card slot (like we saw with the new MacBook Pros a couple months ago), a FireWire 800 port, 4 USB ports, a Mini DisplayPort, headphone/optical digital audio port, audio line in, built-in microphone, and of course the iSight camera. Another very cool feature of the new iMacs is that if you have a laptop as well—you can use the iMac screen as a monitor for your laptop! This is a feature I have been waiting for… well, forever! What a versatile machine! Click here to read Ed’s blog about the new iMacs.

iMac Accessories: We were also introduced to the new Magic Mouse, which is a full touch mouse—featuring many of the same strokes that we see with the iPhone. All of the iMacs also come standard with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. This aluminum keyboard will operate within 30ft of your Mac. It will also automatically power down when it’s not in use and start back up again with the tap of a key. This keyboard includes a power button to turn the keyboard completely off so you don’t waste battery life. The 2009 edition of this keyboard only requires two batteries—where the 2007 model required three.

Mac mini: Keeping the classic Mini look, we saw the Mini’s innards upgraded. A faster Inter Core 2 Duo processor on all models, more storage and double the RAM. The mini still starts at $599.99 (2.26GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, 5 USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 800) but the newer $799.99 option is real power house. 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM, 320GB hard drive as well as the same ports as the entry level. I think more than ever, we will see more minis hooked up to large screen TVs to make the ultimate media center.

ALSO: Apple announced the Mac mini Snow Leopard Server! A server that can finally be made… simple. By taking the SuperDrive out of the server, the mini can now house dual 500GB hard drives, which makes it easy to store all of the info you need (perfect for the office)!

13” Unibody MacBook: Finally the MacBook got tough and thin at the same time! Apple finally gave us the unibody polycarbonate enclosure AND this new MacBook is only 1.08” thin. It weighs in at only 4.7 pounds (do I sense an Apple vs. Apple rival with the MacBook Air?). Surprisingly, the new MacBook has a 250GB hard drive which is actually larger than the entry level MacBook Pro and they also have the same amount of RAM and processor speed!

The new MacBook got a facelift and now has the LED-backlit glossy widescreen display. The only tough pill to swallow with the new MacBook is that there is no FireWire port; however, we are seeing the ongoing trend of USB coming back in style! I just purchased one of these guys and I’m in love!

Also announced was a refresh of the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule (1TB and 2TB); read up on the speed and range upgrades here. Plus, we were introduced to a new aluminum-finished Apple Remote.

Meet The Consultants Day: Thursday, November 12th
By Katie Wilhite, S. Burlington Manager

Have questions about your Mac that you need assistance with? Is there something you want to learn?

Stop in to our S. Burlington retail store between 11am – 4pm on Thursday, November 12 and let our Consultants, Jason and Rebecca, field your questions. We will give free 15 one-on-one sessions—feel free to bring in your Mac and let them check it out!

Altec Lansing VS2620 Speakers: Music To My Ears!
By Katie Wilhite, S. Burlington Manager

Finding speakers that can offer a great sound – but will also fit on my desk is always a challenge—until now.

The VS2620 speakers by Altec Lansing get the job done—and then some. With no subwoofer, the VS2620 speakers still produce a high quality sound that lets me jam out and not think about wanting to jam ear plugs in my ears due to bad sound like to many other options out there! These speakers could handle everything from Otis Redding to ZZ-Top (and I like my music loud)!

The other real test was watching a TV show from the iTunes Store on my Mac. The sound quality was great! Sitting at my desk watching a movie (after work hours of course…), I felt like I had a surround sound setup—I couldn’t believe that much sound could come from speakers without a subwoofer.

With the auxiliary jack I can either plug these speakers into my Mac or plug them into the headphone jack of my iPod nano. BUT—there is also a secondary AUX jack on the speakers themselves, which means I can plug my iPod right into the speakers and not have to worry about unplugging my computer or iPod all the time—they both can be plugged in at once!

It’s also really convenient having all of the controls on the front of the speakers so I don’t have to move everything around to get to the back of the speaker to change the volume.

I also love the fact the speakers have a silver outline; it matches my MacBook Pro and Cinema Display perfectly!

Altec Lansing VS2620 speakers are awesome. They are also $10 off right now—normally $29.99—now $19.99! Click here to check them out for yourself!

One Tip: Leave your Mac volume turned up about 3/4 of the way and adjust the volume on the speaker directly for best sound quality!


Burlington Free Press Holiday Section

It’s already November! We keep getting closer and closer to the Holiday Season, which for most of us reminds us of quality time spent with friends and family.

Starting officially today, the is putting together a special Holiday section online where you can share all of those great memories!

Personally, I’m looking forward to the “My Horrible Holiday Sweater Contest.”

Readers will be submitting pictures of themselves in their most unattractive Holiday Sweater (I think we’ve all had one of those moments…) with the chance to win $250.00 to the Burlington Town Center.

To enter, send your picture, name, and contact information to:


November Class Schedule

We’re now offering classes in Waitsfield as well as S. Burlington!
See all classes and curriculum here.

Absolute Mac Basics:
Sunday, November 8th, 2009 (South Burlington Store)

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 (Waitsfield Store)

Mac Basics Level Two:
Sunday, November 15th, 2009 (South Burlington Store)

Please Note: Classes are from 5:15pm6:45pm.

Sign up here!

November Rebates

Buy a new Mac with MobileMe and get $30 Mail-in-Rebate on MobileMe!

Buy a new Mac with iWork save $10 INSTANTLY AND get $30 Mail-in-Rebate on iWork!

Single and Family Packs qualify!

November Specials

$15.00 off 8GB iPod nano in store!

Chill Pill Speakers and Chill Pill AC Adapter
Save $20.00!
(Normally $69.99)

$10 off TimBuk2 Messenger Bags

Altec Lansing VS2620 2.0 Multimedia Speakers
Save $10!
(Normally $29.99)

Altec Lansing VS2621 3 Piece Gaming Stereo 2.1 Speaker System
Save $15!
(Normally $49.99)

Come see all of our new iMacs!