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#124: Best in Showroom | March 2010

  Happy March!

Yes, yes, the rumors are true. March 4th is my birthday, yes, yes!

Oh, right… back to the point!

Saturday, March 6th is Tax-Free Day! It’s the perfect time to get yourself that new 27” iMac you have been eyeing or the portable and powerful MacBook! Tax-Free Day is always a big hit at Small Dog, because the savings really make a difference in your budget (it does in mine, thats for sure!).

We are taking preorders up until the night of the 5th, so feel free to give us a call at 1-800-511-MACS and we can get your order all set for you. All items $2,000 and under are tax free—but that does mean the items need to be paid for on the 6th (but you can pick them up at your connivence). You can pay via phone or you can stop by the shop on the 6th!

We will be open in both locations, and our South Burlington store will be open 24 hours—from midnight to midnight—so it’s convenient for you to come in any time! Feel free to give us a call about any questions regarding Tax Free Day orders—we would be more than happy to help you out.

I hope you have a great March!

-Katie and the South Burlington Team

NEW! Rikiki External Hard Drives
By Katie Wilhite

LaCie has hit the mark again! The Rikiki drives by LaCie are ultra portable, solid, and are offered in capacities up to 640GB!

Rikiki (meaning “tiny” in French) is the smallest hard drive with a 640GB I have yet to see—the dimensions of this drive are just 4.3 × 2.9 inches. I love the fact that one of these guys fits without a problem into the small front pocket of my TimBuk2 bag!

The Rikiki drive is literally one piece—and a separate cable plugs directly into the resistant aluminum body which in turn you plug into your Mac (or PC). I really like this feature because in the past I have had drives with the cable built-in break off or get stuck if they were retractable. If for any reason, you lose or misplace the cable, they are only $10 to replace. I also like that the light on this drive is pretty subtle; it’s a yellowish orange color rather than the blinding blue light we have seen in the past!

But the best part about this drive is the price. You can get 250GB for $69.99, 500GB for $104.99 and 640GB for $134.99. This product is also backed by a two year warranty directly through LaCie.

NEW! CushDesk by Belkin
By Katie Wilhite

Like most people, I enjoy using my notebook on my lap, on the couch or sometimes in the comfort of my bed! However, I notice that it heats up when it’s just on my lap or on my blanket (which really is not that great to do, and why Apple calls them “notebooks” instead!). Plus, it’s a bit of a balancing act, since it’s not super stable.

Belkin has just come out with the CushDesk (their previous model was known as the CushTop and was rather bulky). The CushDesk fits right in between your laptop and your lap/blanket/floor! It makes for a much more sturdy workplace and is really comfortable to have on your lap!

The CushDesk gives you a bit of an angle to work on, which makes typing more comfortable and ergonomic. This nifty little device will support all laptops from 12” iBooks/PowerBooks all the way up to 17” PowerBooks and MacBook Pros!

The CushDesk ($27.99) is available in four different colors; check them out here or come in to see them!

NEW! Audio/Video Adapters by Kanex
By Gary Peters

With the wealth of digital media available these days, we’re seeing more and more customers looking to hook up their Macs to their big-screen HDTVs to use as a media center. The good news is that not only is this setup a breeze, but it looks and sounds fantastic.

Two new products by Kanex Apogee we’ve recently started carrying in the store make setup easier than ever by routing BOTH the video and audio signals to one HDMI cable (available separately), that is then plugged directly into your television or AV receiver.

If you are plugging your Mac directly into your HDTV, check out the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with USB Audio adapter ($59.99). This adapter takes the HD video signal from the Mini DisplayPort and stereo audio from the USB port and runs both signals to a single HDMI port, avoiding the mess of cables you’d need ordinarily. From the adapter, all that is left for you to do is to connect a single, standard HDMI cable to your TV.

Those with a surround sound setup will definitely want to spend the extra $10 and go with the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Digital Audio adapter, which features a Toslink optical cable to transmit crystal clear digital audio in 5.1 to your AV receiver or home theater setup. It plugs into the headphone/audio out on your Mac, and transmits the audio and video directly to your home theater setup again via a separate HDMI cable. The digital signals can be processed by your receiver and you’ll be able to enjoy your movies in the highest definition video AND audio!

Both of these products support 1080p video and are the perfect way to get your Mac hooked up quickly so you can spend less time fussing with cables and more time enjoying your media. (Please note that these adapters will only work on newer Macs with a Mini DisplayPort.)

Come in and check them out!


Check out all the details here!

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Class Schedule: March 2010

Please Note: All classes are from 5:15pm – 6:45pm and are $39.99.

Absolute Mac Basics:

  • Sunday, March 7th
    (in South Burlington)
  • Sunday, March 14th
    (in South Burlington)
  • Saturday, March 20th
    (in Waitsfield)

Mac Basics: Level Two:

  • Saturday, March 27th
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S. Burlington Saturday Seminars

Please note that every Saturday at 4pm we will be having 30 minute FREE Seminars in our South Burlington location. Come by to check them out!

This month’s topic: Intro to GarageBand

SUPER Deal of the Month: The Winston by Crumpler

The Winston Crumpler is the perfect carrying for your 15” MacBook Pro or 15” PowerBook.

Your computer will be safe—carry it in style with this case with handles! Originally $22.99, now $16.99 in-store only!

Product of the Month: Chill Pill Audio Stubbie!

The Stubbie, is a USB Car Adapter for iPod and iPhone!

Normally $17.99, get yours with the coupon below for $15.99!