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#127: Best in Showroom | June 2010



It’s hard to believe that summer is just around the corner! This past weekend, many of us celebrated the unofficial start to summer by packing in a weekend filled with family gatherings, BBQs, boating and more.

I am sure many of us are starting out this week wishing every weekend was a three-day weekend and have started planning our summer adventures!

Here in our retail stores, we are gearing up for summer ourselves. iPads are beginning to arrive steadily and each week our selection of iPad accessories continues to grow.

Want to get your hands on the latest iPad? Call our sales department at 802-496-7171 #1 or stop into our stores to put your name on an order; we will call you as soon as an iPad is available for you.

We will have our expanded line of exclusive Hammerhead cases and sleeves for iPad this month. On your next trip through Waitsfield or South Burlington, stop into our retail stores and see what’s new—we will be bringing in new products and special deals all summer long!

-Emily, Waitsfield Store Manager

Better Viewing on Your iPad
By Brian Shippee, Waitsfield Sales Associate

I recently purchased a 32GB iPad Wi-Fi model, with the intention of hooking it up to a VGA monitor or TV so I could watch my videos. To do so, I purchased the Apple iPad dock connector to VGA adapter, which supports both still images and video. However, only landscape mode is supported.

I read some reviews before purchasing and found that it did not have a high rating. I found that many customers were not happy with its limited application (and limited applications). Many customers expect the iPad to perform just as their computer might, so it’s important to remember that this device is designed to compliment your computer and not replace it.

It’s possible that Apple may update support for this adapter (though we can’t bet on it), but so far, it’s been invaluable during my recent travels, allowing me to have the best experience while on the road.

If you have questions about what is supported using this adapter, click here for some Q and A.

Otterbox Arrives at Small Dog
By Katie Wilhite, S. Burlington Manager

There has always been a high demand for Otterbox cases for the iPhone (3G and 3GS), a line we haven’t carried in the past. But our customers were persistent in letting us know it’s something they really wanted to see in our stores (and online). So, I am pleased to announce, Otterbox has landed!

Whether I am out on the floor with a customer, talking to a fellow employee or even at the local grocery store, people keep raving about their Otterbox cases for their iPhones. The line ranges from $11.99 to $44.99. The great thing about the Otterbox cases for iPhone 3G/3GS is that although they offer a lot of protection, they don’t take away from any functions on the iPhone. All of the Otterbox cases for the iPhone include a screen protector.

This case offers a tough silicone protection that you don’t see from any other case. The great thing about silicone is that if you drop your iPhone in this case, the shock will be absorbed. Available in White and Black. $11.99

Commuter TL:
You’ll get a bit more protection and style to the average iPhone case. There is a translucent polycarbonate shell that clips on over the silicon cover, offering double the coverage. This case allows you to take your iPhone in and out of your pocket or bag very easily. Available in: Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Red, and Green. $26.99

This case is the sleekest case in the line up. This is the customer (and employee!) favorite. It’s a tough, durable case but is still slim. You get three layers of protection with this case: the outer layer is smooth, but looks texturized, which again like the Commuter TL, is easy to take in and out of your pocket.
Yellow/Black, Blue/Black, White/Black, Black/Black, Green/Black, Gray/Black, and Burgundy/Black. $31.99

With the Defender, you are getting pretty much the best protection you can for your iPhone. Even though there is a lot of protective material around the iPhone, it’s not as bulky you will think. This is the “tank” of iPhone cases and is your best bet against bumps, drops and scratches. It also a comes with a detachable belt clip holder.
Yellow/Black, Pink, White, and Black. $44.99

Even more exciting news! Otterbox is making cases for the iPad! We hope to see them land in the very near future, but until then, we are taking pre-orders.

Check the cases out here and come in to the store to order!


Product of the Month: iPad!

All iPads are in… grab yours now!

Show Us Your Small Dogs!

We have seen Small Dogs at the top of the Empire State building, Small Dogs sitting by the Grand Canyon as well as pictured with the Golden Gate Bridge.

If they are out on the town or simply herding around your computer, we’d love to see them! Send photographs of your Small Dogs to

We’ll put them up on our Flickr page, so round ‘em up!

Meet our Dogs

Ernie can be found roaming around our Waitsfield retail store, his favorite thing is howling at the other dogs in hopes he can get them to play!

Free Saturday Seminars in S. Burlington!

No registration required. Each seminar lasts about 40 minutes and includes take-home materials!

6/5: iPods, 2pm
6/5: iPad, 4pm
6/12: iWork, 2pm
6/12: iPad, 4pm
6/19: System Preferences, 2pm
6/19: iPad, 4pm
6/26: GarageBand, 2pm
6/26: iPad, 4pm

June Classes

Absolute Mac Basics, S. Burlington –
Sun. 06/13/10 5:15pm to 6:45pm

Mac Basics Level Two, S. Burlington –
Sun. 06/20/10 5:15pm to 6:45pm

June Specials

$5 off Otterbox cases
(in stock items only; no backorders)

Buy ANY buffalo drive, get 50% off your backups!

Timbuk2 bags starting at $8.99!
(while supplies last; Waitsfield only)

June Coupon

$5 off iPad cases
Bring this in or mention it at checkout to save on any iPad case during the month of June!