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#130: Best in Showroom | September 2010


Photo by Jeremiah Johnson

Hello Everyone,

It’s hard to believe summer is starting to wind down, and fall is just around the corner. We hope everyone gets to enjoy the upcoming Labor Day long weekend with friends & family, and hopefully some good food!

The local colleges are back in session, and for those who still need new computers, we are running our Mac To School specials until the end of the monthnote that Apple’s back to school special expires September 7! Currently, with any Mac and AppleCare purchase, you will receive a free $50 or $100 gift card (to use immediately, or save it for later—it never expires). We’re here to help!

It’s an exciting time here between all of the new Apple products that have been released over the past couple of months (some of which are reviewed just below) and the opening of our new Manchester, NH store on the horizon. Be sure to drop in and check out all the great specials and new products.

We’re keeping busy over the next month—check out our upcoming calendar of events here!

Note: As of this writing, the Apple Music Event has just ended, so check out our blog, Barkings! for all of the new product announcements!

-The South Burlington Sales Team

Local Spotlight: iPad Paintings by Corliss Blakely
By Gary Peters

Corliss Blakely, a life-long Vermont artist, is now painting on the iPhone and iPad, which has “opened up a new world for artists,” as she puts it. Corliss has translated her realistic style in oils to the new technologies, stating, “the world is changing and artists now have a wonderful new canvas to create on.” Corliss purchased an iPad at Small Dog the day they came out, and was the first artist in the world to display an iPad painting on the internet!

The iPad is a mobile studio: artists can now create without the toxic paints and mediums they have used for centuries.

Her favorite painting app on the iPad is ArtStudio.

Visit her site at to see her paintings and demonstrations.

Are you doing something creative, wild, out of the ordinary, or just plain cool with your Apple gear? Want to show it off in an upcoming issue of Best in Showroom? Come in to one of our stores to let us know!

Apple's New Magic Trackpad
By Sebastian Massey

When Apple first introduced the current generation of Multi-Touch trackpads on their MacBook and MacBook Pros, it was pretty amazing. Two finger scrolling is really just the tip of the iceberg for gesture controls. For the first time, I actually preferred the pad to my mouse. Now, I can have that same gesture interface on my iMac.

Apple’s new Magic Trackpad brings all the same fluid controls that make the MacBook so, well, magical.

Supporting one, two, three, and four finger gestures you can zoom, scroll, and use great Snow Leopard features like Exposé almost effortlessly. Also, paired with a Bluetooth keyboard, its wireless design will easily give you the slickest looking desktop around.

Losing the Tether
By Mikhael Cohen

The Sony BT140Qs are some of the top rated, affordable headphones to incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology.

I ordered these to try out, and now I am absolutely relying on them. The sound quality is mediocre compared to most wired headphones, and this is definitely the tradeoff for the Bluetooth capability. However, the battery life is fantastic considering their size, coming in at around 4-5 hours.

I use these often with both my iPhone 4 and my MacBook Pro. They’re great in situations in which you are walking around and need your hands free. I’ve used these for everything from doing dishes to pull-ups. The signal from the iPhone is definitely far weaker than the MacBook Pro and has difficulty passing through the body, which means I need to keep the phone on the same side as the right earpiece which has the antenna.

On the other hand, it goes through a wall or two pretty well. All in all, I’m very happy with these earphones, and enjoy taking advantage of the wireless versatility.

Apple Sells Rechargeable Batteries?!
By Dan Bizzozero

Yes! As of a couple weeks ago, Apple quietly released a handy AA Battery Charger, accompanied by six batteries.

The charger itself mimics a laptop MagSafe power block, but is about a tenth of the size. The battery charger also uses much less power than a typical charger; it will sense when the batteries are fully charged and slow the current being drawn, known as “vampire draw.”

The batteries are also designed to last years without losing much of their charge. Apple claims they retain 80% of their charge after sitting a full year in a drawer. They also say the service life of the batteries should be closer to 10 years!

With six batteries and a very compact charger, its $29 price tag seems very reasonable to keep all your gadgets running for years to come.


September Product of the Month

Hammerhead Aura Case for iPhone 4

Protect your new iPhone 4 with the newest addition to the Hammerhead lineup.

With its Thermoplastic poly material it’s the perfect case to resist dust and fingerprints.

The $14.99 price point won’t hurt your pocket and with its selection of colors, it’s the perfect addition to your new iPhone 4!

Meet Our Dogs: Customer Edition

September’s Dog Friend
This month’s dog is not one of ours, but a customer’s!

Kato is a 4-month-old Boxer and is a bundle of energy.

Mike Shannon, one of our customers, brought him in last week to show us the new puppy.

September Free Saturday Seminars

Every Saturday in our South Burlington store we give free seminars on varying Apple topics. Come on in or give us a call for more info!!!

9/4/10 – iTunes & iPod, 2pm
9/4/10 – iPad, 4pm
9/11/10 – iPhoto, 2pm
9/11/10 – iPad, 4pm
9/18/10 – iWeb, 2pm
9/18/10 – iPad, 4pm
9/25/10 – iWork, 2pm
9/25/10 – iPad, 4pm

September 2010 Classes

Absolute Mac Basics
S. Burlington – Sun 09/12/10
5:15pm – 6:45pm

Mac Basics Level 2
S. Burlington – Sun 09/19/10
5:15pm – 6:45pm

Comprehensive iPad
S. Burlington – Sun. 09/26/10
5:15pm – 6:45pm

September Rebates

MobileMe: $30 Mail-in Rebate

iWork ’09 w/Mac Purchase: $30 Mail-in Rebate

Office 2008 and 2011: Buy Office 2008 after 8/1/10 upgrade to 2011 for FREE

HP Printers: $40-$60 Mail-in Rebate on selected HP Printers

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