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#136: Best in Showroom | January 2011: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

This year flew by so quickly and was full of a lot of excitement, opening our third retail location in Manchester, NH for example! Although we had some tough times with the robberies that occurred this December, we keep truckin’ because of your wonderful support! Our customers are the reason we come to work every day and want to give our best. We salute you, our customers and give thanks for your ongoing support and wish you a happy 2011!

-Katie and the Retail Staff

Kanto Syd 5 iPod Dock
By Gary Peters

With all the options out there for iPod docking stations/sound systems, it can get a little overwhelming deciding what to purchase. Many of the docks out there promise big sound but leave much to be desired in the long run. One new product we received recently that has been getting some serious play in the SB store is the Kanto SYD 5 system.

This is the perfect unit to use for a larger room or home, and it is loud—we cranked it up here in South Burlington and it was clearly audible all the way across the store. Sporting 80 Watts of power, the SYD 5 packs quite a punch, and it is also one of the physically larger systems we carry—a turn off for some, but with four speakers inside there isn’t any wasted space.

One of the coolest features of this system is it has a built-in auxiliary AC plug, which means you can plug your AirPort Express right into the back of it, then connect a 3.5mm stereo cable between the AirPort and the SYD 5, and rock out to all the tunes on your computer as well as your iPod or iPhone.

The SYD 5 charges all of the current and previous generation iPods and iPhones, includes a multifunction remote, and is available in 4 slick colors. Click here to check out all of the specs, and come on into the store for a demo!

Kanto SYD 5: $359.99 in Red, Black, White and Silver

New Hammerhead Stylus Series: $12.99
By Katie Wilhite

Whether you have an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, a stylus is a great tool to have. If you’re typing or using a drawing program you can have even more control with your device.

With the new line of Hammerhead Stylus models, your handheld Apple device is easier (and more precise) than ever.

  • The Hammerhead Stylus is the biggest option out of all the models—it looks similar to a pen. This option also has a larger stylus head than the other options, which makes it more ideal for the iPad (because of the larger screen). It also has a clip, so you can throw it in your bag or pocket and not worry about losing it. This thicker stylus will allow for a steady hand while using your new Apple device! Available in Black and Silver.
  • The Hammerhead Retractable Stylus really acts like two-in-one. You can use it like a small stylus, or extend it to full size. This allows you to have different control with the stylus and is great if you are using drawing programs. The other really nice thing about going with the retractable option is that the tip is angled. This allows you to be even more precise than other options. Available in Silver. Also includes threaded loop for security.
  • The Hammerhead Stubbie Stylus is a mini stylus for on the go—you’ll hardly notice that it’s there! The rubber tip on this stylus is just like the regular Stylus (although a bit smaller). What makes it even more unique is the fact that it comes with a threaded loop to secure it, and also comes with a little peg that will fit inside of your headphone jack on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad! Available in Black, Purple and Blue.

After testing out all of the Hammerhead Stylus options, I have to say it was hard to pick a favorite one. However, for argument’s sake, I would pick the Hammerhead Retractable Stylus because it’s so diverse and I like the angled stylus head. Whichever flavor Hammerhead stylus you go with, you won’t be disappointed!

See all models here!

Otterbox cases for iPad
By Gary Peters

If you find yourself in need of more protection against bumps and shock, check out the iPad case offerings from Otterbox. Available in 2 different styles, the Commuter ($64.99) and the Defender (89.99), these cases offer multiple layers of protection while remaining functional and stylish.

The Commuter is the lighter of the two cases, featuring a silicone skin that wraps around the body of the iPad and a harder plastic exoskeleton that snaps over the silicon layer. The Defender case is much bulkier and weighs nearly as much as the iPad itself, however, if you are looking for the ultimate in protection this is the case to go with—perfect for those who work out in the field doing either construction or planning work.

The Defender also features a snap—on plastic cover for the screen that also doubles as a viewing stand! Both of the Otterbox iPad cases include a screen protector, and are designed to accommodate the Apple iPad Dock—a rarity among cases.


Meet Our Dogs: Toby and Owen

These dogs always make sure to back up…

Toby, Rebecca Kramer’s black lab and Owen, Matt Klein’s Golden Retriever spend quality time fixing machines at Small Dog Electronics!

Here are a couple hard drives recommendations from the Pups:

Find them on our Contact page by clicking the Pups tab!

Specials | January 2011

50% Chill Pill Helmet Speakers!
Chill Pill helmet speakers

Just in time for winter, save 50% off Chill Pill Helmet Speakers and jam out to your tunes while you hit the slopes!

Neil Poulton 1TB USB Drive $79.99

Compact and efficient USB 2.0 storage, perfect for a Time Machine back up!

Buy an Apple TV with AppleCare and get a FREE HDMI Cable!

AppleCare = $24.99, HDMI cable = $19.99 OR FREE with AppleCare purchase!

Used Machines at Small Dog!

iMac 17in Intel for $499.99 and 2.16GHz MacBooks for $599.99.

Please call ahead to check stock levels as used machines are going fast! Please note these machines do not come boxed.

Coupon | January 2011

Save $10.00 on a 30 minute in-store Consult at Small Dog!

Scheduled appointment required; call 800-511-MACS x599 to schedule!