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#138: Best in Showroom | March 2011


Greetings from Manchester, New Hampshire!
By Michelle Coleman, Manchester Assistant Manager

Hello Everyone!

Manchester SDE

This is the first edition of Best in Showroom from our new Manchester, NH location! We are very excited to be up and running in the Mall of New Hampshire and to have all of our new and existing customers stopping in.

Expanding to our twin state was just right, as we have many customers in this region and can offer great Apple gear to area residents. No longer do you have to drive to Salem or Nashua for the Apple experience. We offer Sales, Service, and Consulting all in one place, and now we even offer the AT&T iPhone.

We encourage you to stop in, say hello, and check out the new store. If you’ve shopped with us in Vermont, you will see some familiar faces here in Manchester. Will (from our Waitsfield store) and Michelle (from our S. Burlington store) have joined forces with Sean to make up our Management team here.

Whether you want to shop around or learn about the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or newest Mac, we’re here to help!

- Manchester Crew

Twelve South Magic Wand
By Will Frascella, Manchester Assistant Manager

In one hand I have my Apple Bluetooth keyboard, in the other I have Apple’s new Magic Trackpad. Now if only there was a way to attach these two wonderful devices to create the ULTIMATE Apple Keyboard…

The wait is over. Twelve South waved their magic wands (haha) and POOF! created the Magic Wand, a new accessory that will attach the Magic Trackpad to the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. A sleek package, the Magic Wand keeps your mouse and keyboard together in harmony. Plus, the final size once both accessories are connected isn’t much larger than the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.

This is an ideal product for anyone with the new Magic Trackpad, particularly those who are using their Macs on a HDTV. Mac OS X looks beautiful on the big screen; but once you’ve attached your Mac to your TV, you’ll probably want to sit on your couch, a few feet from your mouse and keyboard. No longer will this be a problem. With the Magic Wand, now you can put the same Keyboard and Trackpad found on Apple laptops on your lap. Surf the web, browse videos, and play Angry Birds from the comfort of your couch while using the Magic Wand to keep your peripherals together. $29.99

Fling for iPad
By Mike Bagtaz, Manchester Sales Associate

This patent-pending tactile joystick Fling, from TenOne Design, is a great way to have a physical interface on an otherwise button-free device. The Fling is made of a high-quality resin that is incredibly flexible and durable, as well as clear. This means that you can still see the action on the screen.

The Fling adheres to the iPad by a suction cup, so it’s easy to remove the accessory when not in use. This is a great item for people who predominately use their iPad as a gaming device. Some apps that work well with the Fling are: Battle Bears -1, Call of Duty Zombies HD, Geometry Wars, Sonic 2, and many others. $18.99

Plantronics Voyager 520
By Will Frascella, Manchester Assistant Manager

Plantronics Voyager 520

Have you ever wondered who those people in the grocery store are talking to, as they stand yelling at the produce? Then you notice they’re wearing an earpieceand were shouting to the office while leaving their hands free to feel if that mango was ripe or not. It used to be that these people wore three-piece suits, but now everyone can enjoy the ease of Bluetooth with the Plantronics Voyager 520. You may now be wondering, “Do I want to be that person yelling at the produce?”

Bluetooth headsets can be used with many more devices than just a cell phone. Today, most of Apple’s products come standard with Bluetooth technology: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Macs all support Bluetooth devices—and that’s just the Apple side. I currently use my Voyager to speak with friends on my Playstation 3. The greatest advantage of an earpiece is, of course, its wireless functionality. Using the Voyager 520, I can sit comfortably on my couch, with no cords threatening to spill the contents of my coffee table. The primary use of the Voyager is for chatting. Whether it’s on the PSN network, Skype, Google Talk, iChat, or iPhone, you are able to use your hands freely for whatever else you may be doing.

Let’s say you’d like to share your headset across multiple devices. That is where the advantage of the Voyager 520 comes in. The Voyager is simple to use but powerful, making it an excellent third-party compliment to Apple products. There is only one button to control the whole device, making it extremely simple to hook-up and control. The passcode for pairing is already set to 0000, so you simply hold the button until it goes to pairing mode (blinking blue and red). Once the Voyager is in pairing mode, your bluetooth device should detect it. Punch in the 0000 code and you’re all set. The sound quality is great, and the headset includes a mic that blocks out interference from street noise, children yelling in the next room, or just everyday noise. The range is quite good too—stand anywhere from 25-50ft away and you will still be coming in loud and clear. The Voyager 520 comes with a stand/charger so you can pick it up and run. It’s a great accessory for anyone who uses Skype or Google Talk, and especially useful for someone who switches from a mobile device to a computer—with a simple hold of the button, you’ve switched devices. $55.99


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