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#139: Best in Showroom | April 2011


Welcome Spring!
By Emily Dolloff, Waitsfield Store Manager

The calendar says spring is here, but looking around our main headquarters in Waitsfield it’s still a bit of a winter wonderland. As New Englanders we are all too familiar with the reality that the seasons don’t always accurately follow what the calendar indicates, and this year it’s no exception. I do admit I am a little jealous of my southern friends who are already sharing stories of spring flowers blooming, windows wide open, and the smell of fresh spring air.

The big buzz in all of our retails stores right now is the long-anticipated arrival of iPad 2. Here in Waitsfield, in the days leading up to the official release, anticipation was high. At exactly 5pm on March 11th we began selling iPad 2, and customers eagerly lined up in all our stores hoping to be one of the lucky few who went home with a new iPad. In the weeks since the release, demand is still very high, and while we can’t always fill customer requests right away, shipments are steadily arriving each week and orders are being filled daily. Accessories are beginning to arrive as well; the Apple Smart Covers have arrived, and we expect other manufacturers to have products available soon.

-Emily and the Waitsfield retail staff

iPad 2 at a Glance
By Taylor Amon, Waitsfield Sales Associate

iPad 2, released March 11th, has been hugely successful. Apple completely redesigned the product and, in doing so, has made the iPad even more incredible.

Apple has updated the iPad’s processor to a 1GHz dual-core A5 processor. This is an amazing upgrade, and with it they have doubled the speed from the original release. Along with this they have also updated the graphics processor, so iPad 2 looks even more amazing. The best part about what has been added is that none of it changes the battery life from 10 hours of use, or up to 30 days in stand-by mode.

iPad 2 is 33% thinner than the original and 15% lighter. When you compare iPad 2 to the original, you can notice the difference. The original iPad that once felt so light now seems a little cumbersome. Apple also added a choice of colors—black or white—which is a handy option, especially if you live or work with multiple iPad users. Perhaps now it will be a little easier to distinguish whose iPad is whose.

Patience has paid off for those of us who held off on purchasing the first-generation iPad: The cameras have arrived! The rear-facing camera is capable of shooting 720p HD video, and the front-facing camera is able to shoot video at VGA quality, which is about 30 frames per second. These cameras are going to be best utilized for FaceTime, Apple’s video chat app.

iOS Update

The biggest feature of iOS 4.3 is that it brings mobile hotspot capability to the iPhone 4. As we become more and more mobile, our demand to keep our digital world with us is ever increasing and Wi-Fi isn’t always accessible. Costs for this new feature vary depending on your provider, so check with AT&T or Verizon for rates and details.

iOS Update: Spotlight on Personal Hotspot
By Taylor Amon, Waitsfield Sales Associate

While the recently released iOS 4.3 includes several exciting additions to Apple’s operating system for its portable devices, the biggest feature the update adds is mobile hotspot capability for iPhone 4. As we become more and more mobile, our demand to keep our digital world with us is ever increasing and Wi-Fi isn’t always accessible. Personal Hotspot allows you to share your iPhone 4’s 3G connection with up to five Wi-Fi-capable devices, including your Mac. Costs for this new feature vary depending on your provider, so check with AT&T or Verizon for rates and details. For more information on iOS 4.3, visit our blog.

What is Apple TV?
By Emily Dolloff, Waitsfield Store Manager

Apple TV is by no means a new product for Apple. This little device has been around for a number of years and is quite possibly the most misunderstood Apple device.

Apple TV is designed to be a central media hub for your home. It’s a tiny little box that connects to any HDMI-enabled TV and wirelessly streams all kinds of media to your television from a number of sources. You can wirelessly access multiple computers in your home to stream movies, photos, and music in your iPhoto and iTunes libraries. With Apple TV you can also access a variety of Web-based content, including photos in Flickr accounts or MobileMe albums, video on YouTube, and movies and TV shows from Netflix Watch Instantly or the iTunes store. Apple released an update a few weeks ago for Apple TV that now allows you to follow your favorite MLB and NBA teams. For small subscription fees you can follow multiple games and teams at once, a fantastic feature if you’re unlucky like myself and can’t follow your favorite teams through the local cable provider. Visit NBA and MLB for more information on this new feature to Apple TV. From one location you have the ability to source endless amounts of media instantly.

What Apple TV doesn’t do is replace a television or replace your regular cable or satellite provider. You cannot watch live television (unless you have the MLB or NBA packages) or TV shows at the time they air on broadcast TV. However, you can rent many TV series and movies through the iTunes store from your living room, instead of rushing out to rent new releases. Apple TV is a cool addition to the digital lifestyle, and once you bring one home, you will likely wonder how you ever lived without it!


Product of the Month:

Hammerhead Leather Envelopes for 11” & 13” MacBook Air
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Meet Our Dogs!

Buster is the loyal companion of Jan Knutsen, Small Dog’s new Director of Marketing. Both Jan and Buster have recently joined the Small Dog crew. Buster is certainly not a small dog, but his gentle demeanor and soft brown eyes have quickly melted our hearts.

Classes in April:


Mac Basics
South Burlington Store

Sunday 04/17/2011
5:15 to 6:45pm

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