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#141: Best in Showroom | June 2011


Greetings from Manchester, NH!

This month, we held two of our famous annual eWaste Recycling events. One at National Life Group in Montpelier, VT and the other at our newest location in the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH. We had a great turnout in both locations.

Here in Manchester we unloaded 615 cars, resulting in seven filled semi trailers and 75 tons of collected eWaste! Our Vermont event collected even more with 1,100 cars—totaling 100 tons of eWaste!

We’d like to thank each of our community members and volunteers for making the choice to recycle responsibly and helping to keep this waste out of our landfills! We will continue to hold these annual events, and plan to schedule at least one more eWaste event this year. Stay tuned for details!

We have continued to get a great response from both new and returning customers in our Manchester, NH location. We are working to continually offer even more in this location.

We have recently started hosting seminars each weekend to teach you more about your Apple products. Our offerings are listed in the right side of this newsletter, they are all free and last about 30 minutes. Please stop by and check them out!

- Michelle and Manchester Retail Crew

Taking Photography to the iPad
By B.J. Jeralds, Manchester Sales Associate

One of my biggest pet peeves about digital photography is taking a picture and having it look good on your camera’s display only to find something wrong with it when transferred to your computer.

I recently purchased an item to help combat this: The Eye-Fi Connect Card. This SD card has built in Wi-Fi, and can wirelessly transfer photos to your computer, iPhone or iPad.

The Eye-Fi card can remember up to 32 wireless networks, and even create its own for your device to join. This makes it perfect for either shooting at home or viewing pictures on the go.

The Eye-Fi comes in three different models. There are 4GB and 8GB models for everyday users, which transfer JPEG photos and movies, and a 8GB Pro for more serious photographers with support for RAW files.

All three cards feature an endless memory mode that allows you to automatically free up a card by deleting photos once they have been sent to your device. The cards can also be configured to automatically upload your photos to your favorite social network site such as Facebook or Flickr.

The biggest selling point for me was the ability to send photos directly to your iPad. An iPad is easier to haul around with you than your laptop and also makes it fun and easy to show off your photos to people as you take them.

Plus, since everything is wireless, you don’t have to worry about additional accessories like a camera connection kit. Eye-Fi cards make a great solution for professionals who want to show off their work as they’re taking photos.

Eye-Fi even has a free iOS app. While it does all the basic functions, it’s still a free app and could use some improvement.

For the best results, I use an app called ShutterSnitch. ShutterSnitch allows you to wirelessly import photos to the iPad and sort them into events based on the project you’re working on.

ShutterSnitch comes with some nice features such as the ability to set up rules the photo should follow such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture and light level. If these rules aren’t followed, ShutterSnitch will send a warning. It can highlight washed out areas and even watermark your photos should you decide to publish them. ShutterSnitch is a universal app and is available for both iPad and iPhone.

An Eye-Fi card plus ShutterSnitch makes your iPad the perfect tool for photography. Whether you’re a professional looking to show clients previews on the fly or just a hobbyist who likes to look at their photos on a bigger screen before calling it a day.

Both items work for a wide variety of users and are an absolute must have.

Summer Freedom w/Wireless Speakers
By Small Dog Sales

Creative Labs Speakers

Summer is upon us, that means hiking, hitting your favorite swimming hole and of course, outdoor BBQs.

How fun is an outdoor summer event without music? Not much, but you understandably don’t want to drag around a set of speakers.

What if you could just hit play from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Bluetooth-enabled device and stream tunes wirelessly to a central speaker system?

Creative Labs has the answer with a great lineup of Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Check out the entire Creative lineup at and continue on to read about their T12 desktop speaker, great for the porch, office or living room.

- Will Frascella, Manchester Store Manager

Creative T12 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Within minutes, I had these speakers out of the box, synced to my iPhone and crankin’ tunes.

The sleek design by trusted brand name Creative brings both style and audio quality to an ultra-compact speaker system. Connect any Bluetooth compatible device with the push of a button, or plug in wired devices with the optional line-in port.

I was hesitant about these small speakers at first, and expecting an airy and tinny sound. However, once I noticed the BassFlex sub woofers on the back and connected my iPhone I knew the T12’s had bigger sound than I first thought.

The T12 makes a great setup for a desktop/laptop user who wants get up and walk around at a distance and switch the tunes to their Bluetooth device. Perfect for roaming the backyard while hosting a BBQ, the party won’t skip a beat.

Check them out here.

- Steve Whalen, Manchester Sales Associate

We're All Ears for Urbanears
By B.J. Jeralds, Manchester Sales Associate

Eventually everyone faces the choice of what headphones to buy. Everybody wants great quality and comfort, but not everyone wants to break the bank and spend $200.

Urbanears headphones mix quality, comfort and affordability. All models are simplistically stylish and are one uniform color—with a wide variety of colors available. The included fabric cords are tangle resistant and both durable and reliable. Each pair also comes with a built-in remote and microphone.

Urbanears Plattan
Plattan is the Urbanears over-ear headphone. They are extremely comfortable and have an amazing sound quality. Though they might look bulky, they easily fold down to about the size of your fist, allowing them to be stored easily. One of my favorite features of the Plattan are its music sharing capabilities.

All Plattan models/colors are equipped with a ZoundPlug, an audio jack built into the headphone itself. This allows you to have your friends plug into your headphones and listen to whatever you’re listening to. If you and your friends have multiple Plattans, then you can form a huge chain.

At only $59.99, they are worth every penny!
View Urbanears Plattan here.

Urbanears Medi
Medi is the Urbanears in-ear headphone. They are by far the most comfortable that I have ever used. I hate having stuff jammed in my ears, but when I go to the gym I need something compact and easy to store.

Medis have a revolutionary design that clips into the ear and uses its natural design to stay in place rather than simply jamming into your ear. This relieves pressure to an almost nonexistent level but keeps them securely in your ear so they’re not always falling out.

They are also feature Urbanears’ legendary sound quality and sell for just $49.99. A must have!

View Urbanears Medis here.


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Must Have: Elgato Video Capture

Do you remember those great karaoke sets you and your sister sang in the living room when you were five years old? 

Remember when your Mom made it into a VHS tape and showed everyone at Thanksgiving? 

Wouldn’t it be great if she could bring those precious moments to DVD

Now she can with Elgato’s everything-you-need-in-the-box Video Capture which includes the necessary adapter cables, software and step-by-step instructions for making those memories all the more accessible for everyone in your family.

Makes a great gift at $89.99!

Manchester Seminars

All are free and first come, first served!

Mac Day
Manchester Store

1pm – Syncing your “iDevice”
3pm – iLife Basics
5:30pm – Mac Basics

iPad Day
Manchester Store

1pm – iPad Basics
3pm – AirPlay/Apple TV
5:30pm – iOS iPad, iPod touch & iPhone

iPad Day
Manchester Store

2pm – iPad Basics
4pm – Mac Basics


Protect your iPhone 4 with the iWrap!

Virtually invisible full body screen protectors that are not only durable but drop proof too! Easy application will have you up and going in no time.

Also available for iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch and iPad 2.

Hammerhead iPad 2 Back Cover

Apple Smart Covers… genius, right? Well almost. Some of our customers did notice a flaw—no back protection.

Well, we have the ANSWER! Introducing the Hammerhead iPad 2 Back Cover.

Available in 10 colors enabling you to match your Smart Cover, or mix it up.

Check them all out at here; we’re accepting pre-orders now!

Speck Candy Shell Card Case

The Candy Shell is not only a sturdy case for those crazy nights out, but can also safely hold up to three cards and some cash for a cab in its built in rubberized slot.

Best of all, the case fits both Verizon and AT&T models of iPhone 4.

It’s great for those nights when you want to carry just the bare essentials and look really fly while doin’ it.

Get yours at here for just $29.99.