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#142: Best in Showroom | July 2011


Independence Day!
By Emily Dolloff, Waitsfield Store Manager

Summer is finally here, and with it comes the 4th of July. The 4th is one of my favorite summer holidays, and each year it seems to be a long, fun filled day of parades, rides, parties and fireworks.

Many of our readers live locally and know the parades around the state vary greatly, from the traditional to the unconventional and seemingly disorganized (definitely fun to watch!).

These differences are often what draw many of us to our parades of choice. Personally, I look forward to my local parade filled with a variety of traditional floats—and of course fair food and music at the local recreation field afterwords.

July is also a month where although it might feel like summer has just begun, it’s actually time start thinking about going back to school! This year we will once again be offering a number of popular back to school and summer specials at all of our retail locations.

We will be be offering money-saving bundles, discounts for students and our experienced staff will be on hand to help you and your student understand the many software and hardware requirements specific to their studies.

We will make sure you leave with the right computer, accessories and knowledge to get the new school year off right.

See you on your next visit!

Emily and the Waitsfield Retail Staff

Searching for the Next Great iPhone Game?
By Tyler Dailey, Waitsfield Sales Associate

One of my favorite features of the App store is Genius Recommendations. Genius was first seen in iTunes and then the iTunes Music Store. Essentially, it takes the music you have purchased and have on your computer, and makes recommendations for other artists and songs you might like. Now, Genius can be found as part of the App Store, providing you with recommendations for new Apps for your iOS device based on those you’ve downloaded in the past.

With over 500,000 apps, it can be easy to miss out on the latest must-have title for your device. I am an avid iPhone gamer, and have discovered a number of games I would have otherwise missed had it not been for Genius. My most recent favorite is Uber Racer—which is not your average racing game. This game is set in the year 2080, where the world’s resources are running short and things are falling apart.

In this game you don’t get futuristic cars, instead you use present-day dune racers and trucks. This game is made unique by its high resolution graphics that give a realistic look and take advantage of the retina display. Of course, the damage that can be sustained while racing adds to the realism! I would recommend this game to anyone who loves racing games and would like a racing experience on their iOS device like no other.

Download Uber Racer – $2.99

Keep Your Keyboard Clean!
By Stephanie Reich, Waitsfield Sales Associate

No matter how careful we are about keeping our laptops clean, it is always possible for fine materials to creep in or stickiness to build up on the keys, which is not only yucky but also potentially bad for computers’ health.

V7 Soft Touch Pro Silicone Keyboard Protectors offer a stylish means of helping to safeguard portable 13”, 15” or 17” Macs’ keyboards from dirt, dust, spills, finger oils, and bacteria.

V7 Soft Touch Pro Silicone Keyboard Protectors, both soft to the touch and appealing to the eye, are available in a range of colors: The blue, green, pink and purple protectors add a pop of color to your machine, while the black protector allows you to maintain the original appearance of your MackBook Pro or bring bold contrast to your white MacBook.

We have all the covers on our demo MacBook and MacBook Pros here in the Waitsfield store and I’ve been enjoying both looking at and using them. The feel while typing is somewhat different from the unadorned keyboard, but the silicone gives fingers a comfortable cushion without hindering key functionality.

Applying a V7 Soft Touch Pro Silicone Keyboard Protector by nestling it over the keyboard is simple, and you can just as easily remove it for cleaning with water and mild dishwashing detergent (just make sure the protector is completely dry before reapplying).

While nothing can make your computer completely immune to spills, using a keyboard protector can aid in keeping debris from accumulating inside your machine and fingerprints from collecting on your keys.

We’ve found that keyboard covers are particularly popular with parents of young children, but we think they’re also a great idea for students or anyone who uses their computer on the go. V7 Soft Touch Pro Silicone Keyboard Protectors regularly retail for $24.99 but are currently available in our retail stores for just $18.99!

Check them out here.


NEW: Financing Available!

6 Months Interest Free (With regular payments)

On your next visit, ask a sales associate for details on available financing through Wells Fargo.

July '11 | Free Seminars in Manchester, NH

We’re offering a great selection of free seminars at our Manchester, NH retail store throughout the month of July!

1pm – Mac Basics
3pm – iLife Basics
5:30pm – Mac Basics

1pm – iPad Basics
3pm – AirPlay/Apple TV
5:30pm – iOS iPad, iPod touch & iPhone

2pm – iPad Basics
4pm – Mac Basics

July '11 | Classes

$39.99 Classes are currently held in our South Burlington, VT store.

Sign up through our website or by calling 800-511-6227.

July 10
iPhoto Essentials: 5:15 – 6:45pm

July 24
Mac Basics: 5:15 – 6:45pm

New Product Spotlight

Cool new products in our retail store.

Moshi iVisor, available in black or white $29.99

Moshi Magic Mouse guard, available in white or silver $14.99

Moshi Concerti for iPad, available in purple or beige $54.99

July '11 | Coupon