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#151: Best in Showroom | March 2012


Hello from Manchester!

It has been a great couple of months since we last wrote. It is still a very mild winter down here and I think we’ll be starting up the lawnmowers soon. We have a lot of awesome products and specials to talk about in this issue. We’ve included one of several cool photos we’ve begun taking with our iPhones thanks to a camera attachment by Olloclip. We also have a great selection of speakers so be sure to swing by the store for a sound demo!

We recently saw a peek of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple’s newest update to their operating system. In the small preview we got to see there are several great upgrades coming, many of which are being ported from iOS 5 such as AirPlay Mirroring, Reminders, Notes, and Messages. It will be rolled out through the App Store again, so be sure and stop by our Repair Department to ensure you’ll be up to date when it launches this Summer. We can’t wait to see what Apple does next…

In the meantime, be sure to stop by the store and check out all of our fun demos.

-Will and the Manchester Retail Team

A Nod to the Analog-Era of Rock
By Alex DeRossi

The first two things that will catch your eye with the Skullcandy Vandal Speaker Dock are its style and design. This dock is cooler than ice with its “retro guitar amp” style.

Skullcandy took a different approach to design, combining vintage and modern with dials for on/off, bass, and treble, and push buttons for pause, input and volume control.

This would look great in a living room, man cave, or office. While designed for most models of iPhone and iPod, the Vandal gives you flexibility by having a standard 3.5mm input jack and cable to play almost any device through it.

The Vandal controls the volume settings of the device connected to its dock, so changing the volume can only be done using the dock’s controls. The controls on the dock itself could be more intuitive, however. My first instinct would be to have the volume control be a dial and on/off a button, but they are opposite. You can definitely bypass that using the remote, but either way you won’t mind the controls when you hear how it sounds.

I was very surprised with the quality and depth of sound that the Skullcandy Vandal produces. I turned the bass all the way up, and you could feel the vibration of every beat through the table. To get similar sound quality out of a competitor’s speaker dock you’d easily be looking at a couple hundred dollars.

For the price, Skullcandy delivers value with the Vandal. It’s easy to set up, plug in, and start enjoying your music. Whether you’re looking for a rich listening experience, or something to rock out with big sound in your room, the Skullcandy Vandal Speaker dock has you covered.

A2: The New Standard for Multimedia Sound
By B.J. Jeralds

A little while back the speakers that I have been using since college finally decided to give out and forced me to look for a new pair. I decided that I wanted to go with AudioEngine.

We have both the A5+ and the A2 models in the store for demo and they both seemed like solid choices. Now I just had to choose which one I wanted.

The A5+ seemed like the easy choice. They were big and beautiful and had a massive sound. I wanted something that I could listen to anywhere in my apartment through AirPlay with my AirPort Express. The A5+ would have no problem with that whatsoever. Even on 1/4 power volume the speakers rock the store.

I then realized that if I were to go with these speakers that I would not be able to use their full potential until I had a place of my own (or at least sound proof walls and floors). My apartment was simply too small to handle the sound of these speakers without my neighbors complaining. So I decided to take a look at the A2 speakers.

They are a lot smaller then the A5+ and I worried that they just wouldn’t put out as nice of a sound quality as the A5+. However once I started demoing them in the store all my fears were put aside. The A2s have amazing sound quality and power that is unmatched by other speakers of the same size. They have deep, rich bass without losing everything else in the mix as well. These would have no problem being heard throughout my entire apartment. So I decided to go with them.

The setup was extremely easy. I connected the two speakers with the included cable, plugged in the power cord and chose the input (both 3.5mm aux jack or RCA connection). I was instantly pleased with them as soon as I started playing my music. They had a great sound and fit perfectly in my apartment. Bottom line: if you’re looking for a great-sounding system without taking up a ton of space, these are a fantastic buy.

The Quick-Connect Lens Solution for the iPhone 4/4S
By Heather Forest

If the iPhone’s camera wasn’t already good enough, the Olloclip just made it that much better. This small and simple attachment easily connects to your iPhone to add three new lenses: fish eye, wide angle, and macro.

The fisheye lens will capture a full 180 degree field-of-view, the wide-angle doubles that of the normal lens, and the macro applies a 10x multiplier giving you extremely detailed close-up shots. All three are combined making it easy and convenient to switch between. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, the Olloclip will give your photos a stylish touch.

The Olloclip includes a microfiber cleaning cloth bag—pick one up at our store for only $69.99!


March Specials | 03.12

These specials are valid throughout the month of March, or while supplies last.

$60 off! Kingston Wi-Drive External Network Drive – 16GB

Was $119.99; $59.99

$40 Off! Kingston Wi-Drive External Network Drive – 32GB

Was $174.99; $114.99

Instant $20 rebate on AppleCare when purchased with a new Mac!

Apple Closeout Specials

Save $400
2010 13” MacBook Air
1.86GHz | 2GB RAM | 128GB Flash Storage
Was $1299.99; $899.99

Save $320
2010 11” MacBook Air
1.4GHz | 2GB RAM | 128GB Flash Storage
Was $1199.99; $879.99

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Turbo Tax

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Includes free Federal Efile and TurboTax State for completing your state taxes.

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