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#152: Best in Showroom | April 2012


Happy Spring!
By Emily Dolloff

OK, so many of us might argue that winter never really happened to begin with and Mother nature has been teasing us with spring for months now.

My older daughter was looking forward to snowshoeing all fall, but we only managed to get in two good days all winter and now it’s time to start planning for spring and summer fun! I do hope that the mild winter turns into a warm summer and more time outside, and the feeling that summer is never going to end!

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the latest iPad? Think there is no way you will get your hands on one? Well, wait no longer—we have inventory! All of our retail stores have stock of the latest iPad (3rd Gen) and demos for customers to see and feel the differences and improvements over the iPad 2.

For those of you who have been putting off the purchase of an iPad or are waiting for a great deal, ask about the 16GB iPad 2—we have these models in stock for just $399.99.

We hope you visit our stores soon!

Emily and the Waitsfield retail team

iPhoto for iOS
By Taylor Amon

On March 7th, Apple released iPhoto for iOS. As a heavy iPad user, I wanted to check it out, and right away I was able to see some big improvements over the built-in photo app.

The new design seems to flow a lot more intuitively, and the tools that it gives you are great—you’re now able to access all of your existing albums (including PhotoStream) in one place!

The user interface (UI) is awesome—it allows you to move a lot better through your photos. The tools allow for very focused editing, whether you need to clean up the color because your photo is oversaturated or you need to crop it.

There are some sliders available for making more custom upgrades. The sliders allow for great customization of your photos. Just like in iPhoto for the Mac, there are some auto-adjust tools.

These are good for those who aren’t very comfortable with photo editing can make proper adjustments with little effort. They range from Auto Enhance to Desaturate to Sharpen.

By bringing iPhoto to iOS, Apple has really brought iPad to a new level, as it now allows for better amateur editing. Before this release, the best way to edit your photos was to import them onto your computer and then work with them there; now you can do some real work to them without all of the extra steps and with the ease of your iOS device!

Back Up!
By Emily Dolloff

Back up, Back up, Back up. You might feel like we are a broken record on this topic, but we just can’t say enough about how important this crucial step is with your data. Sadly, all too often customers forget about this step, and just like a car, they break down at least opportune times.

Over the years we have had the unfortunate job of telling more than one parent their children’s photos are lost or a student their last six months of work is gone.

Drive failures can’t be prevented, but what you can prevent is the loss of your data; Apple makes it incredibly simple to get do. Time Machine is Apple’s built-in backup software, and it’s saved my data twice over the years! Many customers still don’t utilize this software and I believe it’s because so many assume it’s complicated.

Time Machine truly takes about 5 minutes to set up, and once it’s running, will continuously back up all your files and programs (without doing a thing on your part).

Should tragedy strike and your drive fails, you just have to plug the backup drive into the new computer or your old computer with the new internal hard drive installed.

In no time, you’re back up and running like nothing ever happened!


Product of the Month | 04.12

Hammerhead Premium Leather Case
In stock now (it literally just arrived this morning) in our Waitsfield location.

Come in today and grab one (or we’ll get it to you quickly if you’re in S. Burlington, VT or Manchester, NH)!

Mention this newsletter and save $5!

Classes | 04.12

Absolute Mac Basics

Sunday, April 15th and Sunday, April 29th.

Classes are held in our South Burlington store from 5:15-6:45, and are $39.99. Call, come in or register online!

Hard Drive Specials

LaCie Neil Poulton 1TB USB Hard Drive

LaCie Rugged Mini Disk 500GB 7200RPM Portable Hard Drive

New Products!

With the Wingstand and an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, turn your iPad into a workstation anywhere!

Joy Factory Valet Valet Seat Bolt Mount
For iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen—works in your car!

Adobe CS5.5 > CS6

Purchase a Creative Suite 5.5 full license or upgrade between March 26th and May 6th, 2012 and receive an upgrade to CS6 at no additional cost.

When you register your version of CS5.5, the license for CS6 will be provided to you when available.

Read more here!

Coupon | 04.12

Mention this newsletter and: buy any iPad and get a free Hammerhead Stylus in your choice of color! ($14.99 value)