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#153: Best in Showroom | May 2012


Greetings Small Dog Patrons!
By Michael Burl

With spring now finally underway, I am happy to see so many more people outside enjoying the sunshine. It is a great time to get out there and be active. For those of you with Apple products on-the-go, we have some great solutions for keeping your devices protected.

The new iPad rolled out in mid-March and our new line of cases for it shortly followed. Now we have ways to protect your investment from mobile wear and tear and the great news is that these cases also fit the iPad 2.

Speaking of protection, we have partnered with a company by the name of Mack Worldwide to fill in the gaps that AppleCare doesn’t cover. It also does a fantastic job of protecting any used Mac devices purchased from us at Small Dog. Lonnie writes more about it below.

Of course, I can’t forget about those used MacBooks we have for sale. What a great way to ease into the Apple world without breaking the bank!

All-in-all, it is shaping up to be a great spring. Come on down to Small Dog Electronics and pick up those new devices (or accessories for them) and get out there to enjoy the nice weather!

New Hammerhead Capo Case
By Vanessa Arbour

Let’s talk Capo! I don’t know about anybody else, but when a new iPad case comes into my store, I’m all over that like maple sugar on snow. For that reason, I was more than eager to purchase a new Capo case from our friendly Hammerhead line to protect my super-awesome new iPad. I got the case as an interim while I waited for my Hello Kitty case to come in the mail, but I ended up liking it so much that Kitty has been shelved.

So what is a Capo case? It’s a sleek, hard black plastic shell, very solidly manufactured, with a sweet velvet interior to clean and protect your iPad’s screen with every open and close. The Capo comes in orange, blue, white, red, and, my favorite, black. However, unlike its predecessor, the Hard Shell, the color is only on the leather panels on the front and back. Not only does it look snazzy, it does a good job of protecting my iPad, and it has the same open-close wake-sleep feature that the Apple Smart Covers do, adding extra value and convenience. It’s a perfect fit for my new iPad, and my Hammerhead screen protector (lovingly applied by yours truly) isn’t impacted at all by the case.

For me, the nicest thing about my Capo case is the high typing angle it affords me. There are three angles you can tilt your iPad up at to watch whatever your heart desires, too, which makes it perfect for any situation. In fact, it’s my favorite case right now! A+, would buy again.

Mack Worldwide Warranty
By Lonnie Isham

Mack Warranty

Have you ever been skeptical about purchasing a used MacBook or an iPad?

Usually the first question we get asked is, “what kind of warranty does this item have?” The Small Dog warranty is all well and good, but what happens when 90 days pass and the Small Dog warranty period is over?

I have some good news for you. Small Dog Electronics is working with Mack Worldwide to provide extended warranty coverage for all of your Apple devices (iPods, iPads, even iMacs and MacBooks). With this coverage, you get three (3!) years of support for parts, labor, manufacturer defects, and mechanical malfunctions. All of which are the main concerns that a customer would have when purchasing a used device.

What if you’re a customer who has purchased a new machine? Can you benefit from the Mack Worldwide coverage as well? For new machines and devices, we have the Diamond plan. This plan gives you three years of coverage for parts, labor, mechanical malfunctions, abnormal wear and tear, accidental damage, liquid damage and power surge failure. That is essentially protection for every aspect of your new Apple product, giving you peace of mind because you know your devices are covered.

You might be wondering why you would choose AppleCare over Mack. The truth is that both have their benefits. AppleCare offers exceptional phone support with experienced technicians you can count on to solve your software problems. However, AppleCare does not yet cover accidental damage. This is where Mack shines—it gives you protection against those unforeseen incidents.

For ultimate support and coverage, I would recommend purchasing both AppleCare and Mack’s Diamond service on new machines. But what if the cost is toppling over your budget? The answer is simple. Purchase the Mack Diamond service. Why? Well, for starters, you can only buy it within 30 days of purchasing a new machine. AppleCare, on the other hand, gives you an entire year to add their extended coverage, so you can always opt to purchase it in that window. (Do keep in mind that your phone support through Apple expires after 90 days from the original date of purchase, though.)

With both of these services covering your Apple product ,you will be worry-free for the next three years!

Used Apple MacBook
By Seth Leizman

Love it or hate it, Apple does not manufacture a notebook that is priced below $1000. Though many consumers will agree, Appleā€™s quality of materials used, warranty, and software are well worth their cost. Unfortunately not everyone wants to spend $1000 or more on a notebook, but there is a solution.

For just $699.99 a used MacBook is a perfect answer for customers who are in search of a computer that can be used for basic, everyday use. Powered by two gigabytes of RAM, a 160 gigabyte hard drive, and OSX Snow Leopard MacBook is a very capable machine that will excel at web browsing, emailing, document creating and casual iLife usage.

When it comes to extras if you are looking for little boost in speed an additional $70 would upgrade the RAM to four gigabytes and provide the computer with the means to handle OSX Lion. For peace of mind, our used MacBooks come with a 90 day Small Dog warranty that can be extended with our Mack Worldwide warranty plans.

My final thought on the MacBook is that in its prime this computer was cutting edge. Now nearly six years from its original release, this iteration of the MacBook is still alive and kicking. If you are looking for a way to migrate to Apple and not spend the big bucks a used MacBook is the perfect entry level computer for you.


Products of the Month | 05.12

iPod nano & iPod shuffle

Is your mom always on-the-go with nothing but elevator music to listen to? Does she frequent the gym and run to the sweet sound of the other treadmills?

Surprise your mom this year with an iPod nano or iPod shuffle and add some music to her daily routine.

The iPod nano and iPod shuffle measure less than 1.4” in height and 1.6” in length. Its small size and and durable clip make these iPods great for mobile moms.

iCloud Consults

Don’t get caught without the cloud!

MobileMe service ends on June 30th, so now is the time to transition to iCloud. Depending on your setup, it can be a daunting task to get yourself updated, so we’re here to help!

Small Dog Consultants can work with you at home or in our store to ensure your files are available for all your mobile devices and your content is up-to-date.

Stop in or contact us vis email at for more details.

Classes | 05.12

Absolute Mac Basics

Sunday, May 13th and Sunday, May 27th

Classes are held here in our South Burlington store from 5:15PM – 6:45PM, and are $39.99.

To register, call 800.511.6227 (press “1” for Sales), stop in or sign-up online!

New Products!

iLoveHandles – Rock Band

Rock Band turns your iPod nano into a revolutionary new watch.

The genuine leather strap has a special notch to accommodate the iPod nano’s built-in clip.

iLoveHandles – Barnacle

Barnacle is good at everything; hanging out on the desk, hanging on to your windshield, hanging off of a mirror.

Coupon | 05.12

Mother’s Day Special!

Give your mom the perfect portable speaker this year.

Mention this newsletter and receive $20 off our Pink Chill Pill mobile speakers.

Plus, $1 from each sale goes toward Breast Cancer research.

Be sure to stop in this month to check out the rest of our Mother’s Day offerings and specials!