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#158: Best in Showroom | October 2012


Oh, the Excitement
By Emily Dolloff

It’s October 1st, and many of us might be thinking that it means winter is almost here, but I encourage you to think about all of the exciting things October has to offer — apple picking, fresh cider donuts, pumpkins around every corner and of course, iPhone 5s, new iPods and iOS 6!

One of my favorite features about iOS 6 is the set of Mail improvements; I love that I can now have VIPs and flagged mail with a dedicated inbox, making it so much easier to keep up with important contacts and emails while away from the office.

The iPhone 5s are landing at Small Dog, and many of us (including myself) couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. I was not an early iPhone adopter, but I was all over the last two versions! iPods received some changes and improvements as well this past month, and over the next few weeks, we’ll see the new models come in.

Check out all of the iPods here.

While you wait for your favorite Apple device to get here, stop by your local VT apple orchard, since there are still plenty of wooden apples to find in the 6th annual Apples to iPods event (you could win some great prizes!). This is run through the VT Department of Tourism and Marketing, so you’ll want to make sure you visit their website for all of the rules and details.

I hope everyone enjoys this month’s edition of Best in Showroom. I know it may seem like a long time away, but don’t forget to check out our website on October 31st because we take Halloween VERY seriously around here.

Thank you for reading and supporting Small Dog Electronics!

Emily Kenyon, Waitsfield Store Manager

17-inch MacBook Pros - What You Get With a 'Refurb'
By Michael Burl, Web Content Specialist

Apple has an amazing refurbishing process — when a product has that Apple Refurbished sticker on it, you can be assured that what you’re getting is as good as new. My 13-in MacBook was refurbished and it is still kicking today — nearly six years later. So be assured that even though these machines are refurbished, you will still get years out of them.

So what are you really getting by purchasing a refurbished machine? The 17-inch MacBook Pros we have in stock include a quad-core Intel i5 or i7 processor, 4GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive for storage, an NVIDIA GeForce GT330M with 512MB of video memory, and (here is the kicker) they are eligible for AppleCare. That’s right, unlike a used computer, Apple Refurbs are eligible to have AppleCare applied to them.

As if that’s not enough, here is the final nail in the coffin (you know, in a good way). Buying a refurbished machine can save you over $1,000. These are Macs that when purchased new at the time of release, ran a machine over $2,500! Our 17-inch MBPs now start at $1,350 (in limited quantity). If you add AppleCare to it, you are sitting pretty at $1,660 and that is still $140 cheaper than a new 15-inch MacBook Pro without AppleCare. If that isn’t the deal of the year, I don’t know what is!

Why Flash Storage?
By Christopher Barosky, Sales Associate, Waitsfield

In the past, most of us have been accustomed to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). These days, it is possible to purchase an HDD that stores more than 200,000 times more data, fits in the palm of your hand, and costs around $100.

So why is it important that there is this other kind of storage, this “SSD,” or “flash storage,” as it is also referred to? The hard disk drive writes and reads data magnetically using a thin “arm” to access or manipulate data on spinning “platters,” that resemble tiny stacked CDs. Solid state drives, on the other hand, read and write data with electricity: unlike hard disk drives, SSDs do not contain moving parts, this offers a level of physical durability that the HDD cannot.

Another leg up SDDs have is their data access speed. Because there are no moving parts and because the drives exclusively rely on electricity to interact with data, an SSD can easily perform at least twice as fast as an HDD spinning at 7200 RPM. You’re probably thinking, “wow this is perfect, why do we even keep hard disks around?!” One draw back to SSD drives (aside from costing more than a traditional hard disk) is storage capacity.

As consumers, our computer usage has only grown, and our file size along with it and for some users this drawback is significant. When thinking about the options and benefits between the traditional hard disk and a solid state disk it might mean choosing between efficiency, security, and capacity. However, many who have transitioned to SSD drives in their computers will tell you the benefits outweigh the sacrifices!

If you want to know the nitty gritty of how SSDs work, check out this bibliography it’s a worthwhile read!

New Apple Products + News
By Kali Hilke, Marketing + Social Media Manager

There’s too much to put here, but be sure to check out our blog, Barkings! for full coverage of last month’s new product releases and the latest Apple news. Specifically, iPhone 5 and iPod releases, iOS 6 and the Maps flap, and more.

Go to Barkings!


Product of the Month | 04.12

Apple Refurbished 17-inch MacBook Pros
Starting at $1,349.99!

The rumors are true! Apple factory refurbished MacBook Pros are up to $900 off regular price, and are ideal as a desktop replacement with added mobility.

There are limited quantities, so get them while you can. Select models in all three locations.

See them here.

iPhone 5 Cases Are Here!

We have some great cases to choose from already — come check ‘em out!

Sonix Inlay Bloom – $34.99

Otterbox Defender Series – $44.99 (highly requested!)

Product Specials | 10.2012

SAVE $5 on RadTech WaveJamr Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Dock Adapter! Sale price $34.99

Save $10 on iFrogz Boost 2.0 Wireless Speaker System for iPod/iPhone Sale Price $29.99!

Classes in Manchester, NH


We are featuring some great classes this month in our Manchester NH retail store, to sign up for any of the classes below please visit our website or call 800.511.6227!

iPad Basics
New to iPad and iOS? Never used a computer before? Our iPad Basics class is designed strictly for beginners.

Mac OS X Basics
New to Mac OS X? This class introduces users to the basic functions and setup to lay the foundation to become a proficient Mac user.

Introducing Mountain Lion!
Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 Overview discusses ten of the top, key features of Mountain Lion.