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#159: Best in Showroom | November 2012


SB Crew Is It Again!
By Jonny Wanser, Assistant Store Manager, S. Burlington

What up pups — is it almost winter? Well you all know what that means…time to get intimate with our electronics! Apple most certainly knows this too, which is why they save all the good stuff for the end of the year! Besides giving us the famous iPhone 5, they have an exciting new line up of iPods (and possibly more) on the way. This also means we all have a slew of new exciting accessories to pimp out your gear and make your friends go, “whaaattt?”

With all these new products, I’m sure you all have new questions. That’s why we have enlisted our new one-on-one lesson teacher, Nate, to guide you through your inquiries with ease. For those who need a more advanced or specialized lesson, we still have a solid team of consultants ready and willing to teach you just about anything you need to know or get done, whether it be here in our retail stores or at the comfort of your home. Otherwise, feel free to ask any of our highly knowledgable sales associates; they will be glad to help you with the task that has just been bugging you for the past few weeks.

Make sure you come on down before (or during) the holiday rush to play with all the new demos we have. See you on the floor!

iPhone 5
By Chris O'Connell, Sales Associate, S. Burlington

Just over a month ago, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5. I was fortunate enough to receive mine on launch day‚ and trust me when I say: believe the hype. This truly is the best phone Apple has created. Between the new 4 inch sRGB display, A6 processor and unibody structure, the iPhone 5 is beautiful, functional, and powerful.

After a month with the phone with me every minute of the day, I’m glad I made the switch. It’s only marginally taller than the iPhone 4 I upgraded from, but the extra half inch gives a much needed screen real-estate boost for browsing the web and reading content. The A6 is mind-blowing, apps open instantly, and multitasking is effortless. Let’s not forget about the improved camera. It will make taking photos of your meal at that new dimly lit restaurant look much more clear and crisp on Instagram!

The phone itself feels almost unreal. After holding an iPhone 5, it makes any other phone feel dull and dated in comparison. The unibody design and aluminum back give the iPhone an very distinct and gorgeous look and feel, while staking claim to the world’s slimmest smartphone. Apple’s biggest complaint so far, which I believe is something to be proud of, is that it’s too light!

If you are eligible for an AT&T upgrade, this is the phone to buy. Stop in today and place your order for the best iPhone yet. And although stock is extremely tight, we hope to see more through the holiday season.

Apple's Oct. 26th Announcement
By Nathan Poirier, Sales Associate, S. Burlington

At any given moment, the Apple Rumor Mill is grinding away, trying to predict what the highly secretive Apple Design Team is working on over in Cupertino. With rumor sites buzzing with activity, the wait finally came to a close on October 23rd during Apple’s media event. How accurate were the rumors? Let’s find out!

Rumor 1: iPad mini
Rumors have predicted a smaller iPad for months! Well, it would seem they were right! Apple released an iPad that is less than half the weight of the 3rd Generation iPad while continuing to deliver 10 hours of battery life, Siri, an HD FaceTime camera, and a 5 megapixel iSight camera!

BONUS: Apple ALSO announced a brand new 4th Generation iPad with drastically more powerful graphics and processing power that I didn’t see a single rumor about before the actual announcement! They’ve still got it.

Rumor 2: iMac
Many have predicted a completely redesigned iMac that would be thinner as well as having the usual benefits that come with an update such as a faster CPU and graphics card. Again, they were right! Apple’s new iMac shaves off almost 40% of its volume and 30-40% of its weight, all while adding an amazingly thin new display and an Apple-created drive technology called Fusion to deliver both incredible speed as well as massive storage.

Rumor 3: 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
The recently released 15-in MacBook Pro gave rumor sites a lot to talk about, as it seemed natural that Apple would eventually follow suit with a 13-inch sibling. Well, following a recipe that Apple so magnificently crafted, the time has come for it!

With a screen that delivers double the resolution and a design that shaves off 20% in weight and thickness, all while maintaining the power expected of the MacBook Pro line, Apple has created a real winner here! We have received stock, and a demo has hit the floor, swing by and check it out.

All in all, Apple delivered a truly astonishing product announcement that refreshes, and to a degree, even redefines, some of the products across their entire lineup in a way that I haven’t seen in years!

Amazingly, the Rumor Mill even got most of their predictions almost right on the mark, but now that Apple has made all of these official, I don’t just want to read about them, I want to USE them!

MacBook Air, "You've Come a Long Way, Baby"
By Austin Smith, Sales Associate, S. Burlington

The MacBook Air was first introduced to the Apple notebook lineup in early 2008. It was underpowered and overpriced. Four years have passed and the MacBook Air now stands as the best choice for most consumers looking for a new laptop.

At first glance, both the 13” and 11” models are incredibly thin and super portable. The weight is not an issue for students slipping this computer into a backpack, because it weighs less than most textbooks. Under the aluminum unibody enclosure are Intel’s i5 or i7 processors, depending on your model. These processors working in conjunction with OS X Mountain Lion allow for a snappy and seamless user experience.

One concern about the computer is the lack of an optical drive. The need for CDs and DVDs is diminishing with the availability of online movie steaming and digital app downloads. This does not mean that you will never be able to access content on discs. You can purchase an external SuperDrive, or if you have a friend with a MacBook Pro, you can remotely access their optical drive. Both users need to be connected to the same wireless network and the CD/DVD sharing option must be enabled in system preferences.

The MacBook Air uses a solid state drive rather than a hard disk drive. This means files are now stored using flash based memory rather than magnetic discs and movable heads in traditional hard drives. For the user, this means faster startup and shutdown times, faster application launch times, and better battery life.

They run silently which allowed Apple to introduce Power Nap. This feature allows updates to occur automatically when the computer is in sleep mode. The capacity of these drives may be smaller than you currently own, so make sure to pay attention to the number of gigabytes you are currently using and allow for a bit of room to grow.


One-on-One Lessons

We’ve begun to offer one-on-one lessons in South Burlington.

For the month of November, our lessons are $39.99 for an hour with one of our well-trained associates.

To book a lesson, swing through the store or give us a ring.

Lessons are scheduled M-F from 11am – 5pm.

They are a perfect way to learn how to use your fun new Apple device!

Product of the Month | 11.12

Life Proof for iPad

Life Proof! That’s right — the same awesome protection you expect for your iPhone is now available for your iPad.

Waterproof, dust proof, and offering drop protection, this will keep your iPad safe from the storm.

We’ve also got a demo for you to check out, so come by the S. Burlington store to see!

Coupon Special | 11.12

iPhone 5 Case: Speck Candy Shell

Check it out — one of the most popular Speck cases has been resized to fit the all-new iPhone 5.

We’ve got plenty in stock and for the month of November, we’ll be offering $5 off the case.

Just mention that you saw it in Best in Showroom!

Specials | 11.12

Many of us know the importance of AppleCare. For those who don’t, it’s an amazing product that offers phone support from Apple as well as hardware coverage on your product.

And now it gets better for iPads —

Apple introduced AppleCare+ which is the same great hardware and phone support, but also allows for two accidental damages with only a $49 deductible!

We’re offering two great bundles with AppleCare this month:

Portables (Laptops):

Buy any new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with AppleCare and receive a FREE Hammerhead Neoprene Case (up to a $30 value)


Buy any New iPad (2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, mini, 4th Gen) and AppleCare+, and receive a FREE hammerhead Pen Stylus.

Just mention that you saw it in Best in Showroom!

Look for a special issue mid-month highlighting our exciting holiday specials as well!