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#161: Best in Showroom | January 2013


Winter is Here!
By Emily Dolloff, Waitsfield Retail Manager

Winter in Waitsfield

Winter finally arrived here in Vermont! Snow is a welcomed site amongst all the twigs and dead grass of fall. It’s time to dust off those sleds, grind a few turns down the mountainside or fire up those snowmobiles that sat all last winter!

No matter how you choose to take in the snow, remember, it doesn’t last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. My family does not ski; however, we do enjoy a number of outdoor winter activities such as sledding and snow shoeing, two activities that last year left our sleds and snowshoes more covered in dust than in snow!

January is a month of new beginnings it seems, and it’s the perfect time to take the advantage of our consulting and lesson services. Did you receive a new computer, iPad or iPhone but are wishing you knew more about it? One-on-one lessons or consults are often the best way to get a solid footing and understanding of how that new device works.

We often find that if customers feel overwhelmed with a device, they can develop a regret in the purchase and no one wants that. All of our retail locations offer one-on-one lessons and consulting services, and often times we can help you in our store the same day!

Don’t delay getting the most out of that new device. Happy New Year!


Odds and Ends
By Christopher Barosky, Sales Associate, Waitsfield

We bet a number of you have received tech gifts or given tech gifts for the holidays. As ever, I want our customers to be empowered with knowledge of how to love and care for their devices, and to foster a long and successful lifespan of the products we sell every day.

Charge ‘er up all the way, then unplug.
The best thing you can do for battery longevity is to charge and discharge your battery regularly. Keeping a device plugged in all the time will run too much unused current through the cells and ends up decreasing battery life substantially.

Don’t be afraid to clean that screen.
All it takes is a soft cloth, such as a microfiber, and streak-free cleaning solution. Just avoid using Windex or other abrasives. We recommend the aptly-named AppleJuce device spray cleaner. Smells good and oh, we sell it too!

Mind your cables.
The AC adapter is one of the most tossed around piece of equipment you own. It is also probably the most under-appreciated. I find most people don’t realize how important it is until their dog chews one up or their kid plays Indiana Jones with it. Keep the cord protected and, when traveling, don’t wrap it up too aggressively or else the internal wiring will suffer stresses, particularly at the power block (also yes, it’s normal for that white block with the Apple logo to get quite warm).

As Emily mentioned, we offer affordable one-on-one lessons in our stores and I happen to be one if the folks here in Waitsfield who teaches them. If you need any suggestions for keeping your device happy and healthy just stop by the store or schedule a lesson for a more comprehensive look into your digital life. We’re here for you, especially now that you have an electronic present or two!

Everything's Coming Up Retina!
By Emily Leibowitz, Sales Associate, Waitsfield

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t get the question “What is the Retina Display?” Of course, it’s higher resolution, meaning more pixels per square inch, but what does that really mean? How does that affect my day-to-day experience?

Right now, Small Dog has a multitude of options for iPads out there, and it can be quite confusing spotting the differences and figuring out whether spending a little extra cash will be worth it for you. This is the question I try to answer for anyone who calls or walks through our door, since it’s a common one.

The Retina display made its first debut with the iPad (3rd generation), which was released March 16th, 2012. Fast forward six months later to the announcement of the 4th generation (and current) iPad on October 23rd, 2012, which naturally also has the Retina display. Apple has also released the iPad mini, a smaller, lighter iPad that does not have a Retina display, but does that matter?

The mini boasts the same resolution as the iPad 2, but because the screen size is smaller, and therefore the pixels denser, you’ll find it to be sharper. The iPad mini display has smaller pixels than the same resolution on the iPad 2, resulting in a higher pixel density.

But still, why Retina? In the simplest of terms, having a retina display means you are not able to distinguish the pixels, which does make it easier on the eyes when reading content and enjoying your cinema experience to the max.

So now that you know the difference between Retina and standard displays on the iPad, you might still be asking yourself which one is for you. This is the million dollar question — both devices have a long list of advantages, and sometimes the best way to determine what features are most important to you is to stop by one of our stores and experience the devices in person.

Our knowledgeable staff can help determine which features and advantages will get you the most for your money and uses!


New Stuff from Hammerhead

Bluetooth Chill Pill speakers

Hammerhead Bubble Free Screen Protectors for iPad mini

Hammerhead Bubble Free Screen Protectors for iPhone 5

Hammerhead Bumper for iPhone 5

One-on-One Lessons

One-on-One Lessons
We’ve begun to offer one-on-one lessons in South Burlington.

For the month of November, our lessons are $39.99 for an hour with one of our well-trained associates.

To book a lesson, swing through the store or give us a ring.

Lessons are scheduled M-F from 11am – 5pm.

They are a perfect way to learn how to use your fun new Apple device!


LaCie Rugged 500GB 5400RPM 3.0 Triple Interface Portable Hard Drive

Altec Lansing BXR1321 2.1 Speaker System

Scosche Noise Isolation Earbuds w/slideLINE Remote and Mic