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#163: Best in Showroom | March 2013


Hey Everybody!

This is Mike (prime) from the Manchester store. I call myself that because I was here before all the other Mike B’s were hired in the company. I was one of the original crew members when we first opened the store, and I would like to get a little nostalgic with you all. When we first opened, there was no such thing as an iPad 2. Steve Jobs was still the CEO of Apple, and Apple was just closing out one of the most ambitious years in their history. We had five full-timers and two part-timers running around the floor. It was a busy time, and we were really excited to get the store open. What a difference two+ years makes!

The store has changed a bit, a lot of the people that opened the store are now on to other places. The store looks different than it did in the beginning. There are new products and two-and-a-half years of stories to share. We also have a great Facebook page all our own for anyone to ‘Like.’ Change can be a good thing and it’s getting better all the time.

Looking forward (because you have to do that if you look back), this year is going to be a good year for Small Dog in Manchester and Apple. We are getting another store in Rutland, VT to help spread the great news about Small Dog to more people. There is also a lot of great stuff coming out of the Hammerhead division of Small Dog and we love getting those products in the store for people to try out. So come on over and ask us what we love about our store; it would be great to see you!

Mike Bagtaz, Manchester Assistant Store Manager

Palace Theatre Sponsorship
By Mike Bagtaz

This year we had an excellent opportunity to work with and sponsor the Palace Theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire! This great partnership allowed us to do amazing things in the community, especially for some local non-profits.

CASA, Strides Against Breast Cancer, Girls Inc., the YMCA, and Learn to Read were able to raise funds for their program and enjoy some really great performances. This sponsorship really clicked with one of Small Dog’s triple bottom line cornerstones: People.

The connection we now have with these groups and with Palace can help many people across the state of New Hampshire and make a positive impact in the community on many different levels. We are very excited to see what is in store next season!

Check out the Palace Theatre’s website here.

Monster Headphones: Great Sound, Great Buy
By Shawn Mahoney

Recently, Monster, the brand you all know for great cables, came out with a new line of headphones. Monster’s headphones are a great buy for people looking to take their listening experience to a new level.

Originally, Monster was producing the popular line Beats by Dre. After a sudden split from Beats, Monster came back with a whole new line of headphones that pack a punch and look good, too.

One of these is INSPIRATION, the top of the line Over-Ear headphones. All of the great features include: high definition sound, active noise canceling, continuous play, interchangeable headbands, a tailored fit and quick controls.

Active noise canceling gets you great sound without sacrificing your music. Using a dual microphone system, the headphones will capture multiple types of external noise. The headphones require 2 AAA batteries to use this feature, but it’s definitely worth it to take full advantage.

INSPIRATION also includes interchangeable headbands. This feature is a great way to personalize the headphones to match your style. They come in a variety of colors and materials to make your own. There are also limited edition colors available to get a truly unique look.

Quick Controls are different cables and controls made to give you the best control over your device based upon what it is. There is ControlTalk for Apple, ControlTalk Universal for Android and other devices, and StraightAudio for music. Continuous Play allows you to use the headphones even if the batteries for the Active Noise Cancelation have run dry.

Come in to our South Burlington, VT or Manchester, NH stores to give these bad boys a listen and you won’t be disappointed!

Hammerhead Folio for iPad mini
By Mike Bagtaz

When we got the iPad mini in-store, it was a great time. Granted, it is a very cool product and definitely a great source of conversation. The best part about getting a new Apple product is that soon, we know that new accessories will be coming in.

The iPad mini Hammerhead Folio Case is a great accessory for any iPad mini user. It is stylish in three different polyurethane leather colors (Red, Black and Suede Gray) and a Black Genuine Leather case as well. It is lightweight, very usable and offers protection for your new device.

Also, for the month of March, if you buy the Folio case, you will get a Hammerhead Stylus and Screen protector for free. Keep looking out for more Hammerhead accessories in-store!


Product of the Month

13-inch MacBook (Early 2009)
Used MacBooks starting at $599

Announcing: Dr. Small Dog

We’re excited to announce our new “Dr. Small Dog” campaign which will be launching for our customers local to the New England area.

Do you have a computer issue but don’t love the idea of braving the mall to bring it in? Is there a network problem where being onsite is crucial?

Or, do you just want to wear your PJs without the judgement of being in public? We want to come to you, just as doctors would make house calls when someone was sick.

Have questions about what we offer? Click here.

Want to schedule an appointment? Click here.

The doctor is in!

March Specials | 03.13

Urbanears $10 off

Marshall Headphones $10 off

iPod touch cases $5 off

Free While supplies last

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