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#169: Best in Showroom | September 2013


Best in Show: Mac to School Edition
By Jonny Wanser

Hey, so you got into school and you’re ready to start your academic career?
In order to make the best of your education, you’re gonna absolutely need some new tools to prosper. Make sure after you’re done debating with your new dorm mate which shelf in the mini fridge is yours to stop by your local Apple Reseller to save some major $$$.

Computers can be totally lame and break outta nowhere sometimes. Let me tell you, being without your machine is terrible because you’re gonna have tons of deadlines to meet and have no computer to meet them. Cover yourself and save yourself some stress and $$$ by getting the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Prices are typically $249 to $349 for laptops, but right now we’ll hook you up with a sweet $100 gift card that you can spend towards the store! If anything starts going crazy with your computer, bring it to your boys (and girls!!!) at Small Dog because guess what — we honor AppleCare.

Now chances are you’re totally gonna need Microsoft Word. That’s cool because we have it on sale for $94.99 right now, so why not use that gift card we just bestowed on you?

What about a case? Don’t bang up that nice aluminum finish man — get yourself an Incase sleeve since they’re all $10 off!

Need some headphones for those painful, early morning walks to class where you just don’t want to talk to anyone? All of our Urbanears are Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off (equal or lesser value), so why not pick some up for your dorm mate as well! (Now you can zone out those loud suite mates who don’t have class the next morning but can’t respect that YOU do…)

Also, our boys at Twelve South have some awesome stuff to deck out your Apple stuff with — sweet aluminum stands and cases that look like books. All $10 off until the 15th!

Don’t trust THAT one suite mate and his friends around your things? Grab a Kensington Lock (starting at 33.99) for that computer and chain it to your desk!

And of course, make sure you’re backing up all of those papers (just in case someone happens to spill a liquid beverage on all of your hard work). External hard drives are really cheap these days, and we have sweet 500GB ones as small as your iPhone starting at $79.99.

Also, our service department will do it for you for $50 with a purchase of a new hard drive. Leave it for us tech nerds to do!

Don’t forget, we have your back with any computer needs this semester, whether you need some more RAM for that slow computer, need a printer for those professors who don’t believe in email or need some sweet speakers to blast those YouTube playlists you’ve made to your friends. Have an awesome year, and we’ll be right down the street when you need us!

Thanks for reading!


Griffin Catalyst Case
By Veronica Kovacs

Griffin is one of those brands that I trust my Apple devices with. They just know how to make good products. So when Griffin and Catalyst developed a waterproof survivor case, I had to buy it. And after taking a vacation to the beach, I’m glad I did.

The first thing I noticed about the case was how cool it looked. A clear, sleek case that definitely looked like it was rugged enough to handle my klutzy hands. I tested the case prior to submersing it with my phone and it was completely waterproof. The built-in screen protector on the case lays nice and flat on the phone so you don’t get that weird “rainbow bubble” like you would with other cases that have built-in screen protectors. 

Aesthetically, the case is very cool looking. Functionally, you can submerse it in water (up to 9ft), which is cool for taking underwater pictures and videos. This case is great for swimmers, poolside loungers, hikers, snowboarders, or anyone who wants the all-around protection for their phone. 

Rumor Mill: New iPhone With Biometrics
By Nick Regan

Many rumors have been spreading around the web about what the new iPhone will bring us, although most of these rumors haven’t been confirmed or are all based on speculation.

With that said, one stood out to me in particular. According to Mayor Bloomberg’s office, the next iPhone will come with a fingerprint (or biometric) sensor built into it. You might be asking yourself, why would the Mayor of New York City would make such a speculation in the first place on the iPhone?

Interestingly enough, the mayor has been concerned with the ever-growing iPhone theft problem growing in his city, which accounted for 3,890 incidents in 2012. Biometric locks on these new iPhones would vastly improve the security of the devices and hopefully lower the incentive to steal an iPhone.

Rumor Mill: The 'iPhone 5C'
By Kyle Boisvert

The latest and brightest design in the Apple rumor mill is a phone with comparable features to the iPhone 5, but a cheaper design — the iPhone “5C.”

The rumored 5C is said to be a cheaper design with a plastic back available in five new pastel colors — perhaps coordinated to match the new iOS 7 color scheme? Featured colors would possibly be a white, blue, yellow, green, and coral. (Again, not verified nor sanctioned by Apple!)

As we all eagerly await the new iPhone, this particular design might bring an entirely new market to the Apple world. In recent history, Apple hasn’t made this kind of effort to bring their standard of technology to a lower income market. This does, however raise the question, is Apple slowing down their pattern of innovation or possibly taking a lateral step in the technological game?

Time will tell! Stay tuned to our Barkings! blog in the coming weeks for new product news, as well as our Twitter feed for any live coverage!


Store Specials | September '13

Monthly Specials — Valid the entire month of September (while supplies last):

urban ears
Buy 1, get a 2nd pair 50% off your choice of Headphones/Earphones.
(2nd pair must be of equal or lesser value)

twelve south
Twelve South
$10 off all Twelve South Products

$10 off all Incase Products


Go Mac to School

Mac to School is still going strong! Don’t forget, we have $50 and $100 gift card specials when you buy an iPad and AppleCare+ and Mac and AppleCare, respectively. Get those and the rest of our last-minute deals until September 15th!

Check out everything here:

Recycle Your eWaste for FREE: September 21


Come join us for our Annual eWaste Recycling Event in Rutland, VT. We’ll be collecting all manner of electronic waste (well, maybe not all, so see the list of accepted materials here.) on Saturday, September 21st from 9am – 2pm.

If you’re unsure of what ewaste is, then listen up. As you may know, we use a lot of electronics in our daily lives, and unfortunately, many of them contain hazardous materials such as mercury or lead. In the last few years, Apple has manufactured devices and machines free of toxic materials, but chances are, you may have older “electronic waste” around the house that you need to get rid of responsibly.

Come out and join us!

  • Saturday, September 21st, 2013 in Rutland, VT from 9AM to 2PM

Click here to read more about our annual eWaste Recycling Events.
Click here for more information about our 2013 events.

FREE iPad in Business Briefing: Coming to NH!

iPad in Biz

It’s getting closer! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re going to be hosting a free iPad in Business Briefing on Tuesday, September 17 from 9am – 12pm at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH — open to anyone interested in learning about how to use iPad in a business environment.

Topics will include integration, security, deployment, apps and of course, how using iOS and working with Small Dog Electronics can provide an ideal solution for your business.

Refreshments will be provided. And did we mention that it’s free??

Visit our Seminars page for more details and to sign up: