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#171: Best in Showroom | November 2013


November has something to be excited about!
By Emily Dolloff

Today is a big day for Apple fanatics — Apple’s latest iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina are now available! The iPad Air is thinner, lighter and faster, and the iPad mini with Retina features Apple’s incredible Retina display with a 2,048×1,536 resolution. It offers 326 pixels per inch compared to 163 in the first model.

Not only are the new line of iPads available for purchase, but new Retina MacBook Pro are in stock and new Mac Pros are on their way in December (according to Apple), And let’s not forget about Mavericks and iLife as well; Apple made a great day of announcements even better by making these FREE to most users (check your machines specifications to make sure you qualify) so feel free to upgrade away (just follow some tips below)!

My 8-year-old daughter decided early this summer she wanted an iPod touch or iPad mini, and last night she counted all of her money that she’s been saving. Sure enough, she has enough to get herself an iPad mini! This might be a bit extravagant of a purchase for an 8-year-old, but I figure if she kept on the mission this long she deserves it…and as a bonus, I don’t have to share mine anymore!

However, not everyone is able to take the time to slowly set aside money for large purchases (you know, with bills and all), so if you have your eye on the new iPad or Retina MacBook Pro, we now have special in-store financing back via GE Financial!

Throughout the next few months we will have several promotions available to allow you to give that extra special gift during the holidays (or just treat yourself to a long overdue upgrade)! I expect that we will have a very busy couple of months in our stores with all the new products Apple has just announced and the inevitable holiday rush.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Emily Dolloff

Notes on Mavericks ( A Cautionary Tale )
By Kali Hilke, Director of Marketing

Mac OS 10.9, Mavericks, was released recently, and surprise: it’s free! Let’s just start downloading, amiright? Well, sort of. Here are some things to consider before updating that Mac.

Take it from someone who was a littttle too excited to get ‘er done. I ran home to get started, and I violated the golden rule, “thou shalt always back up [before upgrading].” I’ll skip some of the gory details and say that ultimately, I dodged a bullet and ended up with all of my data intact, but it wasn’t a smooth ride. The Reader’s Digest version goes like this:

  • Girl selects “Update” (Note that it says “Update” rather than “Upgrade” from the App Store — another cue to your subconscious that it’s no big deal.)
  • Mavericks begins installing
  • Girl gets weird error toward the end and is given the option to go back and start again
  • Girl goes back, finds no option to back up or cancel, and starts process again
  • Install succeeds* but the prompts indicate that it is setting up a NEW USER account
  • Girl proceeds (there’s no going back now) and ends up starting fresh, only to find that Mavericks appears to have installed on her external backup instead** (at the very least, User #2 ends up installed on that drive)
  • After some sleuthing, girl finds that all of her original User data is still on her internal drive and is able to get Mavericks cleanly installed there
  • Girl has a few minor heart attacks and then begins using Mavericks happily

Obviously, the moral here is that all users may not be so lucky(?) and with any OS installation, proceed with caution and a good backup in your proverbial quiver. With that said, I LOVE IT so far, and it’s well worth the upgrade update.

For more Mavericks installation tips, including steps to take before the install, check out these articles:
via CNET
via Mashable

*I’m theorizing that the first install was thwarted by my iMac’s sleep settings — I let it go overnight.
**Not confirmed that it’s actually a boot volume. I’m no tech, but that just doesn’t seem likely…does it?

Order Online for In-store Pickup!
By Jim Overman

Did you know that any of the specials or sales that are listed on are also available in our retail locations?

We currently have some great specials listed, including the Brenthaven Collins Folio Case for the iPad mini (on sale now for $24.99), the Scosche StrikeDrive, a car charger for iOS devices with the new Lightning connector for just $14.99, and a full set of iPhone App Fridge Magnets at 50% off, making them just $6.99.

You can check out which products are on sale by looking at our Specials page, or by signing up for our RSS Feed.

You can even order right online and select for pick up in any of the Small Dog locations: South Burlington, Waitsfield, or Rutland, VT, Manchester, NH, and even our newest location, sunny Key West, FL!


Stay Tuned...

Later on this month we will be releasing a special edition of Best in Showroom, just in time for the holiday season to kick into gear.

Be sure to read about the financing we have in-store below, and we’ll have another specials-packed issue in about two weeks!

GE Financing

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new iPad Air? Jumping to get your hands on the new 15” MacBook with Retina Display?

Starting today, GE Financing is back, just in time for the holidays!

6 month offer
(no minimum purchase amount)

12 month offer
(purchases of $499+)

18 month offer
(purchases of $999+)

How to Apply
Come in to any of our retail locations:
Manchester, NH
Waitsfield, VT
S. Burlington, VT
Rutland, VT
Key West, FL

Any of our helpful associates can assist you with the application. It can take as little as five minutes to receive approval!

November Specials!

$10 off all-in stock Sennheiser Headphones


$5 off All iPad mini Cases and Sleeves

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$10 off Hammerhead Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

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