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#173: Best in Showroom | January 2014


Happy New Year!
By Emily Dolloff

It’s a brand new year and a brand new start! I wanted to take this time to reintroduce myself to our readers and customers. I have been around Small Dog for many years now — almost a decade in fact — and in that time, I have had the opportunity to work in several different departments around Small Dog (geez — where has all the time gone?!).

With the start of a new year comes a new role for me; I am proud to be the new leader of our incredible retail and service team at Small Dog. It comes with a lot of responsibility, but more importantly, it now gives me the opportunity to travel to almost all of our retail locations and work with staff and customers alike — something I was not able to do easily in the past. Many leaders speak about how they wish they had more opportunity to get back to their roots and remember how they have grown to the person they have now become, so I am thankful to be able to continue to do the work I’m familiar with in a different capacity.

I know that lots of customers think of Small Dog as the go-to place for everything Apple, but we don’t stop there! We are a true full service shop, and offer a variety of services from in store lessons, on site consulting services and business solutions.

Whether you’re looking for help with a new computer or iPad you got for Christmas, or are looking to upgrade equipment in your office, we’ve got you covered!

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year!

Emily Dolloff

Mac Pro Now Available for Purchase
By Taylor Amon

It’s been talked about for years now, and it’s finally here. Mac Pro is totally redesigned from the inside out — and it is the most powerful Mac yet, starting at $2999.99. Available for purchase today, it’s easy to finance as part of your complete business solution, so give Rob a call to get started!

So what makes the Mac Pro special?

“Engineered around workstation graphics with dual GPUs, PCIe-based flash storage, high-performance Thunderbolt 2, new-generation Xeon processors, ultrafast memory, and support for 4K video, the new Mac Pro delivers state-of-the-art performance across the board.”

See the Mac Pro on our website and call Rob for pricing and availability.

Since the new Mac Pro became available for order December 19th, we have been eagerly waiting to get the chance to set one up in the store! While we still have to wait like everyone else right now, I have been searching around online and have found several reviews of the new machine. One of my favorite ones so far compares the machine to using the MacBook Pro Retina Display when it first came out. The article was written by Engadget, and they said that it felt “underutilized.”

“Without belaboring the point, this brings me to one of my few concerns about the Mac Pro, which is that right now, at least, most programs won’t fully harness its graphics capabilities.”

Engadget also focuses on the new cooling system included in the Mac Pro. They say by focusing the design around the cooling core that the machines chassis does not get very hot, even while stressing out the machine, and the only place they noticed it generating heat was right next to the cooling vents at the top.

“For lack of a better word, you’d have to provoke the machine to really be bothered by the heat: The warmest area is at the top of the chassis, and even then, you’d have to be sticking your hand near the vents to feel it.”

Seriously, I can’t wait until we have these in stock, and I have a chance to finally see the new dual graphics cards in action!

__We’ll keep you posted on our blog, Barkings!, regarding shipping dates, but some configurations currently show availability in February 2014.

Troubleshooting Network Problems
By Christopher Barosky

I own an 11” 2011 MacBook Air and have never had a single problem with it, which is happily the experience of most Apple owners. Recently, however, I’ve noticed fussiness with Wi-Fi.

See, technicians at Small Dog are tasked with not only repairing computers but also speaking on the phone with customers and potential customers who call into the support line. Most of us listen to music while we’re working but it’s hard to have a conversation with that background sound. I usually just pause Spotify (a streaming music service) when talking to customers and occasionally this pause can last up to a half hour. My device will then go to sleep because it’s on battery.

For the past couple months, when trying to pick up where I left off on a particular song, I’ve observed that it will continue playing what has been buffered then abruptly stop where the network connection timed out. I then have to wait several minutes for it to reconnect to our familiar repair network by turning off Wi-Fi for a moment then turning it back on. If this happened every once in a while I wouldn’t care at all but it became a consistent annoyance. As a technician, I was inclined to try all sorts of crazy troubleshooting techniques but discovered a far simpler solution, one that I would have recommended to a customer calling with the same issue:

System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced. Then select the Wi-Fi network normally used and click the “-” symbol to remove it from Preferred Networks. If it has a password, the next step is to open Keychain Access (in the Utilities folder), select the “login” keychain, order the list by Kind, and remove all AirPort network password types.

NOTE: Do not attempt this unless you know what your wireless router’s password is or unless you know how to manually reset it if necessary! We have no way of knowing what that is so if you attempt this process and cannot reconnect we won’t be able to assist you.

See Apple support for your first line of troubleshooting network problems.


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A Big...

To all our amazing customers who shopped Small Dog this holiday season! Because of you we were able to raise over $10,000 for VT, NH & FL non-profits. We can’t think of a better way to spread the cheer this holiday season, and we hope you feel the same way.