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#177: Best in Showroom | April 2014


Welcome Back, Small Dog Enthusiasts!
By Joseph Lattuca, Manager, Rutland, VT

Don’t be an April fool! Spring out of your winter blues and into your local Small Dog Electronics because spring is finally here! Spring fever is officially happening, and with it, comes the excitement of a new season and the promise of warmer weather ahead!

Shorts, sun tan lotion, BBQ grills — enough said. There is plenty more to be excited about than longer days, warmer weather and short pants. For many, graduation is right around the corner, and for the rest of you students, there is still summer break (which, by the way, is awesome, so kids, listen to your parents and don’t take it for granted).

Something else to get excited about here in Rutland VT — we will soon be celebrating our store’s 1-Year Anniversary! Stayed turned to our website and Facebook page for more details! May 4th marks the anniversary of our Grand Opening, and we can’t wait to have another reason to celebrate.

An immeasurable thank you must be given to the people of the Rutland community — without the support of our customers and community leaders over this past year, we would not be where we are today. The past year here in Rutland has been a very exciting time for all of us, and we look forward to being a part of this community for years to come. So come and visit us soon; we’d love to get to know you!

Outside of Rutland, there is also plenty of cause for celebration, spring and hot deals at Small Dog! Come on in to your local Small Dog Electronics and see the great deals on Urbanears, Speck Hard shell cases, Chill Box wireless speakers and more! Remember, we don’t just provide products, we provide solutions!

iPad 4: Don't Call it a Comeback!
By Emily Giddings, Sales Associate, Rutland, VT

Ding, dong, out with the 30-pin connector and in with the lightning connector! The iPad 4 has officially been reintroduced and replaces the iPad 2. The 4th Generation iPad was originally released in late 2012, and was promptly discontinued with the release of the iPad Air in late 2013.

Its A6X chip is faster and more efficient than the A5 chip in the iPad 2. The iPad 4 also has Apple’s famous Retina display. This is the same display that is used with the iPad Air. iPad 4 has a 5mp rear camera, the same high quality camera used with newer generation iPads.

The iPad 4 is available with both Wi-Fi only or WiFi & cellular capabilities — however, it’s only available in the base model size of 16GB. iPad 4 is now offered at $399.99, the same price as the iPad mini with Retina. With its high quality features, and excellent price point, it’s a great value for the budget-conscious shopper!

iOS 7.1
By Patrick McCormack, Assistant Manager, S. Burlington, VT

This past month, Apple released the iOS 7.1 update. The very first thing I noticed was how different the app transitions appeared with Reduce Motion activated. With iOS 7.1, there is more of a dissolving effect when launching or quitting an app, and less playfulness when scrolling. Secondly, my iPhone 5s has not crashed once since the update, and I had previously experienced a good deal of system crashes while multitasking.

Another detail that jumped out right away was the ‘end’ button while on a phone call. Like a few other commands on iOS 7, this used to be a rectangular strip along the bottom of the display. Now it is replaced with a simple, circular button in the very center. This may be a more precise way to end a call, and matches the size and shape of all the other Phone app commands.

The last, and possibly most appreciated new feature I will mention, is that Siri now allows you to hold-to-talk. Previously, you had to activate Siri, dictate your message, and hope she assumes correctly when you’re finished speaking. This became frustrating when you would dictate a longer text message or email, and pause mid-sentence. Siri would take that pause as a conclusion to your dictation, and move on. Now, all you have to do is hold down the home button, speak to Siri, and release the home button when you are finished speaking.

As we all know, iOS software requires fine tuning for optimal use. Overall, I was always happy with iOS 7, but with a few minor adjustments, its become a lot more useable.

To update, connect your device to iTunes and you’ll be prompted to go to iOS 7.1. Make sure to back up beforehand!

AppleCare: Because WE Care!
By Jamie Willis, Sales Associate, Rutland, VT

It happens regularly…technology breaks. Nothing is perfect, and in the age of constant change, that statement is truer than ever. It forces us to ask the age old question, “What is AppleCare and why do I want it?” Well, I can personally attest to the fact that AppleCare is a NECESSITY for anyone with an Apple product. To insure your computer is to ensure your future happiness with everything Apple. 

Apple’s product quality speaks for itself, but just like any piece of technology, regular wear and tear can (and will) take its toll at some point. One can understand the mindset of trying to save a few bucks, but what if I told you that it is actually in your benefit to purchase AppleCare? That’s right, folks — if you spend more money now, it’s extremely likely that you’ll save much more money later.

Most people know that AppleCare covers all parts and labor associated with your hardware issue. It also covers diagnostic fees and phone support fees with Apple that have been known to cost upwards of $100 without coverage. An extra benefit? Your Mac is covered should you travel outside of the US, something that the standard warranty does not.

So why do you want it? To ENsure a happy, and hassle-free future with your Apple product! AppleCare for your computer runs from $169.99 – $349.99 depending on your model and is available for purchase any time within the first year you own your Mac.


Get an Extra $100 Trade-In Credit

Have an old computer that’s just not working for you anymore? Don’t go crazy!

From 4/7 – 4/21, you’ll get an extra $100 in trade-in credit on your old Mac or PC when you purchase a new Mac! That’s right — you’ll receive at least $100 for your old computer, and in most cases, much more. Just bring your computer in, and we’ll get you a competitive trade-in value. See an associate for details!

Plus, if you buy any new Mac along with AppleCare (same invoice), we will transfer the data from your old Mac to your new one for FREE! There’s no need to stress, fret, or worry about how you’ll get all of your important documents and pictures to your brand new Mac.

*Transfer promo requires a working Mac with OS X 10.5+.

Another Member of the Small Dog Family!

Vincent Izzo joined us just last month, making him the latest addition to our S. Burlington team. Vincent has a passion for renewable resources, and takes extra steps to be mindful of his impact on the environment.

In his free time, he practices the art of fire spinning and enjoys table top RPGs (word on the street is he’s designing his own!). He’s also an active member of the Burlington art community, and runs a weekly cabaret night at various local venues.

With a strong background in retail, Vincent has a knack for problem solving, going the extra mile and does it all with a friendly and approachable demeanor. If you’re looking to discuss PC integration, fine arts, or fire spinning, stop by the South Burlington store and ask for Vincent!

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