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#185: Best in Showroom | January 2015


Happy New Year from all of us here at Small Dog Electronics!
By Joe Lytton, Store Manager, Key West

We hope all of you had a great holiday season with your family and friends.

The new year is here and with the holidays behind us we have been drooling over the cool and exciting products everyone received for Christmas…especially the new Apple product lineup including iPad Air 2, iMac 27in with 5K, and lots of awesome accessories. I am starting to feel the itch and it might be time to treat myself. Have you had the same feeling? If so we have you covered with some awesome deals going on like 6-18 month 0% interest financing which makes taking care of everyone in the family (cough…yourself…cough, cough) so much easier.

With Apple having so many new product releases it makes it very enticing to upgrade. Well here at Small Dog, we can help with that. Whether you want to upgrade your iPad or just want that new MacBook Pro with Retina Display that is just amazing, to say the least, then bring in your current model to any of our locations and see what yours is worth today. Out with the old… in with the new!

Bring in the new year with some exciting new Apple products and cool accessories from Small Dog Electronics!

Using your iPad as a Secondary Display
By Benjamin Bessett, Sales Associate, Waitsfield

Ever want to use your iPad as a secondary display for your Mac? Now you can using Duet. Duet allows you to mirror your iOS device or use it as an extended display! Download it from the App Store, install it on both your Mac (or PC) and your iOS device, and connect the two via USB and you are ready to go. Once linked you can use the touch screen as your mouse and use your iOS device as a secondary display for your Mac or PC!!

When running Duet, I was impressed in how smoothly it operated. I noticed no lag and with the ability to adjust frame rate and resolution, the result is a fairly seamless integration. One nice feature is the automatic adjustment in resolution whether in landscape or portrait view. You can switch the FPS (frames per second) between 60fps and 30fps. However, I noticed it ran perfectly at 60fps. Movies synchronize perfectly with the audio which is very cool. 

I am discovering that there are tons of apps out there that have similar functionality including iDisplay. This app allows you to use your iOS device as a display wirelessly, however, both the computer and device need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This can be beneficial for some applications but for those looking to keep their displays confidential and secure, Duet is certainly safer as it is wired and therefore is more secure and you don’t have to depend on a consistent signal.

All in all, Duet is great app and is definitely worth checking out!

Ring in the New Year with Urbanears
By Jamie Willis, Sales Associate, Rutland

What would 2015 be without music? Music, at least for me, is the driving force behind our days, nights, and, most importantly, our weekends! What better way to start the new year than with a fresh new pair of Urbanears headphones to make your music listening experience not only more personal but also more fun!

We have some fresh new colors in fresh new packaging for all of our Plattan, Medis, and Bagis headphones by Urbanears. We have a wide variety of sizes for any shaped ear out there. And, let me tell you, the price is WORTH IT! With our Medis brands selling for $49.99, you are getting earbuds that are formed to fit the contours of the natural human ear with, what customers are saying, the most comfortable and best sounding earbuds on the market.

I know you are all worried about whether or not your earbuds can answer phone calls directly from the headphones themselves. Well worry no more! All Urbanears products come with a microphone built in so that you can easily switch from listening to your music to answering a phone call with just the push of a button.

So stop on by Small Dog Electronics and jam out in the new year with your sleek new pair of Urbanears headphones!



Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive USB 3.0 – 1TB

ZAGG Keyboards For a Variety of iPads
Save $20.00

Speck StyleFolio Case for iPad Air, and iPad Air 2

Speck CandyShell for iPhone 6

Screen Protectors for iPhone 5, and iPhone 6
Save $10.00

Celebrate Diversity

After listening to one of Don’s favorite songs, Everyday People by Sly & Family Stone I realized, that I am everyday people… we all are! Here at Small Dog Electronics we celebrate diversity as a strength. Being different is what makes us unique. No color, race, religion, language, gender or sexual orientation separates us. We are truly all equal members of the human family.  

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all month long Small Dog Electronics celebrates diversity. Whether it is a new Mac, an iPod, service, accessory, lessons or a set of Beats headphones Small Dog Electronics is ready to be “always by your side”.  We have the latest and greatest in a wide range of Apple products and savings on select accessories like cases from Speck, Bodyguardz screen protectors, as well as Seagate Hard Drives. Sale starts Monday January 12th and runs through Saturday the 31st.

Won’t you join us in the celebration?