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#187: Best in Showroom | March Mayhem 2015


Hi from Burlington!
By Patrick McCormack, Store Manager, South Burlington

Hey Everyone,

Another busy month at the South Burlington store and we are another month closer to summer! What is this “summer” I speak of? I had almost forgotten too, but decided to Google image search Burlington in summertime just to remind myself that we will get out of the negative temperatures! 

The South Burlington location has been growing our annual 5-foot icicle off the side of our landmark tower. But this is the great state of Vermont, so a little cold isn’t scaring any Small Doggers. Meanwhile, inside our warm and cozy store, we’ve got an exciting new wave of Apple Certified Refurbished computers, and they have been flying out the door! There are a few available options in stock, starting at $999 for a 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display that features 128GB of storage. Compared to the current baseline 13” model with 128GB at $1299, this is a pretty sweet deal, especially considering the 1-year warranty from Apple that is included. There are a few other great deals featured in Stephen’s article below. Stretch your budget a little further with 12 month in-store financing. Learn more here.

Like I said before, we have been keeping busy here. As you all know, there is no bad time of year to upgrade your Mac. The latest iMac with Retina Display has been a huge hit, as well as the incredible iPad Air 2. I am embarrassed to admit that I was one of the last Small Doggers to buy an iPad, but ever since I did, not a day goes by that I don’t rely on it. If you are a bit reluctant to get your first iPad, make sure to visit one of our locations sometime. We love to answer your questions, and there are plenty of iPads here to play with. You can only learn so much by researching online or talking to friends, you really gotta get yours hands on the latest models and experience the simplicity of Apple’s tablet revolution! 

Look out, March Mayhem is here! We’re running some amazing promotions, and as usual, celebrating the melting snow with new iOS accessories, home automation tools, and all the latest Apple gear. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the remaining winter months. Make sure to empty your iPhoto trash, and have a nice day! 

Spotlight on Spotlight
By Emily Giddings, Sales Associate, Rutland

Have you upgraded to the latest OS X release yet? Have you experienced the all new look and feel of the smartest Apple OS to date? I’m here to tell you all about the new and improved Spotlight search in 10.10 Yosemite! Spotlight has been around for the last several operating systems, but it’s experienced a revitalization. By simply pressing Command-Spacebar on your keyboard, Spotlight will now appear front and center. Go ahead try it…cool right?! This allows you to quickly find that research paper you desperately need to turn in before 9AM, or that song you’ve been dying to hear again. Moreover, Spotlight will provide suggestions stemming from all the latest sources like Wikipedia, iTunes, Maps, etc. Spotlight will provide you with currency or unit conversions, so there is no longer a need to open Safari to see how many dollars you have in euros. Spotlight can open any of your Apps, and it learns what you tend to be looking for from your previous searches. 

If you haven’t upgraded yet, I highly suggest you do. Experience the excitement of the all new Yosemite, OS 10.10, available for free download in the App Store. As always, make sure to back up prior to upgrading, and if you have an older computer, check out the system requirements for Yosemite here.

Your Apple device on your TV
By Joe Lytton, Store Manager, Key West

AirPlay is what Apple calls their proprietary audio and video streaming technology. AirPlay audio and video can be sent from any modern iOS device, including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and as well as OS X on the Mac. Media controllers on iOS and in iTunes on the desktop allow only specific video or audio to be sent via AirPlay, while AirPlay mirroring on iOS and OS X allow the entire screen to be sent. Thanks to AirPlay mirroring, Anything from Facebook and Twitter to racing or fighting game can be sent to Apple TV and displayed on a big screen HDTV. Some apps also allow one or more iOS devices to serve as controllers for AirPlay games.

The video receiver portion of AirPlay currently only works with Apple TV as an end-point, but the audio receiver portion has been licensed out to a number of speaker and home entertainment gear manufacturers, and is supported by Apple’s own Airport Express base station.

Here at Small Dog Electronics, we use this feature every day to show customers exactly what they can do with their devices and I personally love using FaceTime with my grandson on my 60” TV…he looks life size.

Try this feature out and get an Apple TV at Small Dog Electronics.

Please click here for AirPlay compatible iOS devices.

Please click here for AirPlay compatible Macs.

Apple Refurbs are Back!
By Stephen Andrews, Store Manager, Waitsfield

It has been a while, but one of the best ways to get an Apple laptop is now available again at Small Dog! What’s a Refurbished Mac you ask? It is not a used Mac, but one that Apple can simply no longer sell as new. Before Apple makes a refurbished Mac available for sale, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure it is up to Apple’s tough quality standards. They back it with their standard one-year limited warranty. And you have the option of purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan for it.

So what is the trade off? There really isn’t one! While the refurbs typically have the previous year’s specifications, they are more than capable of handling anything that all but the most demanding of users throw at it. Small Dog is now carrying refurbished MacBook Pro with Retina and the MacBook Air. If the price of a Mac has ever scared you off, this is the way to go!

Turn your iPad into a Laptop
By Veronica Kovacs, Sales Associate, South Burlington

When shopping for a case for an iPad, two of the most common features people look for are protection and whether the case has a keyboard or not. Many people are replacing their laptops with tablets as their main portable device, making keyboard cases popular. In the past, people who preferred a case with a keyboard gave up the option to have a very protective case. Then Zagg manufactured the Rugged Book, a rugged case that also has a keyboard. The case feels sturdy and is made out of polycarbonate, silicone rubber, and stainless steel. The case opens and closes with a clam shell hinge, making it look and feel like a laptop. The keyboard is backlit and the keys are well spaced. The keyboard has a rechargeable battery that has an average two year charge, meaning you will probably upgrade your iPad before you ever charge your case. Another cool feature of the Rugged Book is the fact that the iPad can be detached from the keyboard, without taking it out of the case. This feature allows for multifunction viewing modes. The Rugged Book is already available for the iPad Air, all iPad mini models, and more recently, the new iPad Air 2.

Socialize With Us!
By Rachel Narkewicz, Marketing Assistant, Waitsfield

Consider becoming a friend (you already are in real life so why not online?). We are starting to offer some fantastic deals exclusively on Facebook so it might be worthwhile and it is another way to stay in touch with Small Dog Electronics. Click the icon below and “like us” “follow” “tweet” or “retweet” #hellosmalldog


The Return of a Familiar Face in our Rutland store!

Meet Zach
Rutland, VT store

I’d like to take a moment to formally introduce one of the four staff members of our Rutland Store Zach Andrulat. Zach was one of the original members of the Rutland Store in 2013 when we first opened that store and, after leaving for 13 months, decided to return to the Small Dog Team in January 2015. Originally a native of Wethersfield, CT Zach and his family moved to Rutland, VT where he attended Mill River Union High School in addition to Stafford Technical Center’s now dissolved Computer Technology Program where he gained most of his computer knowledge. Zach is very knowledgeable about the Apple products and apps and is committed to helping customers find the best products to fit in with their every day lives. His activities include working out and training, spending time with friends, and family. Next you’re in, be sure to say “Hi, and welcome back!”

Tech Talk 101 Series: Pages Basics

Join us Wednesday, March 11th from 7 to 8pm for “Pages Basics – Word Processing for the Rest of Us” the next installment in our free Tech Talk 101 Series. Held in our South Burlington, VT store, these easy-to-follow courses will cover a variety of topics and are designed to help you make the most of your Mac and other devices!

Nathan Poirier (Instructor, Apple Certified Professional, and outdoor enthusiast) will present an overview of how to use Pages for Mac and demonstrate its features during the hour-long session with ample time for questions at the end.

Click on the link below for a full overview and to register. Registration will open Thursday March 5th at 7pm. Please note that there are limited tickets available and have been selling out very quickly.

Contact us with any questions via the Eventbrite page.

Register for the event by clicking here at 7pm on March 5th. Enter your first and last name as well as your email address!


March is a time of St. Pat’s shenanigans, basketball, and spring fever (can you hear the birds chirping?). Small Dog Electronics is celebrating the mayhem all month long with specials on monitors, speakers, fitness trackers, backup batteries, cases, headphones and much more, both in-store and online!
Stop in Friday March 13 to Tuesday March 17 for some non-advertised specials and test your leprechaun skills…find a clover and receive an additional discount on special items.

Friday, March 6 – Tuesday, March 17

iLoud Wireless Speaker
Save $100

Hammerhead Jacket for iPhone 5/5s
Buy one, get one free

Hammerhead Folio Case for iPad mini & iPad Air
Save $10

Wednesday, March 18 – Tuesday, March 31

Misfit Shine Fitness & Sleep Monitor
Save $30

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight
Save $20

Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5/5S – Battery Case w/ 16GB Built-in Memory
Save $50