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#189: Best in Show | May 2015


Welcome Spring!
By Stephen Andrews, Store Manager, Waitsfield

Welcome Spring! (Is it safe to finally say that in Vermont?) In the Mad River Valley that means moving from skis to bikes and from shovels to rakes. At Small Dog it means “Bundle Season” as we have put together a few great offerings to take care of your upcoming High School or College graduate and to surprise Mom with something new. We’re putting a unique twist on our Mac bundle this time by offering a free 30 minute in-store consult with the purchase of any new or refurbished computer. New to Apple or just need a refresher? This is a great way to hit the ground running with your new machine. Seasoned user? Find out what you don’t know about your favorite applications. There is always something new to learn, so let the experts at Small Dog help you out! Interested in a new iPad? Keep reading to find out the deal we’ve put together on the world’s most popular tablet!

Don’t forget to stop by Small Dog Electronics for great gifts for the grad on your list!

Stephen Andrews

The new MacBook is here!
By Joe Lytton, Store Manager, Key West

Here at Small Dog Electronics we are excited to present Apple’s newest addition to the family which just happened to launch the same month as our 20th Anniversary. The new MacBook is a marvel of engineering. It’s beautiful, and far more functional than a computer this size would seem to be.

The latest crazy-thin Apple computer is a super lightweight 12-inch laptop with an incredible high-res display. It is so tiny you could practically stuff it into a large purse…so thin that it required Apple to create an entirely new type of ultra-shallow keyboard and touchpad so you can actually use it for minimalist that it only includes a single I/O port, a do it all USB-C port that’s clearly the future.

Gorgeous! There’s no other word. Even if you’re getting a little burnt out on wedge-shaped aluminum laptops, the new MacBook has a charm that’s impossible to deny. Part of that is due to just how small and light this computer really is; it makes the 13-inch MacBook Air look positively chunky by comparison. At just two pounds, I can easily lift it with a single hand. The keyboard is the same width, the screen just a little bit smaller, but the frame is dramatically reduced in every direction. It comes in 3 color choices-Gold, Silver and my favorite Space Gray.

And what a screen. It’s a 2304 × 1440 super-high res Retina display, as crisp, clear, and colorful as any laptop display I’ve ever seen. Perhaps even better. It looks like a giant iPad, to the point where I was almost disappointed when I poked at the panel and discovered it wasn’t touch sensitive. But like the iPad-and unlike most super high-res laptops-this machine’s light enough that I feel comfortable lifting it up to eye level to see fine details in HD movies and DSLR photographs. (Yeah, I’m a pixel peeper.)

But the screen isn’t the only reason that watching movies on the MacBook is a treat-this laptop has unheard of sound quality for a laptop anywhere near this size. I fired up Pandora, and my jaw dropped when I realized just how wide a soundstage this little laptop can produce.

It starts at only $1299 for the base version, and you get 8GB of RAM and 256GB of speedy solid state storage for the money.

How do you know if the Macbook is the right computer for you?

Well, I feel this computer will appeal to all users. Some just want the newest technology, some will use it everyday, some will use it for travel and work, and some will try to use it for high-end use and, as I have been impressed with its power, it might just do it.

Know Someone Who is Graduating?
By Bronson Harvey

The time has finally come for all those hard working college students in your life to take not only their last final exam, but also their last stroll through campus. With college graduation right around the corner, thousands of our beloved college residents will begin their life out in the “real world.” While some college grads will remain here in Vermont to contribute to our growing economy, others will take their success elsewhere. Either way, all of our Vermont grads will continue to better their life and the lives of those who surround them. At any given point we know that there are tools which will aid in one’s success. According to Grad to Great, empowering college grads with tools and information is a crucial step when it comes to pursuing a fulfilling career path. That is what we are here for. Small Dog wants to help your college grad succeed by providing you with the latest technology.

We understand the importance of reliable communication in todays business world, and there is no better or more simple way to communicate than using the iPad. The iPad delivers many of the same features as a MacBook, but in a compact, light, and convenient manner. We typically see hesitation when it comes to replacing their computer with an iPad, but with today’s list of compatible accessories such as bluetooth keyboards, styluses, drawing pads, small business applications, research applications, and even musical peripherals such as a keyboard, guitar, etc. one can use the iPad for just about anything. It is also important to note that the iPad is compatible with all cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and even Microsoft’s SkyDrive. The iPad has been listed as one of the top ten items to purchase for college grads. Sure there is a lot of research and studies as to why everyone is recommending the iPad for college grads, but in plain and simple terms college grads no longer need the computing power of a personal computer. Graduates instead need something that can keep them connected with their family and friends while at the same time allow them to be productive and professional in a work environment.

Come into one of our stores and speak with a sales associate to see why an iPad is right for your college graduate. We can design a solution for someone in any particular field of research or business.


Tech Talk 101

We are excited to announce the next edition of our world famous Tech Talk 101 series. Michael Scott Duplessis (Apple Certified Support Professional, Technical Coordinator, and Tetris afficionado) is hosting once again this month and will be talking about Email, Calendars, and Contacts: How They Sync and Best Practices.

Topics will include:

  • Setting up email on your device
  • IMAP, POP, SMTP, CalDAV, CardDAV: What DO all these acronyms mean?
  • Effectively managing and syncing your contacts
  • Creating and sharing calendars
  • Plus much more!

This FREE event will take place on Wednesday May 27th at 7pm. This event is limited to just 30 attendees and has been filling up quickly. You can sign up starting Thursday May 21st at 7 PM by clicking this link.

Great Gifts for the Grad or Mom on your list!

May is a big month! It’s spring, Mother’s Day is just a few days away and many college seniors will be throwing their caps in just a few short weeks! We want to make sure that you get the perfect gift for both the mom and the grad on your list this year. Stop by any of our Small Dog locations in Vermont or Key West and grab some great deals!

From now until May 18th, buy any new or refurbished Mac and get a FREE 30 minute in store lesson. No matter your skill level, from beginner to advanced, we can help you to learn everything from Mac basics to more advanced lessons on Keychain management, syncing multiple devices, or just about anything else you are looking for assistance with.

Not sure if your Mom or grad needs a new computer? Then the iPad is a perfect gift! From now until May 30th, by any new iPad and get a free case, screen protector, and stylus. We will make sure you leave the store with everything that special someone on your list needs to keep their new iPad looking like new.

Small Dog is pleased to be partnering with RETN for this one-of-a-kind, FREE event. RETN instructors Ross Ransom and Doug Dunbebin will guide you through the essential features of iMovie 10 in this hands-on workshop. With ample time for practice and questions, you will be walking away from this course with the skills to turn your photos and videos into finished professional-level movies.

Time: 9am – 12pm

Date: Wednesday, June 10th

Location: Black Box Theatre, Main Street Landing 60 Main Street Burlington, VT

Cost: FREE

Register Here!