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#190: Best in Showroom | Hello from Key West, Dads and Grads, Better Selfies, Personal Cloud


Hello from Sunny Key West
By Joe Lytton, Store Manager, Key West

We have enjoyed our tourist season here with everyone from all over (including Vermont) as they have come down to warm up and enjoy the beautiful Florida Keys, but now everyone is heading home to enjoy a very late Spring. As we transition from Mother’s Day to Dads and Grads here at Small Dog, we will be offering not only some sweet computer and iPad bundles, but also amazing savings on some of our best accessories.

We are also very excited here at Small Dog Electronics now to offer Safeware Damage Insurance just in time for our Dads and Grads promotion. Until now, we only offered this type of protection included with AppleCare+ protection on our iPads and iPods.

Safeware understands that customers need damage coverage on their computers as well and have teamed up with us here at Small Dog. Don’t let broken or damaged computers shut you down anymore! Here at Small Dog Electronics, you just purchase your computer of choice along with AppleCare and we will offer you Safeware Accidental Damage Coverage for the same 3 years at a super low price of only $99!

This protection will provide you with all the confidence to use your computers more freely and do more in life without the worry. Safeware provides comprehensive protection and dependable customer support. Our customers know that when they have a claim, we are here to handle everything. Safeware lets you enjoy your computers, not just have them. Providing confidence is why they’re in the protection business. We think our customers deserve to have the peace of mind to use their computers the way they want to. Just purchase the protection at the time of purchase along with Applecare and let us here at Small Dog take care of the rest. Safeware covers all damage that would not be covered by Applecare. See the terms and details here.

Check us out by coming in to our location nearest you or visit us online at

Get More Creative with your Selfies!
By Caitlin Leverenz, Sales Associate, Burlington

With the rise of selfie-related technology in our culture, no accessory has become quite as popular or as notorious as the selfie stick. They’ve been extending our arms to lengths they’ve never gone to before to get the perfect single or group shot. Many companies have come out with models and here at Small Dog we’ve got two of them, the original Selfie Stick by Emio and the Selfie Shoot n’ Share by Digital Treasures.

The original Selfie Stick comes with the stick wand and a separate Bluetooth remote, which the wielder clicks to take a picture. The included phone holder can extend to hold phones as big as the iPhone 6! The Selfie Shoot n’ Share has an all-in-one design, with the Bluetooth remote control embedded in the handle. With a bright red handle it’s noticeable from a distance, so you’ll never lose it. Both sticks work with iPhone and Android devices, and as our Small Dog associates can tell you, they work with all kinds of photo apps!

While they have the same purpose, there are different advantages for each selfie stick model. The original Selfie Stick has a longer reach than the Shoot n’ Share and a sturdier metal frame. Its phone holder is also more secure; when tested with vigorous arm waving, the phone stayed in the Selfie Stick while it almost came out of the Shoot n’ Share. On the other hand, the Shoot n’ Share costs less so it’s more affordable for kids and teens. Also the Shoot n’ Share’s control is in the handle, while if the Selfie Stick’s remote is lost it becomes basically unusable. Still not sure which one is best for you? Come to Small Dog and ask us for a demo!

Which Computer for your College Student???
By Jim Overman, Phone & Web Sales Associate

So, your high school graduate is headed off to college in the fall and is in need of a new of a new computer for the next step in their educational journey. It can be overwhelming to sift through the plethora of choices the Apple line has to offer. For most students, the portability factor of a laptop steers them in that direction, but where to go from there? The new and beautifully redesigned Macbook? The sleek MacBook Air? The more powerful MacBook Pro?

The main factor to consider when making this decision is what the major course of study will be during their college career. A creative writing student, for example, would not need as powerful a computer as a graphic design major. For most, the MacBook and the MacBook Air will fit the average student’s needs, with the ability to research through the internet, compose papers, and stay in touch with family back home through email and FaceTime. The MacBook Pro can really be reserved for students who are going into fields of study considered more on the artistic realm of the spectrum, such as architecture, graphic design, music composition, photography or film and television production. The MacBook Pro is true powerhouse of Apple’s laptop line. If you do have a student that is going into one of the more specialized fields of study, chances are the learning institution they are attending will also provide you with a list of minimum system requirements needed to run the programs they will be using during their studies.

Top Gifts for the Top Dog!
By Jamie Willis, Sales Associate, Rutland

It’s that time of the year again ladies and gents! The time of the year when dads run out of the house as fast as possible to play golf or hang with their other dad friends and commiserate over the fact that no one got them anything for their day right??? WRONG! What if I told you that you could get something for your dad this year that is not only what he secretly wants, but also something that is very practical for him to have? Well, search no more because I’m here to tell you that it is not only possible but it’s LOCAL! Here is my list of top items for the top dog in your house!

The Sonos wireless speaker system is hands down the best way to enjoy your tunes and an even better way to pump up the volume of that football game we all know he watches. Not only can you have them paired to your TV, you can have them set up to be controlled individually. Imagine being able to listen to your music in one room while you dad is watching his sports in another and having them both be controlled separately with one device! The best part about the Sonos speaker system is that they are on SALE. Right here at Small Dog Electronics you can pick out a pair of Sonos Play 1 speakers ($399.99 value) for the incredible low price of $349.99.

Next on the list is our Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Kit. With this you can control the individual lights as they turn on and off from your own mobile device! Have you ever left the house in a hurry only to return when it’s pitch black outside? Well, with these lights placed outside on your porch you no longer have to worry about finding your keys in the dark. Simply use the handy app downloaded for free from the App Store and you are all set!

Lastly, we have the Beats By Dre. Headphones. With the incredible sound coming out of these puppies you will never again want to use anything else to listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite TV show. Beats were designed by Dr. Dre, a recording artist and rapper, who had an amazing concept of making a listening device that will allow the listener to hear the music as the artist would have originally wanted it to be heard!

So stop on by Small Dog Electronics and pick out your favorite gift for your favorite guy!

Look to the Clouds!
By Stephen Andrews, Store Manager, Waitsfield

Do you have trouble remembering to plug in your external hard drive so you can get a backup done? Then it may be time to look to the cloud! Cloud Storage is a service where data is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. It allows you to store your important data online, so that it can be accessed anytime from any place via the internet.

The main advantage of using the cloud is the same as a traditional backup: Protecting your data! What the cloud adds, though, is the benefit of an offsite backup. A physical backup won’t do you any good if your external hard drive is in the same laptop bag as your computer when it gets stolen or if there is a fire in your home.

The cloud also allows for easier file sharing. Instead of trying to email the grandparents all of those pictures, send them a web link so they can view and download the ones they want!

While there are a lot of great cloud services out there, a lot of customers are concerned about putting their data “out in the ether”. That’s where devices like the Seagate Personal Cloud come in. It provides you with up to 8 TB of storage that you can access from anywhere using the same security protocols as online banking. While the core backup functionality is great, what makes the Personal Cloud really cool is the ability to stream your media from wherever you have internet access using the Seagate Media App. Leave the DVDs at home and stream the kids’ favorite movies to your iPad when you hit the road this summer!


Top 10 Tips & Tools for Making Mobile Movies, FREE iPad Workshop

Small Dog is pleased to be partnering with RETN for this one-of-a-kind, FREE event. RETN instructors Doug Dunbebin, Gin Ferrara, and Ross Ransom will work with Macintosh consultant Michael Scott Duplessis from Small Dog Electronics to guide you through the essential features of iMovie 10 in this hands-on workshop.

This Workshop is designed to help you understand both the basics of iMovie and also how one can use iMovie to promote either their small business, non-profit, or practically any organization. We will recommend different equipment for different users, both advanced and basic. In addition to the equipment recommendations, we will be offering exclusive bundles and specials to attendees on the day of the workshop.

Seating is limited to just over 100 seats, so sign up now to reserve your seat!

Join us Wednesday, June 10th from 9am to noon for “Top 10 Tips & Tools for Making Mobile Movies”. The workshop will be held at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center at 60 Lake Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Act fast! There are only a few seats left! Sign Up Now.


As tech companies across the world continue to make new gadgets and devices, you just have to sit back, relax, and download the app. Technology today connects us with everything you could ever want and/or need. These various devices and their various network connections are known as the “internet of things.” One particular company that has captured our attention here at Small Dog is Automatic. Automatic is a company that could help you unlock the potential that is both under the hood of your car and in your pants pocket. By using your iPhone and purchasing the $99.95 Automatic adapter that snaps into the data port of your car, you can enjoy several added benefits.

Automatic is designed to learn your driving habits and make recommendations on how to be a more efficient driver. The smartphone app will notify you if something is wrong with the car and it will give you recommended tips on how to resolve the issue. The app will also allow you to reset warning lights such as the check engine light or oil warning light as opposed to having to take your car to a specialist. Other added benefits include a tracking system that can be used both in the case of emergencies and/or if you need help locating your parked car.

Purchase yours today! Click Here Here to add it to your cart now.


Purchase any New MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with AppleCare and Receive a Free $50 Gift Card

Purchase any New iMac with AppleCare and Receive a Free $50 Gift Card

Purchase the Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulbs and Save $20


Save $50 when you buy a pair of Play Ones

Purchase the Seagate Cloud Media Storage and Save $10

Purchase the Kwikset KEVO Bluetooth Lock and Save $30

Purchase a ZAGG Keyboard Case for iPad

Save $30 on Select Cases

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