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#191: Best in Showroom | July 2015, Dog Days of Summer


The Dog Days of Summer are here!
By Emily Dolloff

It’s mid July and it’s a draw around the office if the dog days of summer should be cause for celebration or if we are seeing it as the inevidible end to summer. For me the dog days of summer means I still have plenty of time to lounge around the campfire at night and spending my days enjoying the fresh air at the local lake or walk through the woods with my family. I admit that last summer ended for me with a list of regrets and things I had wished myself and my family had checked off our summer to do list. This summer is not one of those years for us. I have made it a point to unplug, kick back and take in all that summers have to offer us here in Vermont every chance that I get. I am determined to get the most our of the now warmer and dryer weather in the green mountains.

At Small Dog we want you to get the most out of both your summer and your budget! Starting now we have some great deals running in our retail stores. While the kids might not be thinking about what they need when they return to school, we know many parents are wanting to check a few items off their lists and get back to enjoying summer. Visit any of our retail stores and grab some great deals! Buy any new Apple computer with Applecare and get three years of Safeware coverage for FREE and buy any Apple factory refurbished computer with Applecare and get a $50 Small Dog gift card!

We have loads of savings running in all of our stores running now through labor day weekend, you can see a complete list of specials and promotions by visiting our website or just stopping in.

Emily Dolloff

Benefits of the iPad
By Stephen Andrews

We understand the importance of reliable communication in today’s business world, and there is no better or more simplistic way to communicate than using the iPad. The iPad delivers all of the same features of a MacBook, but in a compact, light, and convenient manner. We typically see hesitation when it comes to replacing their computer with an iPad, but with today’s list of compatible accessories such as bluetooth keyboards, styluses, drawing pads, small business applications, research applications, and even musical peripherals such as a keyboard, guitar, etc, one can literally use the iPad for anything. It is also important to note that the iPad is compatible with all cloud services such as google drive, drop box, skydive, etc.

The iPad has been listed as one of the top ten items to purchase for college grads. Sure there is a lot of research and studies as to why everyone is recommending the iPad for recent college grads, but in plain and simple terms, many individuals no longer need the computing power of a personal computer. Graduates and on the go professionals instead need something that can keep them connected with their family and friends while at the same time allow them to be productive and professional in a work environment.

Come into one of our stores and speak with a sales associate to see why an iPad is right for your college graduate. We can design a solution for someone in any particular field of research or business. And because it’s the dog days of summer, we have a great iPad bundle that includes a car charger and second lighting cable with the purchase of any new iPad with Applecare+

El Capitan Top Changes
By Jamie Willis

As you may or may not have heard Apple has announced a new operating system (OS) for your laptops and desktop computers! OS 10.11 El Capitan is set to arrive as a free upgrade this fall! Now with every new OS there are a selection of Apple users who are scared to upgrade to something that is unfamiliar. Well fear no more because what we have here are the top changes you can expect with El Capitan.

El Capitan has incorporated a new way to utilize the multi-functionality of your computers! With it’s new Split View functionality in Mission Control you are now able to run 2 programs at the same time! One on one half of the screen and the other on the other half. Say you want to watch a movie and write a paper but you don’t want to disturb your roommates with the TV turned on. Well now you can watch the movie and write your paper all in the same screen!

Apple has now incorporated a new Spotlight Search that can understand phrases. Before you had to type the specific program or file name in order for spotlight to come up with something. Now you can type something like “photos from last year” and it will find all of you photos from last year in you iPhoto library!

Notes has become another entity entirely! You are now able to do advanced text editing within your notes app. You are also able to apply links directly from Safari to the notes you are taking as well as locations from Maps! Apple has also added a new Attachments Browser which makes adding photos, videos, or even your own sketches available directly within the Notes app.

SO there you have it! My favorite new features coming our way with the new El Capitan update scheduled to arrive this fall. Hopefully knowing some new things to expect within the new OS will make everyone’s life a lot easier. As always, when the time comes we will be ready for your questions or concerns! Stop on by any of our locations to ask us about the new OS!



This summer we started offering an exciting new protection plan from SafeWare. As you may know, Burlington is a major college town, so at the South Burlington store we see our fair share of accidental damage on Macs. Unfortunately, the standard AppleCare warranty does not cover drops, spills, or cracks. We all like to think that we’re immune to this type of damage, but the fact is, it happens to the best of us!

With the purchase of a new Mac, and AppleCare, you can add SafeWare’s accidental protection for just $99. You have within the first 30 days of you purchase to add the SafeWare coverage, and after the initial cost, there are no hidden fees. If you do make a claim, there is a $250 dollar deductible, but considering the average cost of this type of repair is over $800, the savings is significant. The coverage lasts 3 years, or until the accidental claims have outweighed the total cost of the computer.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a major percentage of our customers adding this coverage, and its no surprise. If you’d like to know more, feel free to stop in the store or visits SafeWare’s website for details. Remember to keep your Mac elevated above any beverages on the same surface, and in general, try to keep it out of the hands of a toddler!

Protect your investment!

How do you keep your Mac clean (and we’re not talking about the hard drive!)? Well the first thing to remember is that while you may not like a dirty Mac, what your computer hates even more is getting wet! Never spray anything directly on the computer, avoid abrasive cloths and cleaners, and avoid wet cleaning cloths!

When we clean machines the first thing we do is power off the device and let it cool down. If the computer is warm then there is a high possibility that you will leave streaks on the screen. We like the Hammerhead micro fiber towel which you can spray with a bit of iKlear so that it is damp, but not wet! Trouble spots can be dealt with with light pressure and a circular motion. Too much pressure (especially on displays) can do more harm than good.

Another great way to clean your computer is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place! Keyboard covers from KB Covers and case protection from Speck can help you avoid having to do any cleaning for a longer period of time.

Grab this great bundle for $124.99 and keep your computer looking like new! Bundle includes keyboard cover, iKlear, speck hardshell case and backup hard drive

More Dog Days of Summer Specials!

Save $20 on the Lacie Rugged Mini, 2TB of storage for just $149.99!

Keep your iPhone 6 safe in a new case from Speck! Save $10 on the Candyshell or Candyshell Grip