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#194: Best in Showroom | October 2015


Fall is Here!
By Joe Lytton

We are excited here at Small Dog to officially announce fall is here. Down here in Key West we don’t get the chance to enjoy the amazing fall colors so we are really enjoying the pictures being shared by our Vermont team.

To celebrate we have a great deal in October for the iMac. Buy any new iMac with Applecare save $50 instantly plus get a free Chill Pill Speaker! The iMacs are often overlooked but are one of Apple’s top selling computers with plenty of storage, processing power, huge screen size and can come with the 5K display. These machines are especially great for family and office use.

El Capitan has arrived and while it’s only been publicly available for a few short days we are already loving all the new features. Our favorite feature around the Key West store is new split view feature like that of iOS 9. The Apple TV is expected to come out later this month and we are like kids waiting on Christmas morning here at Smalldog for this next release as well as the new iPad Pro. There is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks from Apple!

Our annual Halloween Contest is coming later this month and you are invited to help vote on the best costumed Small Dog employee on our website We look forward to this every year as we have some great costumes and anyone that does not have a costume gets photoshopped. That’s always entertaining!

As always we are here by your side and welcome you to come check us out at any of our Small Dog Electronics locations to find out more.

Joe Lytton

iPad Mini 4
By Stephen Andrews, Store Manager, Waitsfield

It’s not often that an Apple product release completely underwhelms me, but that’s how I felt when the iPad mini 3 was introduced. Given how I use my iPad, 16GB Wifi only, I would have been paying $100 for Touch ID! Not a great value in my opinion, and my mini 2 was still doing the trick.

With that in mind, it was not a surprise that Apple fairly quickly replaced the mini 3, but kept the mini 2 as its entry level option with the introduction of the iPad mini 4. The new iPad mini 4 gives us what I expect to see in a new product release! A improved processor with the A8 Chip, an eight megapixel iSight camera, and a new anti reflective screen to reduce glare. With the release of iOS 9, it’s nice knowing that the iPad mini 4 is going to have the horsepower to run my apps like a champ for a long time. Add in that it is now thinner and lighter than ever before, and you’ve got the best go anywhere do anything tablet on the market and I think it’s time for me to finally upgrade from the iPad mini 2!

Are you ready for El Capitan?
By Joe Lytton, Store Manager, South Burlington

El Capitan has arrived! But before making the leap to the latest operating system we recommend a full back up of your machine before you install OS X El Capitan. Apple makes it easy to back up your Mac using Time Machine, and it is important to create a Time Machine backup before installing OS X El Capitan.

Once you have completed your Time Machine backup, you’ll want to run any existing updates on your computer, including third party software. You can check for updates for any Apple software on your machine by simply clicking the Apple symbol in the upper left hand corner of your computer. If there are updates to run they will appear next to the App Store in the drop down menu. Finally, double check that your computer meets the system requirements for El Capitan. Generally speaking if your already running 10.9 or 10.10 it’s likely you will have no issues with your machine upgrading, but it’s always good practice to just double check. When reviewing your computer’s system requirements one detail that is often overlooked is hard drive space, El Capitan is going to need about 6GB of hard drive space for the installation, so double checking that your computer has enough free hard drive space is essential. You will want to not only ensure there is enough space on the drive, but that the space remaining after the installation is also sufficient. We have seen over the years many customers who have ensured they have the recommended hard drive space free on their machine, but neglected to ensure that once the installation was complete there would still be plenty of hard drive space. The recommendation is to never have any less than 10% of your hard drive free to prevent data corruption. If your down to just 10 or 15 gigabytes of free hard drive space before installation we strongly recommend you take the time to either just delete or transfer non critical files to an external hard drive.

Once you have followed the steps above your ready to download El Capitan! Simply visit the App Store on your machine, search for El Capitan and select download. Depending on your internet connection this could take an hour or it could take several hours, so be patient! If you are updating your laptop it’s critical to remember to plug it into a power source during the download and update to prevent any unexpected errors along the way.

Have more questions about this download and update? E-mail or visit the Apple support communities, they are incredible resources to all kinds of questions about your Mac!


Welcome Ben!

We have a lot of new faces in South Burlington this fall. One of which is Ben Ryan, our newest addition to the Service Department. Ben has a background in PC repair, specifically Dell hardware. In his spare time, Ben enjoys gaming on his PC, staying in shape, and watching movies. He is joining our Service Department and has already started his training to become a technician. We can’t wait to see him succeed! Make sure to say hi to Ben at the service counter next time you’re in South Burlington.

October Specials!

We have great deals running all month long in our retail stores and online!

Looking to get the most for your computer purchase? All month long save $50 instantly and get a free Chill Pill speaker with the purchase of any new iMac with Applecare!

Buy any iPad mini 2 or 3 and get either a free Hammerhead Capo case or Folio case

New to iPad? All month long buy any iPad mini 4 and receive $10 off a 30 minute in store lesson Appointments can be made in any of our retails stores and often times the same day that you buy your new iPad!

Our Annual Halloween Contest!

Small Dog’s annual Halloween contest is just a few weeks away and we need your help! We take Halloween seriously around here, and every year we encourage staff to dress up in their Halloween finest. We will be posting pictures to our website on Friday October 30th for our customers to cast votes for the best dressed Small Dog Employee! One of our favorite parts of the Halloween contest is our creativity applied to those whom fail to come to work in a costume. Last year Rob Amon failed to come to work in costume so we decided on his costume for him!