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#195: Best in Showroom | February 2016


Best in Showroom is Back!
By Emily Dolloff

A lot has been going on around Small Dog Electronics the last few months and during that time we felt it was best to put on hold our monthly retail newsletter while we sent out shorter email communications during the holidays. We don’t want to crowd your inbox too much! With the new year finally underway we’re back at it with the same great Best in Showroom newsletter content you love. Did you know we also have several other great newsletters? If you are not signed up for our Deal Retriever e-mail, we encourage you to do so so that you don’t miss what’s going in our stores no matter the time of year or event we might be promoting.

Get too much email but want to make sure you don’t miss out on the very best of our special announcements, sales and events? If you subscribe to our General Communications newsletter we’ll make sure you get all that info. Subscribing to this newsletter also allows us to send infrequent, customized information to you based on your orders. We don’t spam and we’ll never sell or trade your email address. Ever.

Throughout February we have great deals going on in honor of Presidents’ Day so visit any of our retail stores or shop online!

Emily Dolloff
General Manager

Trade in and Trade up!
By Small Dog Sales

Is your old Mac starting to get a case of the winter blues? Is it just not as fast as it was four years ago when you bought it? Did you think you would dabble only a little in video editing with iMovie when you got your Mac a few years ago but now find your working in Final Cut Pro X? Take advantage of our trade in program! We will give you a store credit for any iPad or Mac that we accept through our trade in program.

Our trade in program is a great way to save some money on a new Mac. You can use your store credit to go towards the purchase of a new Mac or iPad. Don’t want a new iPad or Mac, no problem! Our store credit through the trade in program that can used for anything we sell in our stores.

Life Expectancy
By Vincent Izzo

It is well known that computers have a life expectancy. When I refer to the life expectancy of a computer I’m not referring to how long it will work, I’m referring to how long you can keep it up to date with supported software and get it serviced. Many machines will work for years past their life expectancy. If you are reading this on the model pictured on the right, your machine is definitely past its normal life expectancy.

There are two terms that Apple uses for machine that they no longer have hardware support: Vintage and Obsolete. Apple usually classifies a machine as vintage once it reaches 5 to 7 years past its initial release and obsolete models are those that are 7 or more years old. Apple doesn’t provide hardware support for vintage and obsolete models, however most models that are vintage can support the latest software and receive updates.

Once a machine becomes obsolete, however, it usually will no longer will be able to support the newest OS X and security updates. Once a machine has unsupported software the machine starts to be become more susceptible to security breaches. A common security breach comes from exploiting older software that has a known issue. Once your computer can’t accept a supported OS X (which is currently 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan) it reaches the end of its life expectancy because the machine is no longer is repairable by Apple and the machine cannot receive software updates.


Special Financing

Now is a great time to think about a new Mac, especially if your thinking about trading in an older machine! We have special financing available everyday in our stores!

February Specials

Save $70 on the AudioEngine B2 Bluetooth Speaker

Save $20 on Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro, a speaker, a powerbank and flashlight all in one

Save $25 on Outdoor Tech Orca wireless headphones

Small Dog is Hiring!

Want to work with an amazing team AND get to work with Apple products all day? We have positions open in Rutland and in Waitsfield! See what jobs we have open, we are eager to grow our team!