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#Small Dog Insider September 30, 2016


The Small Dog Insider!
By Emily Dolloff

Welcome to another edition of the Small Dog internal newsletter system, now known as the Small Dog Insider. As promised this will be our primary and main means of providing company wide information and training.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who help with another successful day of inventory counting. I’m writing this e-mail late afternoon on Friday the 30th, I think that all locations have completed their counts. When I first started for Small Dog I worked in the warehouse as a shipper and we ended our year on a calendar year. This meant myself, Art, Hapy and other team members counted inventory AFTER the store ( it was only the Waitsfield location back then ) closed for the day on New Years Eve. We began counting inventory at dinner time and didn’t finished until very late at night. I’m not gonna lie, I do not miss those days at all!

In this first edition of the Small Dog Insider I will share information about our latest product line to hit our stores and an update from Hadley and Eric on our phone system.

Thank you for reading,


By Will Frascella

Lutron Basics

Lutron started and still is a leader in home automation. They are leaders in lighting, and in turn shade control. They sell everything from simple light switches to complete home automation systems that can control the temperature of your hot tub or turn every light in your home to 10% intensity. The Casesta line we’ll be carrying is their consumer line and is considered in many cases a DIY automation product.

This is a great place for us to start. We’ll have a selection of light switches, lamp dimmers and two smart hubs which allow customer to control everything. The entire line is home-kit enabled and with the iOS 10 update means our customers can control their lights with their iPhone, Apple Watch or Siri. Even though these products are consumer DIY, we hope to make a strong push for our consultants to do home installs of these products. There are several products in the line up, I ask hat you all checkout the video on the Lurton site and browse the Caseda line and their products.


Lutron has two HUBS, the Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro. First these are both Home Kit enabled, so no matter what product they purchase they’ll have the ability to control it on their phone. The difference between “REGULAR” and “PRO” is it’s ability to work with other products in home automation. This means if a customer already is using products like Savant, Logitech, Control 4, etc… they want the Pro. This line is also only available through Lutron distributors meaning there is no competition online. Customers don’t need a hub, they can purchase switches and pico remotes but if they want to control from iOS they have to use a hub.

Check out the features of Pro


The Casesta switches are sold in several styles, in-wall, lamp, and pico remote. In-wall is available in either a dimmable switch, on off switch or my favorite, dimmer with favorite. Lamp Control allows for two lamps to be plugged-in and controlled by either an iOS devices or the Pico Remote. Pico remotes are great, they can be used on a pedestal, mounted to the wall to appear as another in-wall switch, or simply left around to be picked up and moved around as you please.

See the full line of switches and remotes

Package Deals

We will have three bundles available for our customers, two “regular” and one “PRO” these are a great place to start for our customers. Like Sonos, we have several repeat customers who start with one or two Sonos units, and come back for more and more! We want this same thing to happen with Lutron. Start them off with the ability to control their living room and kitchen, and they’ll be back to have us setup their bedroom, or better yet, their entire home!


Our hope is to grow this business by ensuring our staff and customers know about the integration these products offer. This will come by speaking to customers in-store about their needs, and our consultants recommending other products when they are in customers home. A great example is, the pico Sonos remote. A simple lutron pico remote that allows customers to control a Sonos zone with Play/Pause, Volume, Next and Favorites. This is just the start, as we go forward we’ll offer customers with solutions from Savant, iPort, Triathlon shades, Sonance as well as Nest and the products they offer.


We have access to a Rep based out of the New Hampshire, Joshua N. Strzempko, feel free to reach out with questions you may have. Rob and Will are your best contacts within the company always feel free to reach out and ask us anything. We’ll be in-store and hope to create a home automation center in South Burlington. I have included some installation videos below which cover the two most basic setups our customers will have.

Our Lutron Rep:
Joshua N. Strzempko
Outside Sales 
Yusen Associates 
Cell: (413) 426 6985


A New Phone System Is Coming!

First things first, I’d like to apologize for the poor quality of the phones over the past several months. Even when Morgan was still here, we were working on this and trying to resolve it with the tools we had. Unfortunately, it became unworkable and we had to seek out an alternative solution.

Enter HBPX (Hosted PBX). We will be migrating the entire company to a new phone system in the next week. The actual cut date (when the old system will cease working and the new system will come online) is scheduled for Thursday, October 6th in the evening after 7pm when Burlington closes. Leading up to that, you will start to see new physical phones on your desks soon, if you don’t already have them. You probably saw us doing wiring over the past few weeks, as these phones are on a separate switch and network. They connect directly to the internet without passing through any of our routers.

IT will continue to be your primary contact for support of the phones, though we may have to pass off certain issues to the telecom that is hosting the system.

Training on how to use the new phones will be happening over the next few weeks, but I want to assure everyone that these phones are very easy to use, and if you’re mostly dialing, receiving, and logging in and out of queues, training will be very simple. I’ll likely be creating wikis for that over the next several days and will share that information with everyone as soon as it becomes available.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their patience with the current phone issues. I know it’s made customer service very difficult. Please extend that patience and understanding while we transition to the new system.


Some Great Training Videos

Lutron is a brand new product line for Small Dog, and for some of our staff, could be a new introduction into Home Automation. Please take the time to review the videos linked below as they are some of the best training materials we have at this time. Our rep will be visiting the South Burlington store, but for other locations we might have to be more creative on training.

Replacing a single pole switch

How to Replace a 3-way Switch


A few pictures demonstrating the new portrait mode and the picture quality of the iPhone 7 Plus.