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#Small Dog Insider December 5th, 2016


The Holidays Are Here!
By Emily Dolloff

This is it folks, the Holidays are officially here! Our busiest time of year if upon us and with that our Holiday deals and promotions. We focus the majority of our deals for our retail stores, some of the deals are also on our website. For various reasons we can’t always have all our deals online, it’s important to note that all of our promotions are available in our stores and over the phone. If a customer is calling into our call center or our stores and wants to have an order shipped, we can do that! Below are our core deals planned for the Holidays.

Holiday Deals running through December 31st

Buy any computer with AppleCare, get a $50 Small Dog gift card. Buy any iPad with AppleCare+ get a $25 Small Dog gift card. With any purchase over $50 get a FREE pair of Chill Pill speakers.

November 29th through December 31st

$30 off Sonos Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5 speakers. $50 off Sonos Playbar and Sub

December 5th – December 11th
Tech The Halls

20% off GoPro cameras and accessories. 20% off Lutron products, 20% off Beats Audio, 20% off DGI Gimbal.

December 12th – December 18th
Gifts For The Guru

20% off Goal Zero, 20% off Outdoor Tech, 20% off Otterbox Universe case and Otterbox iPad cases. Plus we’ll be offering deals on Olloclip and Nimbus

December 19th – December 24th
Last Minute Essentials

20% off Bluetooth Headphones from Beats, Outdoor Tech and Urbanears. Plus deals on stocking stuffers from Niteyes, Techarmor and more!

Details Are Everything!
By Emily Dolloff

This is a busy busy time of year, it’s important that no matter how crazy or busy it is that your paying attention to details. Common mistakes we see during the holidays:

-Overlooking compatibility with accessories
-Incorrectly invoicing for a promotion
-Handing the wrong item to a customer for pick up
-Invoicing a sale to the wrong customer

How do we overcome these obstacles? SLOW DOWN and take note of the details. When asking customers about what product they need or looking for, make sure to ask those qualifying questions. If it’s a new computer sale the sale sheets can help you to avoid forgetting important accessories.

When invoicing a customer it’s important to take a few moment to read back their phone number and address for existing customers. It’s also helpful to relay pricing. Doing these two quick steps can avoid some really big issues.

Lastly, when creating an invoice or even if it was already created, it’s important to rescan the product(s) to ensure your handing the customer the right product. The Apple products especially are the most common ones we miss pick during busy times. These mistakes can be very costly so it’s important to take a moment to double check things.

Tis The Season For Dishonesty
By Emily Dolloff

Some reminders this shopping season:

  1. Check all photo IDs for transactions over $100
  2. Capture complete name, address, phone number as often as you can ( this can again weed out frauds and makes returns/exchanges easier)
  3. Check the name on the credit card, does it match the buyer? — card holder and person in front of you must match!
  4. Look for signatures on the back of cards, no signature, ask for an ID
  5. For checks, all checks over $250 require a photo ID — we suggest looking at photo ID for all checks
  6. All checks must be run through the e-check machine or called into secure payments for anything over $100. Exceptions to this are corporate accounts/business, usually the large checks that don’t fit well into the eCheck machines ( verses standard sized personal checks ) our machines can’t verify these checks. Checking with a manager, Emily or Rob on these is advisable.

Other suggestions to avoid fraud

Converse with the buyer, ask them how shopping is going or maybe whom the product is for. Something short and simple, but perhaps be suspicious of the person who just gives one word responses. If you’re suspicious of a transaction make sure the product is not within reach of the buyer, perhaps come up with a reason to “ I am sorry something isn’t working with my computer, I will be right back” to delay things a moment. Perhaps a code word or phrase in your store to alert co-workers that you are wondering about a sale. Asking a co-worker to take your place while you get the manager is recommended so you can update your manager as to your suspicions. If the manager is not in your store you should call them or reach out to another manager.

Be alert to the person who just walks in and says “ I want a 16gb iPad air “ sometimes it’s just a shopper on a mission, but also a classic fraud. Always converse during the sales process, ask who it’s for, how might they use it. People who can’t answer the basic questions and just give standard responses like “oh for the internet” or “ or just “basic use” these kinds of non detailed answers can be flags. The small stores are just as vulnerable if not more so than SB, all of our smaller locations have had shoplifters within the last year and many times those whom tried to steal or did had several trips into the store to see what would be easiest to grab.

Lastly we’ve seen a rise, specifically in Rutland, of customers coming in to make large purchases for other people. We’ve seen it happen more over the last year where someone is sent in by a “friend” or “company” to pick up multiple computers. They often don’t know why, who or what the computers or iPads will be used for, they were just told to go and get them. Use your instincts, there’s a difference between someone legitimately sent by someone to get goods who innocently has no idea verses the person who’s there to make a shady transaction. The legit “clueless” person often times has a very believable and valid back story.

Bottom line, trust your gut. When in doubt or feeling like a deal is too good to be true, ask someone! Talk to someone and work together to determine if the goods should leave the store.



Make the Holidays brighter by offering financing! We offer 0% financing through Synchrony Bank in all our retail stores, no minimum purchase amount. In store only and does require credit approval. Also anyone who previously made purchases through us with synchrony can use their card with us for 0%. Our Credit Card readers don’t ready the physical card, so we do run these transactions manually directly through the synchrony website. See a store manager for details and questions.

Extended Holiday Hours

South Burlington will have extended hours beginning on Monday December 19th. Below is the South Burlington Holiday Hours:

Monday 12/19 9am – 8pm
Tuesday 12/20 9am-8pm
Wednesday 12/21 9am-8pm
Thursday 12/22 9am-8pm
Friday 12/23 9am-9pm
Saturday 12/24 Christmas Eve 9am-5pm

Key West will also have extended shopping hours the weekend before Christmas.

Thursday December 15th – Saturday December 17th the Key West location will be open until 7pm.

General Holiday Hours

All stores close early on Christmas Eve. South Burlington closes at 5pm, all other retail locations close at 3pm. All Stores close early on New Years Eve. South Burlington closes at 5pm, all other retail locations close at 3pm.

South Burlington is Open on Sunday January 1st, New Years Day

South Burlington hours are 11am – 4pm on New Years Day. All other locations and offices are closed as it’s a Sunday.

Customer Service is what sets us apart!

It’s not our deals, it’s our staff, our customer service and the sales experience. If you tell a customer you will something, do it! If you need to get an answer for a customer, get it! If your asked a question you don’t know the answer to, seek out help!

Follow through and excellent communication skills, even if your delivering less than ideal information, is a huge factor in customer satisfaction.