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#647: iWeb, Seagate and Trojans on the Mac, iLife '09 is Here and More!


Happy Tuesday,

This week we welcome a new member of the Small Dog Service Department. Carl Grasso will be the one greeting you at the South Burlington service counter from Tuesday through Saturday, and we’re excited to have him on board. It’s always great to welcome new faces to the team. We are highly aware that it’s easy to lose perspective over time, and the infusion of fresh ideas brought by new employees always helps us step back and evaluate how we do things.

Katie, a long time core employee of the South Burlington store, was promoted to store manager two weeks ago. Her first order of business was to promote JJ to Assistant Manger. The new management team for our flagship store has some fantastic ideas, and we all invite you to come in to see all we have to offer.

As always, thanks for reading and keep in touch.


  Seagate 1.5TB Hard Drives  

Many of Seagate’s newest 1.5TB hard drives are afflicted by a firmware glitch that causes what appears to be mechanical failure of the drives. I took a call earlier today from a customer who bought four of these drives and a Drobo from us. He’d already called Drobo and Seagate, and both firms indicated the need to update the firmware on his drives for the secure, fast, trouble-free operation he had in mind.

Not having the necessary equipment or expertise to get this done without guidance, he called us up looking for help. The following procedure should be followed on any 1.5TB drive from Seagate, not only those installed in Drobo systems.

The first step is to download and burn to CD the necessary drive firmware from Seagate. Burn this image to a blank disk using Disk Utility. It’s available here.

Applying the firmware update will generally result in a drive needing to be re-formatted (erased). You’ll need to remove all but the drive needing the update from your computer—your startup disk must be removed. With the disk you just burned in the computer’s disk drive, turn on your Mac holding down the option key. Select the optical disk in the boot manager, and hit return on your keyboard. You will need a wired keyboard to accomplish this.

Lastly, the well-crafted updater will walk you through all the steps of the firmware update. Follow the instructions and in a few minutes, you’ll be ready to go.

Keep an eye out at for the 2TB drives that we’ll be carrying soon!

  A Mac Virus? Don't Believe What They Say.  

The blogosphere has been abuzz with claims that the first Mac virus or trojan has been identified in the wild. It’s been reported that many users downloading iWork ’09 or Adobe Creative Suite 4 programs from less-than-legal sources (read: pirating it) got more than they bargained for.

It’s been reported through several outlets that the installer packages contain more than what they advertise. These snippets are rumored to “call home” to the programmer who created it, but it is not clear exactly what information is transmitted.

Basically, the code is a trojan, not a virus. Morgan Aldrich, Developer, Admin, and IT for Small Dog, says “a trojan is a malicious program that someone actually has to run on their computer thinking it’s something else (hence the name), but a virus uses security holes to infect someone’s computer and/or files and then further spreads itself in the same manner without any interaction from the user.” The jist here is that the trojan is not able to spread itself, and it requires a user to authorize its installation by entering an administrator password.

You are in no danger if you surf responsibly; use common sense, and do not download software illegally. To be clear, the Mac remains a virus-free platform, and right now there’s no reason to think that is going to change any time soon!

  Magic Hat Footage of Fools Contest Winner  

A winner has finally been chosen! Late last year, Magic Hat Brewing Company challenged budding filmmakers to create a short film about what winter means to them—featuring Magic Hat and dog(s), of course!

The following is the winning submission; as voted by “you, the Magic Hat drinking, dog loving masses.” The prize? A brand-new HD video camera from Small Dog Electronics! Congratulations to the winner!

See the winning video here!

  Additional 10% Off Clearance Items!  

Until this Sunday, we’re offering an additional 10% off all items on clearance. Most of these items have already been steeply marked down, with some listed below cost. You can see all clearance items by clicking here.

We have iPod accessories, hard drives (including premium Glyph and G-Tech drives), books, notebook cases, software, games, Mac parts and much more listed.

To get the additional 10% off, simply add any clearance items to your cart and then enter coupon code 10percent in the shopping cart.

  iLife '09 on Your New Mac  

iLife ’09 is shipping with every new Mac! The Macs we have in stock right now will include a free upgrade in one of the following two ways:

Your new Mac will either:
1) Include a DVD insert of iLife ’09 in the box


2) Be eligible for an instant $9.95 discount and will include instructions to get the upgrade from Apple

We will also have the iLife ’09 Retail packs in by the end of the week.

Click here to read more about the iLife ’09 up-to-date program!

  FEATURED SPECIAL | 01/27/09 - 02/03/09  

Mac Pro 2.8GHz 10GB RAM, 320GB + 1TB drives, AppleCare, Free Shipping!


Peter Oppenheimer (Apple’s Chief Financial Officer) recently noted that iMacs dominate Apple’s desktop computer sales. That makes sense, because the iMac is an awesome machine with more than enough power for most computing needs. The iMac is fully capable of running all popular pro applications.

However, some of us continue to require the extra horsepower, configuration options, and internal storage of a Mac Pro. Here at Small Dog, we ship a fairly large number of Mac Pros (though iMacs outsell them by a wide margin).

We’ve found that most customers prefer to buy a Mac Pro bundle – outfitted with RAM and at least one additional drive. We install and test these components. RAM has a 10-year warranty.

The most popular Mac Pro bundle we’ve recently offered features two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, 10GB RAM, the stock 320GB SATA drive with an additional 1TB SATA drive, and the 3-year AppleCare plan. This has free shipping, and as always, no sales tax on orders that ship out of Vermont.

We’re offering this machine for $3,389.99. Apple is offering the same machine for $4,848 (and Apple’s configuration actually has less RAM, only 8GB.)

Need a different configuration? Email and we’ll be glad to assist.


  SPECIALS | 01/27/09 - 02/03/09  

View specials while on-hand supplies last. Please note that some specials may not be available in our retail stores; check for availability.

See all specials on our Specials Page.

   iPod nano 8GB Blue (3G), Chill Pill Speakers, AC Adapter for Chill Pill!
   MacBook Pro 15in 2.53GHz,4GB/320GB (Unibody), AppleCare, Free Shipping!
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