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#817: Multi-Touch Update, Afloat, Mack, MagSafe Replacement


Hard to believe that another month has passed. Seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating 2012, watching Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark at Times Square. We’ll miss you, Dick. Thanks for rocking in the new year with us.

Of course the big news this week is the Apple/Samsung settlements. Apple and Samsung have been suing each other for the past year over patents and product copying (you may recall that the interface on some of Samsung’s smart phones looked almost exactly like iOS on an iPhone.)

They are scheduled to sit down and hash it all out later this month, but this is probably not something they will be able to work out in one sitting. Then there’s Motorola, HTC, and a new patent lawsuit from Potter Voice Technologies. Everyone wants a bite of the Apple, it seems…

This week, we have articles on MagSafe replacement, how to stay Afloat, and information about our new warranty coverage from Mack.

Thanks for reading!


  Multi-Touch Update  

Thanks to Ben B. for pointing out that I neglected to mention in last week’s article that you need to turn on Gestures before they’re going to work.

To do this, go to Settings > General, then scroll down a bit and turn on Multi-Tasking Gestures. Simple as that!

  Keeping Windows "Afloat"  

I’ve spoken with a few customers who were media-multitaskers, not unlike myself, and like to have a few different windows and media applications running while doing other typical computing on their Mac.

The most common grouping of media that they, as well as I, enjoyed was watching videos while performing other tasks on their computer, like reading (or writing!) blogs (or maybe something related to their work). It’s nice to have any type of video playing while doing any other task that could possibly be considered “plain” or “unexciting.” To put it simply, it spices up the experience.

The issue: unless you have a massive screen (read: 30-inch Cinema Display) where you can easily plop multiple applications on different areas of the screen without ever interfering with each other, how do you keep other apps/tasks out of the way of the video? It’s generally impossible, and the user ends up constantly moving and resizing different windows.

I have found what I consider to be a very pleasant solution. It’s an application called Afloat. Install it, and it seamlessly integrates itself into most applications as a plugin. As an example, I can open up a video on YouTube in Safari, click on the “Window” menu option in the menu bar, and I see a few different Afloat options for keeping that window always on top of any other window.

You can now resize the window, so that it’s not covering everything else up on your computer screen. I also like to tweak the transparency settings, making the video slightly transparent.

Afloat is available from Infinite Labs as a free download here.

  Mack Worldwide 3-Year Warranty  
  Mack Warranty

Have you ever been skeptical about purchasing a used MacBook or an iPad?

Usually the first question we get asked is, “what kind of warranty does this item have?” The Small Dog warranty is all well and good, but what happens when 90 days pass and the Small Dog warranty period is over?

I have some good news for you. Small Dog Electronics is working with Mack Worldwide to provide extended warranty coverage for all of your Apple devices (iPods, iPads, even iMacs and MacBooks). With this coverage, you get three (3!) years of support for parts, labor, manufacturer defects, and mechanical malfunctions. All of which are the main concerns that a customer would have when purchasing a used device.

What if you’re a customer who has purchased a new machine? Can you benefit from the Mack Worldwide coverage as well? For new machines and devices, we have the Diamond plan. This plan gives you three years of coverage for parts, labor, mechanical malfunctions, abnormal wear and tear, accidental damage, liquid damage and power surge failure. That is essentially protection for every aspect of your new Apple product, giving you peace of mind because you know your devices are covered.

You might be wondering why you would choose AppleCare over Mack. The truth is that both have their benefits. AppleCare offers exceptional phone support with experienced technicians you can count on to solve your software problems. However, AppleCare does not yet cover accidental damage. This is where Mack shines—it gives you protection against those unforeseen incidents.

For ultimate support and coverage, I would recommend purchasing both AppleCare and Mack’s Diamond service on new machines. But what if the cost is toppling over your budget? The answer is simple. Purchase the Mack Diamond service. Why? Well, for starters, you can only buy it within 30 days of purchasing a new machine. AppleCare, on the other hand, gives you an entire year to add their extended coverage, so you can always opt to purchase it in that window. (Do keep in mind that your phone support through Apple expires after 90 days from the original date of purchase, though.)

With both of these services covering your Apple product ,you will be worry-free for the next three years!

  MagSafe Replacement  

We get a lot of customers bringing in their MagSafe adapter because it won’t charge their laptop anymore. In most cases, the cable is damaged on either end due to over-flexing. Apple has acknowledged this issue and has a replacement program in effect.

Apple describes the issue as “Fraying, melting, straining, sparking, weakening, discoloration, bubbling or overheating.” If your charging adapter is showing symptoms similar to this, you should bring it to any of our stores. In order to get a replacement, we do need to check the adapter in. We will also need the serial number of the computer the adapter came with.

It typically takes 3 to 5 days to get a new adapter. In order to file a claim, we have to submit pictures of the damaged adapter so Apple can approve the replacement. There needs to be melting or burning on at least one end of the adapter. If there are any signs of accidental damage (such as if your pet chewed it) we are not able to get the adapter replaced at no cost.

We understand that when you are without an adapter, it can be very frustrating—stop by the store and we will see what we can do for you!

  TT SPECIAL: Original iPads Still in Stock  

Don’t have the $$ to splash on a new iPad? An original iPad might be just what you’re looking for…

You may know that we currently offer a Trade-In Program for both Macs and mobile devices (iPods and iPads), and right now, we still have some of the original iPads in stock at great prices.

You’ll have to call or come in to one of our stores to take advantage, but you can see all models in stock here.

  TT SPECIAL: MacBook Pro 13" with LaCie 500GB Drive & Diamond Protection  

MacBook Pro 13in w/ Rugged Mini Disk and Diamond Protection


Save even more than before: Grab a MacBook Pro with external drive to start using Time Machine and with Mack Diamond Service Protection. You’ll be protected from any mistake you might make!