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#830: Mountain Lion, AirPlay, iOS Tips, Purging Bad Email Addresses


Hello all,

I am having trouble deciding what to talk about — Mountain Lion or the Olympics. (Full disclosure: I am a rabid Olympics fan. I have been since I was a kid. it seemed like such a magical thing back then, and isn’t much different now, especially since I have a much deeper understanding of what people and nations do to get competitors ready for the games. The Olympics have endured war, terrorism, boycotts, and economic duress. The spirit of competition still lives strong in the games and the triumphs and heartbreaks are epic in scale.)

But I digress…Mountain Lion is certainly gathering very positive reviews. It seems to be to Lion what Snow Leopard was to Leopard. There are lots of upgrades and new features, many of them working in the background where you feel them rather than see them. For example, if you have a machine with an solid state drive, Mail, Messages, and others now update while the machine is asleep, so it’s ready to go as soon as you open the lid.

When I upgraded to Snow Leopard I found little changes that were definitely improvements. I didn’t use Lion much, but I expect to find the same here. I really hope they bring back “Save As” too. I won’t be using Mountain Lion for a couple weeks, though, as I soak myself in Olympic coverage as much as I possibly can. Thankfully the weather is still dreadfully hot so I don’t feel too guilty.

One thing I take from the games is that they mirror our daily lives—we all experience triumph and defeat, and the challenges of our daily journeys are just as heartfelt and powerful as any we see Olympic athletes go through. Those experiences shape us and give us lessons to learn from. If we are lucky, we learn and grow from our own personal Olympic moments.

Thanks for reading,


  Mountain Lion Free? Apple's Up-To-Date Program  

The latest operating system for Mac, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, was released last Wednesday, so if you haven’t downloaded yet, get it here for $19.99.

If you have purchased a new Mac between June 11, 2012, and July 25, 2012, you may qualify for a free upgrade via Apple’s Up-To-Date Program. In addition, Apple is supporting new Macs purchased on or after July 26 that don’t include Mountain Lion with the Up-To-Date Program; just make sure you participate quickly, as they haven’t announced an end date.

Click here to visit Apple’s website to see if you qualify, or click here to read more about the Up-To-Date Program on our blog.

  AirPlay? It's Magic.  

Every once in a while, there is something new in technology that comes out and it is just magical. Remember when the AirPort first came out? I couldn’t wait to show friends who came to my house…“watch this, I’m surfing without wires!”

The latest magic that has entranced me is AirPlay. AirPlay is a feature in Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) that allows a Mac to wirelessly send a video signal to an Apple TV. When I saw this put to the test in our Manchester, NH store, I was blown away. “Do it again!” Completely across the room, I was able to display the demo screen top onto a giant TV. No wires, no hassle — it just worked.

I started to do some digging about AirPlay and found that magical though it is, not every Mac is capable of putting the magic to work. It turns out that AirPlay Mirroring will only work if you have an iMac, MacBook Air or Mac mini from mid-2011, or a MacBook Pro from early 2011, according to Cult of Mac.

Simplified, it turns out that AirPlay encoding (H.264) that needs to be done entirely on the GPU (graphical processor unit) without involving the CPU. The GPU that can handle the H.264 encoding wasn’t put into Macs until 2011.

Owners of pre-2011 Macs who want to use the AirPlay feature aren’t completely out of luck though. As Apple said years ago, “yeah, there’s an app for that.” AirParrot is an app that sends the H.264 encoding to the CPU. All that’s required is Snow Leopard or newer OS, a multi-core processor and for best performance a decent wireless router that supports 802.11n and of course, an Apple TV.

AirParrot has a limited trial available here if you want to check it out to see how it works. Be aware, this may make your Mac run hot as according to AirParrot’s developer, David Stanfill, “AirParrot uses a non-trivial amount of CPU, which can result in the fans kicking and the machine getting a little warm.”

If you are hankering for an Apple TV, purchase one this week and get free shipping! Click here

  How To Remove a Bad Email Address  

Most of us probably have links to stale email accounts and spoofed messages in our inboxes, and most likely, we click the first address that autofills — even if it’s an out-of-date account.

In Apple Mail, there is a wonderful window — Previous Recipients — that lists all saved addresses cached in your mail (in both your Inbox and Sent mail). Click on the Window menu when Mail is active and select “Previous Recipients.” You can sort the addresses then by name, address, last time used and whether or not the address is in your Address Book application. Highlight the addresses you want to remove, and click “Remove From List” to purge them from Mail’s cache.

What about Entourage and Outlook? It requires a little more effort to purge the cache in those applications. The routine I have found that works best is as follows: Start by creating a new message. Then, in the address bar of the new message, type in the email address and let it autofill the incorrect information. When the address fully appears in the To: window, control-click on it and select “Add to Contacts.” Your next window may reflect that you have an entry for that person already, so you’ll need to decide if you wish to add this address to the existing contact or make a new entry. Select “Make a new entry.”

Now that you have segregated the old address to its own discreet contact in the Address Book, navigate to Address Book, select the ‘bad’ address and delete it. This will purge the cache from your mail client.

  iOS Typing Hints  

There are many hidden features in iOS that many people are unaware of. I’m going to try to go through them periodically to pull them out of the shadows. This week, we’ll focus on typing.

#1 Special Characters. If you find yourself having to type words in a language other than English, you may need to use special characters. For many desktop OSs there are key combinations for all the special characters. iOS makes it a bit easier than having to memorize obscure combinations. All you need to do on your iDevice is tap and hold your finger on whatever letter you need alternate forms for. A little window will pop up and you can pick the letter from there. So the next time you’re jonesing for an umlaut, just tap and hold!

#2 Change Your Screen Keyboard’s Position. If you look at your keyboard, there is an icon in the lower right row that looks like a keyboard. (Keyboard Inception? -Ed.) If you tap this, you can undock the keyboard which will allow you to move it up and down on the screen, or you can split the keyboard. I’ve found that when holding the keyboard in landscape mode, it’s much easier to type with a split keyboard.

#3 Bypass Switching to the Number/Symbol Page. If you tap and hold the exclamation point you’ll get the option to insert an apostrophe, if you do this to the question mark you’ll get a double apostrophe.

#4 Double Tap It. Two double tap short cuts: you can double tap the spacebar to insert a period, or double tap shift to enable caps lock.

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