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#871: Boot Camp Revisited, Power to the People, MacPractice: Your Resource for Healthcare Office Management


Hello Readers,

I am looking forward to a week of rain and hopefully some thunder and lightning! We could use the rain and cooler weather for sure. I’m going to throw down a bunch of grass seed tonight and hope for the best when I look outside next weekend.

A week of rain like this will put every green thing in Vermont into super-grow mode. Strawberries are coming soon, along with all the rest of the best summer offers…I can’t wait.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really hearing what I’m hearing when someone tells me about things like, one-way missions to Mars (which I would TOTALLY try to get on if I was not married) and nano tech capacitors that can be used as a batteries, so someday your laptop battery might be as small as a watch battery. Just things I never thought I would see and get stupidly thrilled about when I read them. The flip side of that is that I have a hard time letting go of old tech even as I embrace the new.

This week, Kyle follows up to answer some of the questions left unanswered in his article from last week, and Shawn talks about the nano capacitors I mentioned earlier. Rob Amon steps in to talk MacPractice, a local business that will be at the VT Business EXPO happening all day Wednesday and Thursday.

Thanks for reading,


  Boot Camp Revisited  

So I wrote this article before the last one, Failure to Boot…Camp was published, because I solved my own problem. Once that article was published, I started receiving very helpful emails from our readers about solutions to problems I was having.

Anne W. gave me some tips about formatting, so that when I ran the Windows installer, I was reformatting the Windows partition from FAT32 to NTFS. A customer named Dave responded and gave me a link to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7, legally, thank you. I ended up using an install disc I had for my PC at home — the last remaining PC with Windows 7! Yes, I had used the license already, but I used the 30 days or so to activate Windows to upgrade using my Windows 8 install disc.

You might be asking how I managed to use my Windows 7 and 8 CDs when my optical drive doesn’t work? I found out there was a clothes tag inside the drive that was from a pair of snowboard pants. I pulled out the tag, and lo and behold, I was able to use CDs again. That made things easier. I was able to properly use Boot Camp because my computer required that you use an optical drive for the installation of Windows, at least if you want to use the Boot Camp utilities for the Apple hardware.

Once Windows 7 was installed, it all worked beautifully, but once I made the upgrade to Windows 8, things started to get interesting. I needed to reinstall the track pad and keyboard drivers because the compatibility from Windows 7 to Windows 8 wasn’t there. My trackpad wasn’t seen at all but with the help of an external USB mouse I was able to reinstall the drivers and then everything ‘clicked’ back into place.

There are still a few things concerning me about Windows 8 on my machine, however. The start up time is horrid, and there are a few graphical anomalies every now and then, but they are all things I can deal with in order to get what I need out of Windows 8. Everything from the experience and compatibility with data recovery software to complement the Apple software I use at work.

I’m doing all this to learn and to test to see if it would be practical for us to use in the tech department at SDE, and so far it all looks promising.

Thank you to those that gave feedback on my last article. I enjoyed reading the helpful material provided by those who emailed me their hints and tips.

  Power to the People  

On Friday at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a high school student named Esha Khare (who specializes in nanochemistry) placed in the top three for creation of a super-capacitor that someday could charge mobile devices within 20-30 seconds.

Capacitors are electronic components that store energy like batteries but with some differences. Batteries can hold a lot of charge with low voltage and discharge their energy slowly. Capacitors do not hold a lot of charge but can hold extremely high voltages and are capable of discharging very quickly. Capacitors do not store their energy in chemicals like batteries and can be small.

Until now their low storage capacity has meant we can’t use capacitors in place of batteries. This new device apparently has the advantages of both; high energy capacity coupled with small size. When fully developed it could mean a radical shift in the way any device that uses batteries is designed.

The new device can withstand 10,000 charge and recharge cycles compared to normal rechargeable batteries that can withstand 1,000 charge and recharge cycles. Currently Esha Khare’s invention is being used to power LEDs, but the $50,000 scholarship winner has gained attention for major tech companies including Google.

Read more here: NBC News – Technology.

  MacPractice: Your Resource for Healthcare Office Management  

Are you a healthcare professional and an Apple fan? Did you know there’s an Apple solution to manage your healthcare business? You can enjoy the same Apple quality, reliability, and ease of use in your practice as you do at home.

Small Dog Electronics is now partnering with MacPractice, Inc., the oldest and largest developer of healthcare practice management and clinical records systems based exclusively on the Apple platform. MacPractice products are designed to leverage the powerful features of Apple’s latest versions of OS X and iOS.

All MacPractice products provide robust yet easy-to-use patient Accounting, Reporting, and Scheduling functions. Also, MacPractice MD, DC, DDS and 20/20 are all “ONC-ATCB Certified Complete EHRs” which means if you are an Eligible Provider (via Medicare or Medicaid) you may be able to receive up to a $63,000 cash incentive from the federal government for using a MacPractice system in your practice!

The local MacPractice reps, Brad and Robin Watkins, each have over 20 years experience providing Apple solutions to healthcare practices. Come by the Small Dog Electronics exhibit at the Vermont Business Expo this week to meet them and learn more about MacPractice.

To read more about what MacPractice offers, check out our blog for the full article and feature run-down. For additional info, check out or email or call us today.

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